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Bender Cove Township Episodes
Episode #1: First Day (8/29/97) Veraik and Briel see the site of the new Sime Center for the first time, and attempt to get started on making it ready for the public. They are assisted (sort of) by Wise Snake.

Episode #2: Aleiaa's Transfer (8/30/97) Veraik is trying to get the Center ready for its grand opening, with the assistance of Aleiaa and Wise Snake. By the end of the day, Snake's black market connections are no longer in doubt. Veraik assigns Aleiaa to give transfer to Wise Snake, which goes badly when Aleiaa is injured and forced to shen Snake to save herself. Veraik, disgusted with Wise Snake's performance, locks her up and threatens rehabilitation. Snake manages to trick the two of them and escape.

Episode #3: Tramila (8/31/97) Tramila Farris arrives and reveals that Wise Snake is also, in fact, a Farris. Wise Snake denies it although rather halfheartedly. Briael snoops in the files and learns titillating gossip on everybody. Tramila assigns Wise Snake to give Veraik transfer, which goes off without a hitch. The Center has its Grand Opening, which is presided over by Wise Snake since Veraik and Briael are, um, otherwise occupied.

Episode #4: K'Lana (9/1/97) K'Lana Farris arrives, looking to speak to Veraik and Briael who are both absent. Upon discovering Wise Snake there, K'lana first insults her, then enlists her aid in straightening out her field. K'Lana then goes off in search of her new Donor, who was supposed to meet her at the Center but never arrived.

Episode #5: DLaura  (9/2/97) A Gen turns up, who turns out to be Veraik's transfer assignment arriving a day late. After failing to seduce Snake into transfer, DLaura tells a disturbing tale connecting Tramila to Distect saboteurs.

Episode #6: Leather Fetish (9/2/97) Veraik and K'Lana spar over how the Center is run and who should have what responsibilities. Veraik takes steps to protect copies of his orders after K'Lana claims they are invalid. When K'Lana fails to produce her Tecton file after claiming she is now assigned to the Center, Veraik asks Wise Snake to sneak into K'Lana's room and look for the file. Wise Snake does so and discovers, among other... interesting... items, that the file contains all falsified information.

Episode #7: Spy Problems? (9/3/97) Veraik, Wise Snake and Aleiaa assist in a changeover. Snake and Veraik have some trouble with the chain-of-command. Veraik learns Aleiaa is pregnant and becomes obsessed with finding out who the father is. He confides to Snake that he fears Aleiaa is a spy. Aleiaa seduces, then almost Genslams, Veraik, in an attempt to escape. Snake storms out of the Center convinced everybody there is insane. 

Episode #8: Double Tragedy (9/4/97) Aleiaa learns that K'lana is the spy. K'lana determines that Aleiaa is the person she was sent to seek out and murder: the lover of the Sectuib in Zeor, sent to live in hiding in the obscure Sime Center for her own safety. K'lana murders Aleiaa, but Aleiaa also murders K'lana in an attempt at self-defense.

Episode #9: The Fire (9/4/97) The Sectuib in Zeor arrives at the Sime Center to retrieve the body of his dead lover. He informs Wise Snake that her precipitous ousting from Zeor only two months before was for her own protection and not because she was not wanted there. She is not impressed. Veraik is still Post five days after his transfer and Wise Snake attempts to adjust his hormonal balance with... mixed results. The Sectuib drops the bomb by demanding Wise Snake bear his next heir. After she refuses, he threatens her with public attrition and she flees the Center. After suffering a nearly fatal collapse which the Sectuib saves him from, Veraik attempts to find Wise Snake in the town with little success. A fire breaks out on the docks which spreads to destroy a section of the Warehouse and Dockside districts, including the block the Sime Center building is on. The Sectuib is injured and Veraik gets him to safety.

Episode #10: Zethraim (9/6/97) Veraik having been unsuccessful in saving the original Sime Center, the story has now moved into the replacement building. Veraik's new donor Alea has arrived. Wise Snake is still missing. In the course of an attempt by Veraik to discover her whereabouts, Veraik and Alea are subjected to a seemingly interminable story told by the slow moving Zethraim. Veraik gives Zethraim a message to take to Wise Snake, asking her to come back.

Episode #11: Snake Returns (9/7/97) Wise Snake returns to the Sime Center, bringing along various assorted first time donors including JonDrake and Vit. Veraik works to make sure Snake won't want to leave again. Tarsh wrestles with files disorganized by the move and inflicts a complicated survey on the new donors. Vit manages to cheat the Sime Center on his payment on the way out. Veraik and Snake figure out Tarsh has had direct Gen transfer. Snake blackmails Tarsh into doing favors for her in return for protection from punishment.

Episode #12: Lowren (9/11/97) Lowren, a Gen just come from Out Territory, comes in for his first donation, which is taken by Wise Snake. Lowren tells how his father disowned him for trying to help his brother survive changeover. Alea spills boiling water on herself and has to be rescued, and healed, by Wise Snake. Tarsh complains that the paperwork hasn't been getting done properly and Veraik gives everybody a lecture on the subject. Veraik assigns Alea and Wise Snake to each other for transfer, then proceeds to attempt to seduce Alea into agreeing to a post-transfer appointment. However, the transfer ends up leaving neither in Post condition. The story of Snake's lifetime of bad transfers is detailed.

Episode #13: Police Inspection (9/13/97) Veraik's new transfer partner shows up and turns out to be completely inadequate. It is decided that Wise Snake will give Veraik transfer again, instead. Before this can occur the Center is visited by Police Chief Tormer. While the Police Chief and his goons are tearing the place apart ("inspecting" it), Wise Snake takes Paulatino and Veraik aside for donation and transfer. Afterward she talks to Tormer and succeeds in striking a deal which should prevent further police difficulties. Veraik at various different times makes it abundantly and repeatedly clear that he would like Alea to share in his post reaction. Mr. and Mrs. Tengstun show up looking to donate and after Mrs. Tengstun nearly kills Veraik in "donation" the two are thrown out of the Center (and barred from returning).

Episode #14: RenSime Seeks Gen Transfer (9/14/97) Various methods of gaining revenge on the Police Department are fantasized about. Various methods of obtaining required equipment to repair the Sime Center after the Inspection are also discussed. Veraik finally gets his chance to seduce Alea. An exterminator arrives to rid the Center of vermin. The chemicals give Alea an allergic reaction. Ola brings in her granddaughter Bess for treatment for transfer burn. Tarsh knows the renSime who burned Bess and has to be restrained from going out to commit physical violence on the man.

Episode #15: The Gnome (9/15/97) JonDrake arrives to fill out some paperwork and Alea attempts to... er... seduce him to the cause of being a Tecton Donor. Lowren arrives for treatment from "accidental" injuries. Linn, an OT teacher, arrives asking for educational materials. Throughout the episode Snake and Alea are unable to work together successfully. Wise Snake delivers Tarsh's transfer and is devastated by his lukewarm feedback afterward. Tarsh is, however, quite Post. He and Alea are just about to come to an understanding when they are interrupted by a wildly jealous Veraik. Later the two of them end up celebrating  Tarsh's Post anyway, while Veraik and Tramila attempt to revive Snake, who was discovered sitting in the garden talking to a stone gnome.

Episode #16: Artistry (9/16/97) Some of the items for repair of the Center arrive. Alea proudly displays her, um, artistic skill by hanging her new embroidery work in the lobby (terrifying Snake with her clumsy antics in the process). Snake sends the artwork to Tormer as part cruel joke, part bribe. Snake also discovers a love letter "from" her to Tarsh, inexpertly forged by Alea. Wise Snake finds the letter amusing, not realizing there are dozens of others hidden around the building.

Episode #17: Alea's Dream (9/16/97) In an unnerving, message-laden dream, Alea is tormented by a Wise Snake obsessed with gaining her as permanent transfer partner. Veraik responds with anger to Alea's challenge to his authority, but then is first badly burned in a transfer, then emasculated by a misapplication of the channeling arts. Alea spills all her deepest secrets, apparently unable to stop herself.

Episode #18: OT Wild Safari (9/17/97) Alea requests Tarsh's assistance in hanging her new... artworks. Wise Snake arrives just in time to heal Tarsh of the injuries that predictably result. Tarsh finds another fake love letter and... another item... planted by Alea. Linn comes to schedule a channel to speak to her students that afternoon. Wise Snake and Alea travel into OT to deliver the lecture. Wise Snake's lecture style proves to be somewhat unorthodox, as do her handouts.

Episode #19: The Tentacle Chair Tour (9/18/97) Alea attempts to move into Veraik's office. Somebody tampers with Alea's report on Veraik, making the report much less complimentary than originally written. After a fight with Veraik, Alea surprisingly manages to hold her own in a shouting match with Tramila. Jon Drake arrives at the Center looking for help with his overproduction problem. Wise Snake explains to him his options for the future. Linn Haskins arrives with a huge group of kids for a Sime Center tour. Linn's refusal to donate proves too interesting a challenge for shameless Snake to resist. Various Sime Center staff go to various shiltpron parlors and arrive back home in various states.

Episode #20: Transitions (9/19/97) Wise Snake's new Donor arrives early and delivers a mind-blowing transfer before disappearing once again. Alea's love-letter-writing prank comes to a head. Jon Drake arrives, in a panic because an accident has caused his selyn production to soar again. Linn shows up to make the dreaded blackmail donation to Snake. Mr. and Mrs. Tengstun show up to contest their barred-from-donating status and are thrown out of the Sime Center once again. Alea accidentally pushes Mr. Tengstun down the stairs which leads to an injury and the filing of a police report. Veraik and Alea have difficulty in initiating their transfer but Wise Snake is able to help them into it.

Episode #21: Chain of Psychos (9/20/97) Zao arrives at the Center having just killed her father in changeover. Alea nearly destroys the Sime Center in a comedic clumsy rampage that outstrips even her usual performance. A need-crazed RenSime named Febus arrives and attacks Alea. The situation turns interesting when Alea hands him a gun. Later Veraik returns and hears the entire story from Alea and Snake. Dwilin arrives, to all outward appearances a young Gen very enthusiastic to give a donation. Snake recommends that Alea be removed from service as a Donor until she has been trained out of her outrageous behavior.

Episode #22: Kill Lust (9/21/97) The peace is shattered when a seemingly harmless Gen with an evangelical message of "one-ness" suddenly turns into a psycho and attacks Tarsh in the Sime Center's lobby. Alea succeeds in throwing the woman out then tends to Tarsh's injuries. Snake, all unknowing, brings her back to the Center where she heals both the woman and Tarsh. Tarsh is scarred more than physically... his faith in his self control around Gens is shaken.

Episode #23: It's Not-Quite-Legal-Activities Day at the Sime Center (9/22/97) Alea starts a fire in the cafeteria kitchen while trying to cook. Ola arrives for treatment of her angina. Jon Drake makes his decision to go for Donor training; in the course of the decision making he and Alea get royally drunk. Wise Snake reveals that she knows of legal transgressions in Tarsh's past. Zao's brother Sid comes to the Sime Center to learn the facts of life with regards to Larity, which Wise Snake explains with great patience. Veraik tells Alea he loves her and offers her a transfer dependency with him so she does not have to ever be sent on to a different Sime Center. Alea does not know how to respond.

Episode #24: B'Cal (9/23/97) Wise Snake's aggressive new Donor B'cal shows up and terrorizes the Center's staff. Wise Snake goes on a house call to examine a boarder of Ola's and is shocked to discover the boarder is Alice, Linn's former teacher aid. Alea learns some of Jon Drake's life story. B'cal latches onto Snake and gets her started on what B'cal says is a new daily regimen. Alea works with Veraik, trying to be her best as a Donor. Veraik is injured in a bizarre accident in the garden.

Episode #25: Not a Through Street (9/24/97) Veraik is still out of commission, with Alea caring for him. A new channel named Jirelle arrives. Lowren's renSime friend Parnul arrives trying to find him. Jon Drake attempts to show Parnul to the hotel where Lowren is staying and the pair are attacked by street thugs. Parnul is badly injured and JonDrake attempts to save his life despite not yet having received any Donor training. Word is sent to the Sime Center, and Wise Snake and B'Cal rush to the scene of the crime and manage to save both victims.

Episode #26: Rescue (9/25/97) Tarsh looks into getting new locks for the Sime Center. Jon Drake awakens but is in bad shape from his ordeal the day before. Linn asks Wise Snake to help her find a missing student and they discover him trapped in ruins. They manage to rescue the child and his Gen friend, with help from a handsome Seaman. B'cal, enraged at having been made to oversleep by sly Snake, goes on a rampage brandishing a pair of scissors. Upon returning to the Sime Center, Wise Snake is recaptured by B'cal. Veraik tries to defend Snake from B'cal but backs off when Snake fails to make her own position on B'cal known. Tarsh learns of Alea's pregnancy.

Episode #27: Dragon in a Cage (9/26/97) B'cal insists upon accompanying Wise Snake on her personal errands. After mouthing off to thugs and being beaten up for her trouble, B'cal insists upon marching off to the police station to report the illegal activities observed. While engaged in a tirade against Tormer on the subject, she is mistaken for Alea and arrested on assault charges. Feeling herself to have been betrayed by Snake, B'cal refuses to listen to the channel's advice. Wise Snake goes for a walk and never comes back. Linn shows up at the Center to check on Svan. She is ill but her Simephobia causes her to refuse healing. Veraik is still ill with an injured lateral and now has entran. Alea attempts to go rescue B'cal from jail but Veraik and Tarsh do not allow her to risk arrest. Instead, Veraik goes to the jail and uses B'cal's helpless situation to force her to agree to respect his authority in the future.

Episode #28: Misunderstandings (9/27/97) Linn Haskins comes to the Center asking for help dealing with the Eastcove school board. However, she refuses healing for her "cold". Alea "helps" Tarsh sort the keys for the Sime Center's new locks. Veraik has entran and is also going through some kind of emotional crisis. A Torn by Tentacles groupie shows up wanting to donate and is put in the infirmary for detox instead. Lowren arrives and finds Parnul in menar sleep and mistakenly thinks his friend is dead. Veraik becomes suspicious when he discovers someone has been making requisitions using a copy of his seal. Wise Snake finds Linn ill with pneumonia and stumbling through a bad part of town, and rescues her. Veraik, Alea and Linn meet with an angry parent.

Episode #29: Altered States (9/28/97) Tarsh is accidentally put into hunting mode twice, first by the groupie, then by Linn Haskins. Alea is able to avert disaster in both cases, but Jon Drake is unable to stop Linn from running screaming out into the street. Linn is found, and rescued, by Wise Snake some time later in the red light district. After she calms down, Linn offers Snake some teacherly advice on how to deal with B'cal. Tarsh is worried about his next transfer and is afraid that it is inevitable he will one day be junct. Alea finally admits to Tarsh that she is pregnant. Some time later, Alea accidentally discovers Tarsh's counterfeit seals and advises him to hide them more thoroughly. While burning some incriminating evidence of her own, Alea accidentally sets off the sprinkler system. The Center is flooded and must be abandoned for a couple of days.

Episode #30: How the Mighty Have Fallen (9/29/97) B'cal brushes off Jirelle's offer of assistance and continues her fruitless search for Wise Snake. The search ultimately ends in B'cal's collapse.

Episode #31: What a Mess (9/30/97) Various staff members pick through the soaked Sime Center. Jon Drake is going through depression and confusion about his new job as Donor which is currently in limbo. Tarsh is coming up short this month and in bad shape. Alea accidentally allows him to fix on her while trying to comfort him. Veraik separates them and then gives Tarsh transfer. Wise Snake puts in a brief appearance to obtain Farris drugs, and says she is leaving the Sime Center's employ.

Episode #32: Slam! (10/1/97) Parnul is released from the infirmary and goes home with Lowren. A tip from a student leads Linn to rescue B'cal from an abandoned building. Once at the Sime Center, Linn inadvertently signs up for Simephobia treatments with Veraik. Veraik disciplines Alea for tempting Tarsh nagerically. Veraik is still having problems with more-or-less self-inflicted entran. Wise Snake breaks into Alea's office and is caught by Briel, who tries to restrain Snake from leaving and gets slammed for her trouble.

Episode #33: Manipulation (10/2/97) Snake's name becomes mud as various people react to news of the slam by retelling the negative parts of their personal Snake stories. Alea attempts to order Veraik to work off his entran but Veraik resists. Lowren makes his second donation. Veraik terrorizes Linn thinking he is treating her for Simephobia. After leaving the Center, Linn runs into Snake who advises her on how to handle (read: manipulate) the Eastcove school board members. Veraik assigns Jon Drake to Briel.

Episode #34: To Each her Own (10/3/97) Alea's morning sickness continues. Jon Drake attempts to help her. An urchin shows up bearing a message, and Veraik and Alea follow B'cal to where Snake is waiting. Veraik forces Snake to come out of hiding to take transfer with B'cal, then brings B'cal back to the Sime Center. Veraik is still having difficulties and Alea ends up sending him to a deferment suite to wait for his own transfer. Fise arrives at the Sime Center and immediately makes an enemy of Alea, although Jirelle seems to like him. Of course, Jirelle likes everybody!

Episode #35: Linn's Errands (10/4/97) Briel takes it upon herself to continue Linn's unwitting Simephobia therapy, scaring the willies out of Linn in the process. Briel then yells at the neophyte Donor Jon Drake for not handling the situation better. Linn proceeds to search for Snake in order to make another donation (read: blackmail payment). Snake handles various other... customers.. before taking Linn's donation. In a surprising turn of events Linn offers Snake comfort afterward. Wise Snake agrees to talk to Rudy's father.

Episode #36: Reassignments (10/5/97) Wise Snake slips into Gen Territory to pay Rudy's parents a visit, and tricks Rudy's father into signing away legal guardianship of his son. Snake then pays a visit to Linn and informs Linn that Rudy's father has sold him to the Young Anti-Tectonist's League, which is in fact true. Their conversation is interrupted by a brick thrown through Linn's front window by an terrorist. Linn's hand is injured and Snake heals it. Afterward Linn's attitude toward Snake takes on a motherly turn. Jon Drake works with Briel. Alea gives Veraik transfer. In a surprise move Veraik then produces paperwork showing the Tecton has assigned her to him as a post partner.

Episode #37: Simephobia and Simephilia (10/6/97) Tarsh and Alea share a tender moment. Linn comes into the Center to talk to Veraik about the school board and once again ends up unknowingly receiving a terrifying Simephobia treatment at the hands of Briel. Briel becomes suspicious when she notes that Linn, despite her phobia, is somehow low-field. Wise Snake interviews Nick, who she hopes she will be able to train as her personal Donor. She then witnesses, and interrupts, Briel's deliberate stalking of Linn. Briel sees Linn run to Snake for protection and becomes convinced Snake was the one who took Linn's donation. Veraik discovers incriminating evidence of Alea's spying and leaves the Center on a secret mission. Alea breaks into Veraik's office but is unable to discover what it is he found.

Episode #38: Two-faced (10/7/97) Wise Snake goes to the Center and discusses with Alea the incident of Briel stalking Linn. Jon Drake attempts to comfort Briel in the garden and the two of them manage to seduce each other into transfer a day early. Briel aborts and Wise Snake finishes the transfer. Jirelle's incense inspires Alea to paint a new kind of painting. Jon Drake and Briel go to a cafe. Afterward they go for a walk and find a changeover victim or two in the woods.

Episode #39: Blackmail, Veraik? (10/7/97) Veraik uses his knowledge of Alea's secrets to blackmail Zeor.

Episode #40: Hired Changeover (10/8/97) Alea struggles to fill in all the blanks when Dabe the two-headed renSime arrives at the Sime Center. Wise Snake and Linn carry out their diabolical plan to embarrass certain members of the Eastcove School Board by inviting them on a well-publicized visit to a Sime Territory high school where they witness a perfectly handled changeover.

Episode #41: The Chains that Bind (10/9/97) Veraik informs Alea that he knows she is a spy, that he has blackmailed her House, and that she will be staying at the Center under his complete control. Veraik then upsets Tarsh by baldly discussing Tarsh's sexual relationship with Alea. Later, Tarsh and Alea meet and confess their secrets, and forgive each other. Veraik learns of Jon Drake and Briel's abortive transfer and examines them. Wise Snake begins Nick's Donor training. Ola comes to their house to get healing. Wise Snake and Nick then go to the Sime Center and Veraik tells Snake he has secured a Donor for her through his blackmail of Zeor. He is disappointed by Snake's reaction. Later that night Zilla, a young Donor, is haunted by Wise Snake both in life and in dreams. She is rescued from a nightmare by Jirelle.

Episode #42: Nageric Train Wreck (10/10/97) Fise attempts to take the donation of a Big Stupid Gen. Veraik and Alea have yet another unpleasant discussion about Alea's relationship with Tarsh. Jon Drake gives transfer to Fise. Veraik displays rather alarming irrational behavior with regards to Alea. Jirelle reports Zilla's difficulty of the night before. Veraik attempts to ask Zilla about it but the Donor is somewhat incoherent. B'cal seeks out Wise Snake and arrives just in time to support Snake during a healing that Nick is too inexperienced to handle. A rivalry between Nick and B'cal is established. A nageric "train wreck" occurs when Simephobe, Snakephobe, Genphile, disjunct , rogue channel, and duelling Donors collide in the Sime Center's lobby.

Episode #43: After (10/11/97) Jon Drake gets practice supporting Briel while she works in the infirmary. They discuss the train wreck scene (see previous episode) with the various recovering people who'd been involved. Alea signs herself up for charm school. Tarsh thanks Alea for once again preventing him from killing, and confesses he has been considering leaving the employ of the Tecton in order to remove himself from temptation. Jirelle seeks out Fise to share his post reaction.

Episode #44: Apology Deflected (10/12/97) Briel apologizes to Linn. Linn visits Wise Snake and they finally realize Linn has been receiving unwanted Simephobia treatments. Linn goes to apologize for the confusion and winds up using Veraik's guilt to blackmail him into starting a small changeover school in Eastcove. B'cal has gone missing and Veraik promises to secure a replacement Donor for Wise Snake. JonDrake accidentally puts Briel to sleep with his relaxing field. Tarsh alarms Alea by confessing his beliefs that renSime/Gen transfers should be allowed. Alea gives him a new position at the Sime Center, with no public contact. Zilla is once again haunted by Wise Snake when Jirelle, who was supposed to be watching over her, is distracted by Fise.

Episode #45: A Chance Encounter (10/13/97) Nick expresses frustration at not yet being able to have transfer with Wise Snake. Jon Drake happens into the same cafe they are in, and Wise Snake and he converse.

Episode #46: Malpractice (10/14/97) JonDrake sees Fise carelessly burn a donor. Briel gives Fise a severe warning. Afterward Fise and Jirelle talk; being Jirelle she is of course entirely sympathetic.

Episode #47: Attrition, Excision, Poison (10/15/97) Veraik confronts Fise about the incident of the day before, and disgusted by Fise's poor attitude, temporarily suspends him from duty. Nick and Wise Snake go to meet Rafael, Snake's new Tecton Donor, at the train station and discover that he doesn't speak either English or Simelan. Veraik continues avoiding work and his Donor, augmenting to drive himself into need early, and obsessing about sex. Wise Snake and company discover Linn badly beaten lying in the alley behind Snake's house. Alea stumbles across a changeover victim in trouble and serves his First Need.

Episode #48: Sins Come Home (10/16/97) Tarsh moves into his new office. Alea meets Seezi. Nick and Wise Snake check up on Linn. After talking Linn into fighting her Simephobia, Wise Snake perversely refuses to heal her. Snake then springs the news that she has arranged  and carried out a kidnaping of Linn's attackers. Alea experiences a burst of homesickness for Zeor. Jon Drake and Briel discuss the nature of turnover. Veraik, suffering from self-inflicted entran and in hard need too soon, is overcome by his passion for Alea and takes her in transfer even though they are not assigned. Alea, feeling guilty for having overlooked Veraik's feelings, allows it. She is burned and Veraik aborts. Wise Snake witnesses both Veraik's condition and the transfer. Unable to deal with this new side of Veraik, she goes into shock. Briel and Jirelle pick up the pieces, and figure out that Veraik has created a transfer dependency with Alea. Zilla finds Wise Snake in the infirmary and takes revenge for the torments visited upon her.

Episode #49: The Death of a Flower (10/17/97) Briel and JonDrake check on the patients in the infirmary. Wise Snake declines Briel's offer of Sime Center work and leaves as soon as she is able. Lowren comes in to donate, and to deliver a gift basket to Center staff from the grateful Parnul. Tarsh suffers a terrible and surreal needmare. Briel assigns a channel to watch him during the nights until his transfer.

Episode #50: Mystery Fluff (10/18/97) Alea sneaks away to spend time with the unconscious Veraik. Briel and Jon Drake go to Wise Snake's house to check up on her and find Linn, who is still in pain from her beating, but who refuses Briel's offer of channel's healing. Briel updates Linn on the progress of the small school Veraik is setting up in Gen Territory. Linn is, for some ungodly reason, actually cleaning Snake's house. On their way back to the Sime Center, Briel and Jon Drake encounter Nick and have some tea with him. Briel can't help but... notice... Nick's nager.

Episode #51: You are Mine!!! (10/19/97) Alea decides to redecorate the Sime Center's lobby and Veraik's office. It certainly is going to look... cheerful! Wise Snake and Nick take Linn to see the Anti-Tectonists who attacked her, now held prisoner in a pen in Garon's whorehouse. Garon gets transfer off Snake in front of the prisoners. Then, in a disturbing and violent scene, the prisoners' fields are taken down. Wise Snake assigns Linn the responsibility of rehabilitating and releasing the prisoners. Veraik, consumed by his obsession with Alea, exhibits various outrageous behaviors including augmenting through the Center in "hunting mode", ripping her bedroom door off its hinges, and screaming.

Episode #52: Motivations (10/20/97)  The newly reupholstered furniture and... other items... are returned to the Sime Center. Alea catches Jon Drake reading up on Zeor and accuses him of having exposed her spy activities to Veraik. Linn studies up on what to use as teaching materials for the prisoners. Muffin stops by carrying a message for Snake. Linn ventures down to the docks to deliver it. Linn asks Snake why the channel refused to finish healing her, but is left with no clearer understanding than before.

Episode #53: Try, Try Again (10/21/97) Tramila returns to the Sime Center, sent by Zeor to see to Alea during her pregnancy. She breaks the news that Alea and Veraik are in a transfer dependency, but that Alea is assigned to Tramila now. Linn comes to the Center and allows herself to be talked into channel's healing. The honors are done by Veraik with Jon Drake assisting. Veraik and Alea cook up a plan to try to rid Tarsh of his Gen transfer addiction. Veraik calls an emergency decorating service to put an end to Alea's orange, yellow and lavender decor.

Episode #54: What Friends are For (10/22/97) Veraik and Alea arrange a four person "triangle" to force Tarsh to choose between Gens and a channel during his transfer. Valrie Forrest brings in a friend who she believes is in changeover. Fise retrieves his belongings from the Sime Center. Tarsh and Alea spend time together during his post. Jon Drake learns while assisting Briel in the infirmary.

Episode #55: What the Blue Cannot Cover (10/23/97) Valrie and Frieda come in to donate. Valrie seems disappointed there wasn't more to the donating experience and is sent home with information on becoming a Donor. Alea discovers Tarsh's counterfeit seals missing from their hiding place. The two of them discuss various ways to hide any evidence linking the seals to Tarsh. Alea is inspired to attempt cooking again and Jon Drake rescues her (and the Sime Center). Jon Drake then distracts Briel before the channel has a chance to report the incident to Veraik. Veraik finds out anyway. A sinister figure slips into town undetected.

Episode #56: The "Lost Episode" (10/24/97) We're not kidding. This episode really did get lost.

Episode #57: Easily Fixed (10/25/97) Valrie sneaks to the Sime Center on a school day because she wants to find out more about what it is Donors do. Fise returns to the Sime Center to get some medication and is discovered by Alea. She and Veraik help clear up his condition and leave him to rest. Afterward Veraik uses Alea's slight illness as an excuse to get her into the shower and fondle the Zeor logo on her frilly bath robe. A certain Torn by Tentacles Groupie of the Center's previous acquaintance returns to try to donate for concert ticket money. When his donation is refused due to his being under the influence, he barges into Fise's sick room to search for pills in the garbage can. This doesn't go over well with Fise. A new Second Order Donor, Rache ambrov Ahlvastin, arrives and is shown around by Tarsh. She also gets to meet Alea, who is still frustrated after Fise's behavior earlier.

Episode #58: Right Stuff, Wrong Environment (10/26/97) Alea zealously carries out her plan to convert a disused conference room into a relaxation area for Donors. When certain... problems... crop up as a result, she does her best to remain in denial. Linn arrives with some materials for Veraik, and meets Rache. Rache looks on while Alea and Linn discuss Veraik's plans for a children's education center in Eastcove. She attempts to offer a suggestion, but is frustrated when they argue against it. Briel and Jon share some quiet time before they have to go on shift. They eat breakfast in the cafeteria where they sit with Rache, who is calmed down a bit from earlier but is still finding it difficult to fit in.

Episode #59: Phobic (10/27/97) Groupie returns in the hopes of securing a donation one way or another. Unfortunately his plan involves groping Tarsh, a renSime. While Alea and Tarsh are wrestling the stubborn intruder (and an innocent filing cabinet), Fise enters the lobby but he doesn't exactly leap to help resolve the situation. When he does get involved, he only makes it worse. Fortunately Rache and Jon Drake arrive on the scene and manage to break the standoff. Alea tricks Groupie into leaving. Tarsh has a hurt foot and Fise freaks out completely. When Briel tries to help him he flees in terror. Alea loses her baby.

Episode #60: "Lost Episode" Redux (10/28/97) We thought this episode wasn't lost, but maybe it is. If you have a log for it, please email Thank you. Probable content alluded to by Snake in BCT #62: Snake encounters Veraik and Rache on the street and accompanies them back to the Sime Center, with the idea that she and Rache will go out looking for Fise afterward.

Episode #61: Services of Ill Repute (10/29/97) Valrie's father, Forrest, storms into the Sime Center outraged because she was able to go to a Torn by Tentacles concert using money gained by donating, both of which activities were against her parents' wishes. He is greeted by Rache and Jorgre, who are less than sympathetic. Groupie finally gets the 'Torn by Tentacles Near Death Experience' donation he's been looking for, from Wise Snake. On the way to return the bod, er, Groupie to his flophouse, Nick and Snake run into Linn, who decides to tag along much to Snake's dismay.

Episode #62: Place Needs a Cleanup (10/30/97) Rache is frustrated by how bizarre and disorganized the Bender Cove Lower Sime Center is. Jorgre offers to show her around town some. However, the outdoor Bender Cove experience does not do much to reassure the Donor. Jon Drake and Briel have their transfer, which goes well, and afterward Briel finds out just how much Jon cares about her.

Episode #63: Smile! (10/31/97) Phylis, a Gen tourist, arrives at the Sime Center to make a donation. She is helped by Briel and Jon, who seem very pleased with themselves after the efforts of the night before.

Episode #64: Hot Veggie Surprise (11/1/97) Rache finally meets Briel and receives her assignment. She is to be in charge of the housekeeping staff. Jon Drake shows her to her new office. Alea attempts to cook, with predictably bad results. After she is rescued, John takes Alea upstairs to dry off and warm up, while Rache sees to disciplining the cafeteria and kitchen staff for letting Alea get in trouble again. However, while she is at it, Jorgre arrives and makes it clear that he considers himself in charge of that particular department of the Center. A frustrated Rache returns to her office, where she encounters the cleaning lady Maleane and gives her her instructions.

Episode #65: Fits and Starts (11/2/97) Briel and Jon Drake encounter Nick in a grocery store, but quickly leave again. Jon is confused and upset when he believes Briel has requested a different Donor. Even when she tells him what's really going on it isn't very good news. Linn berates Snake for having intentionally burned a customer... and then turns around and lets her take her donation anyway. Depressed in the aftermath of her miscarriage, Alea goes out and gets drunk. Nick finds her roaming the streets and brings her home to Snake's apartment, where she is forced to warm up and rest despite her best efforts. Briel comes from the Center and takes Alea home.

Episode #66: Iholo-who? (11/3/97) Zhopchus, a foreign-sounding Gen, arrives at the Sime Center looking to donate... or something. He is assisted by Briel. Alea looks for some medicine for her headache and discovers that the supplies order for the Sime Center has been screwed up. As one might imagine, this does nothing for her headache. She enlists Jon's aid in trying to straighten the mess out. While they're at it they discuss their imminent changes of assignment. Nick falls ill, forcing Snake to miss some work. Linn finds out what the truth was behind the 'Zhopchus' donation. Snake falls victim to some of the mis-ordered pills from the Sime Center. Linn and Rafe take her to the Sime Center for treatment. Alea attempts to explain about the medicine mixup to Veraik, but he is distracted -- mostly by her presence. A horseman named Tamlen rides into Bender Cove. He meets Piotr, the dark stranger who's been lurking in town.

Episode #67: (11/4/97)

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Episode #70: (11/8/97)

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Episode #80: (11/19/97) This episode is under construction and will be posted as time permits.

Episode #81: (11/20/97)

Episode #82: (11/21/97)

Episode #83: (11/22/97) This episode is under construction and will be posted as time permits.

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Episode #120: (1/4/98) This episode is under construction and will be posted as time permits.

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Episode #123: (1/7/98) This episode is under construction and will be posted as time permits.

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Episode #132: (1/16/98)

Episode #133: (1/17/98)

Episode #134: (1/18/98)

Episode #135: Too Much Information (1/19/98) Rhelana, unaware that Tarsh and Alea are lovers, cries on Alea's shoulder about how much she wants Tarsh. She becomes upset when she discovers the drawing of Tarsh as an excision victim in Alea's office. Afterward, Alea confronts Tarsh and they are soon making up with abandon. Donors waiting in the lobby are startled as the sound insulation in Alea's office is proven to be woefully inadequate. Anxious about transfer with Simone, Wise Snake almost initiates what would have been a disastrous transfer with B'cal. Lanyi lets Linn know to come to her if she ever feels she is being pushed too hard by Snake.

Episode #136: Lunch à la Smitty (1/20/98) Alea and her cat have an adventure in the kitchen. Nick visits Wise Snake and evidently some sort of adventure occurs, however Snake remembers none of it. Sumulo has an absurd adventure in his office.

Episode #137: Transfers R Us (1/21/98) Lowren has breakfast with Jon Drake's family. He accepts a letter to Jon Drake from Jon's sister. Briel and Tamlen have transfer. Wise Snake and Simone have transfer. Lanyi and Jon Drake have transfer. B'cal gives Wise Snake a small party after her transfer.

Episode #138: Picture of You (1/22/98) Rhelana shocks Tarsh by showing him Alea's drawing of himself as an excision victim. Briel soothes Tarsh afterward and he tells her that the scene in the drawing is identical to a scene in a recent needmare of his. Libby Whore is served in transfer by Lanyi, then pleads with Alea to share her post reaction. Alea declines the honor.

Episode #139: (1/23/98)

Episode #140: The Feeling is Mutual (1/24/98) Eliza, a young Gen who served her cousin in First Need, arrives at the Sime Center. She is essentially railroaded into making a decision to become a Donor trainee, despite repeatedly expressing a preference for renSimes over channels. Wise Snake interviews Rapol, a potential Donor for herself. A disturbance in the lobby involving a cat, a boa constrictor, Eliza, Alea, Febus, Avaleia, and a gun, leaves Mostan with a serious, but not immediately fatal, lateral injury.

Episode #141: (1/25/98)

Episode #142: (1/26/98)

Episode #143: (1/27/98)

Episode #144: (1/28/98)

Episode #145: (1/29/98)

Episode #146: (1/30/98)

Episode #147: (1/31/98)

Episode #148: Floating in the Sea which is Not (2/1/98) Yota returns to the Sime Center to find out why his complaint against Sumulo hasn't been processed. Eliza hopes to see more of Mostan and winds up seeing a lot more than she ever intended. Mostan takes his first donation from a Gen since being attacked by Avaleia. Eliza and Jon Drake assist. Wise Snake gives Rapol a lesson on relaxation. Alea discusses Veraik's upcoming transfer with Eliza.

Episode #149: Stolen Joy (2/2/98) Jelana and Turrie, a new Donor and a new channel respectively, arrive at the Sime Center. Eliza and Mostan go for a walk. Nick and Rapol demonstrate their ability to get along, although they seem to disagree on the subject of the value of Rapol's exotic furniture. Wise Snake and Nick go to the hospital to check up on Fise and his temporary "Donor". An extremely reluctant Alea manages to serve Veraik's transfer by thinking about Tarsh during it. A comforting Eliza sits with Veraik during his post reaction. She then confesses her sordid past to Veraik and is amazed when she isn't immediately kicked out of the Sime Center. Nick's possessions are moved into the Ferry Building and Linn offers them a house warming gift that floors Wise Snake... literally.

Episode #150: A Scheduling of Lives (2/3/98) Tormer speaks with Lanyi again. Turrie expresses an eagerness to begin her work at the Sime Center, then privately reveals to Alea that she was sent by Zeor and puts pressure on Alea to resume her spy activities. Briel assigns B'cal to Lanyi and is relieved (and surprised) when neither of them objects. Lanyi offers Briel some input on other matters. Mostan is still having difficulty in mixed Sime and Gen groups. Wise Snake and Nick encounter Eliza who thanks Snake for talking her into staying at the Center and also asks Snake about Veraik and Alea's mutual difficulties. They then encounter Ola who requires healing. After that they go to a cafe where Snake talks to Frog and Katryn and, incidentally, all of the cafe's employees quit.

Episode #151: Gargoyle Attack (2/5/98) Wise Snake and Nick go to a homeless shelter where Snake gives transfer to Frog. They then go to the library where they are accosted by an angry Geshriber who resents Snake's checking out all the good books. Turrie continues her pattern of inquiring nosily into the details of various Sime Center employees' problems, much to Briel's annoyance. Briel assigns Turrie to work with Sumulo, perhaps with less than pure motives. Wise Snake talks to Alea and Turrie, who manage to work her up into quite a paranoid state. Alea and Turrie then discuss Turrie's scheme for the continuing education of Snake.

Episode #152: Two Birds with One Stick (2/6/98) Alea takes it upon herself to cut off her own plaster cast. Wise Snake brings Rapol to the Sime Center for some experience in dealing with unexpected situations. Lanyi demonstrates that broom closets aren't just for brooms anymore. In an emotional scene, Mostan and Eliza learn they have been assigned as transfer partners.

Episode #153: Rat Bites Bat (2/7/98) Veraik shows signs of losing his mind as "the CD's" set in. Alea accompanies Turrie on that channel's mission to the Ferry Building. Turrie apologizes to Wise Snake for the scary question-and-answer session of a few days before, denies being a spy, then proposes that she be in charge of the completion of Snake's training. Wise Snake greets all of the above with considerable skepticism. Turrie and Alea then go to a cafe. B'cal does her best to make Snake paranoid about the interaction between Nick and Rapol.

Episode #154: Strange Assignments (2/8/98) Two high school students, Callin and Nemip, arrive from Gen Territory to do research on an article about Faith Day for their school newspaper. Callin turns out to have Established. Turrie realizes that Nemip is in the first stages of changeover. Turrie determines that Nemip's changeover is not going well and that he will die of attrition before breakout. She manages to trigger a premature breakout. Wise Snake arrives, having been warned of this event in a surreal vision, and serves Nemip in First Need. In other events, two elementary school kids also show up at the Sime Center seeking information. Briel scares the bejesus out of them. Snake confesses her disorientation and time loss difficulties to Nick, who speculates the attacks are brought on by worry about Donor support.

Episode #155: Dependent Study (2/9/98) Nick Reckage discovers Callin wandering lost and brings her back to the Sime Center where Alea takes care of her. Mostan reads Eliza her letters, one of which turns out to be a legal document informing her she has inherited her father's farm. This is cause for some alarm as she had not wanted her whereabouts known. Wise Snake climbs in Alea's window, then changes her mind and climbs out again. B'cal learns of Wise Snake's memory and timesense lapses and orders her to never leave the company of a Donor. Wise Snake invites Rapol to move into the Ferry Building. Briel and Jon discuss how his studies are coming along. They then assist a young girl and her mother.

Episode #156:  Behavior around Friends (2/10/98) Callin interviews various people about their Faith Day practices. Callin is herself interviewed about her activities of late.

Episode #157: Catty Rumpus (2/11/98) Alea and Eliza share breakfast and hot tea. After the calamity which results, Tarsh comforts Alea and Mostan comforts Eliza. The two Gens then clash in what is evidently some sort of dominance struggle. B'cal resorts to willful destruction of property to burn off her anxiety until Wise Snake reminds her she will be returning home to V'lar soon. Snake and B'cal then go to a cafe where they discuss Snake's next transfer. Alea apologizes to Eliza and offers her some advice on her Donor training and how to behave around Mostan. Alea gets locked out of her room and attempts to climb a vine to reach it, with unfortunate results.

Episode #158: Recreational Reading (2/12/98) Alea's pet cat causes a young Gen's first donation to be disrupted. Briel, having trouble after turnover, does not take matters calmly. After months of denial Veraik is ready for a woman and proceeds to inspect each and every one of them for suitability. A renSime with a flare for the dramatic appears in the lobby, waxing philosophical and scaring shen out of the waiting donors. Mostan tells his story to Eliza, who fails to see why renSimes should be prevented from direct transfer with Gens. Eliza surprises Mostan by suggesting they run away together and nearly tempts him into transfer days early. Alea and Jirelle go for a walk and accidentally lose Arcadia, who ends up going home with Libby Whore.

Episode #159: Investigative Procedures (2/13/98) Wise Snake goes to the Sime Center to check into Turrie's  background and qualifications. Callin donates. Tamlen tells her the story of his first Faith Day. Alea has an adventure in a witch's house and then runs into Garon and a tobogganist. She is surprised when Fise and Loylic stop and help her tend Garon's injuries.

Episode #160: Hunting and Trapping (2/14/98) Veraik and Keli enjoy the pleasure of each other's company. Sumulo traps Alea's cat and tries to drown it. Alea jumps into the river to try to save the cat and is rescued by Libby Whore. Libby brings her back to the Sime Center where Katryn and Paulatino take care of her. Katryn intercepts and serves Libby when she tries to take transfer off the semi-conscious Alea. Katryn gets caught in the middle of a cat-and-mouse game between Wise Snake and her Donors. Wise Snake discusses Turrie's educational theories with that channel.

Episode #161: Odd Couples (2/15/98) Eliza and Mostan, reunited after Eliza's absence, go on a horseback ride and a picnic. Mostan resists taking transfer then and there, but fixes it so he will be in need early so he can request an earlier transfer. Bertha leaves literature for the "chief servant of the cat" at the Sime Center. She also asks directions to the Ferry Building, where she speaks to Wise Snake and offers her services as architectural consultant. Alea brings her cat to the Ferry Building since she fears for its safety at the Sime Center. On her way home she is bugged  by the persistent Nexus until she loses patience and scares the fleece off him.

Episode #162: Rosaria! (2/16/98) A Gen with gunshot wounds undergoes an out-of-body experience as channels and Donors work to save his life on the lobby floor. Alea repaints the Gnome to resemble Santa Claus. Nick has breakfast with Wise Snake in the Sime Center's cafeteria and they discuss her upcoming transfer. Tramila agrees to assist in that transfer and to zlin Nick and Rapol to determine which would be the better choice for transfer partner. Dru, a young out-Territory Gen, turns up and Eliza works to help him get started in Sime Territory. Arcadia fails to support Jirelle as that channel enters hard need. Alea meets a gentleman.

Episode #163: Painted Hussies (2/17/98) Eliza and Alea go clothes shopping, and end up purchasing what the helpful clerk assures them are suitable garments. They return to the Sime Center after embarrassing the shen out of Nick and Jorgre in a public restaurant. At the Center, B'cal, Eliza and Alea proceed to drive Wise Snake crazy with their competing fields. B'cal offers Eliza some advice on being a Donor. Alea cries on Wise Snake's shoulder about her feelings of inadequacy about her appearance, and her worry that she would lose Tarsh.

Episode #164: Your Average Morning (2/18/98) Wise Snake catches Jules Distect on the street in Bender Cove and gives her a severe warning. Alea and B'cal dance "la Cucaracha" much to Wise Snake and Eliza's consternation. Alea offers Eliza some advice on handling Mostan's state of need. B'cal tells Wise Snake her mental problems are probably inherited Farris traits. After breakfast, Eliza observes as Gef's transfer is served.

Episode #165: Young Love (2/19/98) Eliza and Mostan have their transfer, monitored by Wise Snake. Afterward, angered by Tecton regulations prohibiting sexual relations after transfer, they flee the Sime Center. They later meet and consummate their transfer in a secret location. Meanwhile, Wise Snake writes a scathing report and then yells at Briel. Briel turns around and yells at Alea. Tramila zlins Rapol and pronounces Nick the better choice for Snake's 13th transfer.

Episode #166: Half of a Snake (2/20/98) The Sime Center continues to have a bit of a cockroach problem. Briel seeks Frutata's company after a trying morning, and ends up assigning him to herself. Alea goes to the Ferry Building to give Wise Snake a present, and meets Sky.

Episode #167: So Sad the Fall from Grace (2/21/98) The Sime Center staff becomes aware that Eliza and Mostan are missing after receiving a tip from a concerned citizen. B'cal uses less than ethical methods to convince Wise Snake to head the search party. Turrie, Wise Snake, and Nick head off into the ruins to search. Veraik and Briel attempt to talk to Jirelle about her experience with Arcadia, but Jirelle is reluctant to say anything negative about the Donor, or anything else for that matter. Veraik catches Arcadia reading a book while on duty and disciplines her. Briel spends some time with Frutata. Sumulo's latest attempt to harass Alea is interrupted by yet another manifestation of the... cockroach problem. Veraik assists Alea and Zethraim in the aftermath.

Episode #168: Sore, but Wonderful (2/22/98) Tarsh catches Alea ice skating on the pond and expresses his worry for her safety. As heavy snow sets in, they take shelter in the Ferry Building, where she presents him with a gift. He then confesses to her a secret, although she is asleep at the time. While taking a break from searching for Eliza and Mostan, Nick and Wise Snake end up taking their transfer, and Nick gets burned. Meanwhile, Mostan and Eliza, camped out coincidentally in another part of the same underground ruin, discuss whether they should return to the Tecton or attempt to flee to a new life together. When Mostan later explores the ruins, he accidentally encounters Nick and Snake, who are in no condition to apprehend anybody. As he and Eliza attempt to help them, Turrie arrives and the search is over.

Episode #169: Fire Eaters (2/23/98) Snowed into an Ancient ruin, Turrie questions Wise Snake about her life and goals. At the Ferry Building, Alea experiments with chimney cleaning techniques. For some reason Wise Snake experiences a terrible vision of the Ferry Building burning down. Turrie attempts to help Snake through the experience, revealing in the process some knowledge of prescient visions in Farrises. Upon Mostan and Eliza's waking, the four of them snap at each other in an ultimately unresolved dispute. Irritated by B'cal, and sensing that their presence is stressful for Sky, Alea and Tarsh leave the Ferry Building and return at last to the Sime Center.

Episode #170: Bedside Manner (2/24/98) Nick is brought back to the Sime Center by Wise Snake, and immediately surrounded by excessively helpful well-wishers. Wise Snake accepts Alea's support but grows increasingly stressed as Alea recounts her story of what had occurred at the Ferry Building. Arcadia works with Katryn, who is alarmed by the Second's casual attitude around the Farrises she herself worships. Katryn does enjoy the luxury of working with a Second, however, at least during the moments when Arcadia is paying attention. Snake eventually reaches the end of her rope and makes the decision to bring Nick home to the Ferry Building immediately.

Episode #171: A Match Made In... Er.... (2/25/98) After harassing Sky one more time for the road, B'cal takes her leave of Wise Snake and Bender Cove. Jirelle joins Alea and Jon Drake for a walk, then spots Eliza in a cafe and goes to greet her new Donor. An extremely uncomfortable scene follows, in which Eliza is shocked to learn of her reassignment, and Jirelle embarrassed by what she perceives as social ineptitude on her own part. Voices in Eliza's head drive her and Jirelle away from the Sime Center and toward an establishment of an entirely different nature.

Episode #172: Chicken-Free but Decorated (2/26/98) Veraik takes Linn's donation, which goes well despite certain... distractions. Lowren pays a long-delayed visit to Nally at her father's farm in Hamish. After a brief surprise at finding they are both customers of Wise Snake, two rich teenagers decide to collaborate on winning a weird transfer contest.

Episode #173: Spin Doctors (2/27/98) Special Agent Gaelan arrives from Gen Territory, demanding to see the Sime Center's CFO. Veraik requires him to donate before he can speak to Tarsh. Tarsh and Alea become somewhat nervous when they learn Gaelan will be investigating the use of counterfeit stamps and the smuggling of untaxed goods into Gen Territory. The two begin a hurried preparation for his audit. Arcadia is called upon to prove to Callin's schoolmate that most tentacles are not slimy. Rapol and Wise Snake play host to the Historical Society as its representative inspects the Ferry Building.

Episode #174 Instruments of Murder (3/1/98) Alea gets Gaelan started on his second day of investigating the Sime Center's records. Relations between the two are not cordial, especially after Alea catches Gaelan snooping in the basement files. Jerl comes to the Sime Center to donate and finds Briel rather intimidating. Wise Snake and Nick venture into Eastcove to enlist Agness Forrest's aid in the restoration of murals in the Ferry Building.

Episode #175: Squirming (3/2/98) A young boy from Gen Territory comes to the Sime Center with a question about why Simes are stronger than Gens. Briel, who still hasn't gotten the hang of communicating with children, scares the bejesus out of him. Tamlen ends up talking to the kid. A changeover victim runs into the lobby and is served in First Need by Briel. Sky escorts Agness Forrest from the border to the Ferry Building where she inspects the mural and ends up agreeing to manage its restoration. An uncharacteristically ecstatic Fise comes to Wise Snake for advice after finally serving his first changeover at the hospital in Eastcove. Libby Whore harasses Alea until she takes cover at the Ferry Building. Wise Snake attempts to counsel the two of them, with discouraging results.

Episode #176: The Shadow of the Bear (3/3/98) A Gen, who Briel mistakes for a Torn by Tentacles fan, comes to donate. Wise Snake and Nick discuss illegal taxes, as well as illegal methods of procuring money to pay the taxes. Eliza and Jirelle encounter Mostan and Arcadia in the cafeteria, much to the detriment of the nerves of everybody involved. Alea gets caught in the middle.

Episode #177: Well-Behaved (3/4/98) Mostan takes the donation of a woman with three bratty kids. His nerves are not in the best of shape afterward. Arcadia provides support, slipping up only once or twice in the area of, er, decorum. Alea, Lanyi and Eliza go to a shiltpron parlor. Wise Snake encounters Lanyi and Alea outside, after Eliza has already gone in.

Episode #178: Persistent Misconduct (3/5/98) A one-armed Gen comes to the Sime Center to donate. Tarsh and Alea are aghast when Special Agent Gaelan starts throwing his weight around. He manages to annoy Briel as well. Eliza secretly invites Mostan out to a shiltpron parlor. There, they enjoy each other's disallowed company until Alea arrives to break it up. Upset by Mostan's evident belief that they were doing wrong, Eliza flees in a direction away from the Sime Center.

Episode #179: A Business Day (3/6/98) Snake nearly leaps to her death to rescue an errant stained glass window. The Ferry Building is solicited by a one-armed Gen selling construction supplies. Alea decides to paint the lobby in a color occurring naturally in the unripe fruit of Olea europaea. Jemmie and Tanat return to find out what Snake has planned for them in the way of an exotic transfer experience. They are not disappointed. Wise Snake finally learns Rapol's origins and upbringing, as they share a quiet moment. Lanyi and Wise Snake conduct a clandestine trade of medical goods.

Episode #180: How Now, Veraik? (3/7/98) Jirelle approaches Briel regarding the matter of Eliza. Veraik is solicited by a salesman from a mysterious organization. After turning down the services offered, Veraik is lured by Alea into visiting a witch's house. There, he comes into contact with a strange substance which has a peculiar effect upon him.

Episode #181: "Layers" of Meaning (3/8/98) Wise Snake and Nick rescue Veraik in the woods, and are puzzled by his continued odd behavior. Little do they realize they missed best bit! Tanat and Hahn engage in a mild argument about upper-class fashions.

Episode #182: Hooker-Hookee (3/9/98) Tanat and Jemmie embark upon what is intended to be a very exciting night. Wise Snake and Nick are amazed by Rapol's efforts to decorate in a piratical style. Debette gets caught in a net.

Episode #183: As the "Swash" Buckles (3/10/98) Jemmie and Tanat's failure to show up causes their special transfer escapade to be cancelled. Rapol sadly sets about to dismantle his fine creation while Wise Snake and Nick go to work. They find a small child and return her to her drunken mother, and Snake takes down the field of a Gen, er, businessman. Eliza finally returns to the Sime Center and stops in to say hi to Jirelle. Eliza then attempts to sneak upstairs for a much-needed bath, but is caught by Alea. A surprised Lanyi successfully faces down Avaleia in the lobby.

Episode #184: Double-Gen Enticement (3/12/98) Den and Rital are passing through the area and put in a little work at the Bender Cove Sime Center. They help an infirmary patient, and serve transfer to Frog and another renSime or two. Eliza confesses to Jirelle that she is allergic to the channel's incense. Debette, enraptured by the Ferry Building's age and beauty, talks Wise Snake into employing her as a maid.

Episode #185: A Crumb of Dialogue (3/15/98) Eliza and Tamlen share a hurried moment.

Episode #186: Sky Red, Sky Blue (3/17/98) Wise Snake and Eliza discover that another error has been made in drug bottling. Jirelle serves Debitte in transfer. Debitte then goes to the Ferry Building to begin her new job as a maid. There she encounters Sky, evidently not for the first time.

Episode #187: This Place is Dangerous (3/18/98) Alea is subjected to a hair-raising cab ride to the Ferry Building. Once there, she is involved in a series of unfortunate mishaps, and ends up fleeing the building, convinced it is becoming "worse than the Sime Center." Sky attempts to introduce a handsome man to Snake, in the hopes of ending her single life. Noma, a Gen woman speaking no English or Simelan, arrives hoping to convince Snake to help free her kidnaped friends. The rescue effort is hampered by the fact that Snake's previous exposure to the woman's language was limited, in context as well as duration.

Episode #188: Between a Deer and a Headlight (3/19/98) Jirelle teaches Eliza how to bring a channel back from hyperconscious. Then, the duo take the donation of Pleb, who has been waiting in the Sime Center's lobby for 12 hours. Later, Eliza serves Jirelle in transfer, Arcadia serves Mostan in transfer, and Eliza and Mostan enjoy an enthusiastic physical reunion. Rapol is stung when flowers are sent to Wise Snake by an admirer.

Episode #189: Flashback (3/20/98) Briel asks Frutata about his homeland, and is unnerved by the similarity between his culture and the Distect. She finds the transfer they end up sharing even more disturbing. Eliza and Alea go shopping. Before they get far, a pickpocket makes off with Eliza's money. Eliza chases after him but becomes lost in the warehouse district, where the sight of the buildings triggers a long-suppressed reaction to the death of her cousin John. Alea brings the panicking Eliza to the Ferry Building for Wise Snake to examine, but declines to stick around herself, on account of a personality clash with Snake's new receptionist Toi Toi. Eliza is calmed down by Wise Snake, then brought back to the Sime Center, her future as a Donor now cast into jeopardy.

Episode #190: Control is for Nagers (3/21/98) Rapol is forced to fight for Snake's attention as Alea, unassigned and desperate to be near a channel, pays a visit. After their transfer, Rapol and Wise Snake realize there has been a terrible misunderstanding regarding their relationship. Just then, Alea walks in and innocently asks the wrong questions at the wrong time, causing Rapol to break down. Fleeing the emotional scene, Alea keeps walking completely out of town, then becomes lost in the woods. There, she stumbles across a hidden garden and a beautiful mansion. Lanyi shows a good deal of interest in Eliza's background and field development characteristics. Eliza is confused by the technical terms and becomes quite uncomfortable when Lanyi and Briel clash in a personal power struggle over her head. Later, Briel seeks comfort and advice in Veraik's arms, while Eliza receives her first music lesson, much to the surprise (among other emotions) of the lobby's occupants.

Episode #191: A Peaceful Place (3/22/98) On their way to start work at the Bender Cove Sime Center, Mytag and Ison rescue Alea from the woods. Walter washes the writing off the schedule board. Briel bites the bullet and informs Jirelle that she is assigned to Alea. She also assigns Frutata to Lanyi, and Eliza to observe Frutata. Chaos ensues when a drug addicted Torn by Tentacles groupie enters the Sime Center in search of a fix and Eliza manages to lock herself into a room with him. Rapol has a nightmare which Wise Snake experiences also, as a hallucination.

Episode #192: The Invasion of the Tentacle Snatchers (3/23/98) After spending an uncomfortable night sleeping on a banana, Alea is determined to apologize to Rapol for her interruption of his and Snake's conversation after transfer. Rapol, however, becomes increasing convinced that Alea is a sorceress trying to steal Snake's Simehood via Rapol's dreams. Alea returns to the Sime Center (a not uneventful trip) as Snake and Nick attempt to figure out what is bothering Rapol. Torn by Tentacles' Buggfa Lube tries once again to donate.

Episode #193: Sosu Smooth (3/24/98) Ison handles some donations while Mytag handles the donors.

Episode #194: An Emotional Smorgasbord (3/24/98) Callin comes in for a second donation, dragging her mother along as appalled witness to her open-mindedness and (presumed) maturity. Mostan handles the donation with Alea assisting. Afterward, he takes the donations of the extremely jumpy Kyliky, and the extremely young Sheva, with Jelana for support. Eliza displays jealousy of Mostan's female Donor. Mytag looks on in some amusement as Ison is forced to contend with a donor with a marked Tengstunesqe tendency. Alea visits the Ferry Building. Not to be stopped by Toi Toi's protests that Snake is indisposed, Alea manages to get the channel's attention by creating a public disturbance in the street. Shonie teaches Eliza the "Happy Happy Joy Joy" song.

Episode #195: A Series of Misapprehensions regarding Cause and Effect (3/25/98) Lanyi examines a donor with mercury poisoning. Linn and another donor are scared by Walter's advances in the lobby. Linn relapses to her former unfettered Simephobia and goes into shock. Mytag talks to her afterward, and is confused when Linn seems to accuse his own channel Ison of having done the stalking. Shonie chooses an empty field three miles out of town as the locale for Eliza's lesson on rudimentary nageric control. Alea and Ison spar.

Episode #196: Performance Day (3/26/98) Briel takes the donation of Linn, who spent the night at the Sime Center after being sedated by Mytag. Under the impression that she is practicing nageric control, Eliza slams Wise Snake with an exuberantly cheerful greeting. In the aftermath, Alea comforts Eliza, while Lanyi, Snake, Nick and Linn go to a cafe for some tea. This turns out to be a mistake as Jillie, their waitress, executes a perfect slow-motion projectile simultaneous multiple "serve". At this point ready for nothing more than a quiet evening of rest, Snake asks to be taken home. Once there, she is nabbed by her brother, who drags her and Rapol off to a formal dinner with Richard Hardwick-Greeves. Sky gets a little bit too relaxed while Snake and Rapol fail to relax at all. Tarsh and Alea spend some time together.

Episode #197: Ooky Stuff! (3/27/98) Alea succeeds in setting the kitchen on fire, as well as killing Smitty Roach. Smitty wanders the Sime Center, searching for an audience capable of appreciating his final scene. Darrel takes the donation of the very nervous Armond while Arcadia supports. Armond later returns to the Center for his forgotten coat, and accidentally gets caught in the middle of a messy changeover scene while Griff, a kid with a yen for the disgusting, looks on in delight. Tamlen would have assisted Darrel with the changeover, except that he slips and hurts himself just as a renSime in need enters the lobby, and soon has his hands full.

Episode #198: And He Scores (3/27/98) Fise, unable to bear the thought of taking another channel's transfer, seduces and qualifies Loylic.

Episode #199: Ouch (3/28/98) Veraik works with Treyev, a first time donor. Eliza happens to be in the lobby and has to deal with Andirel, who accidentally destroys several pieces of the waiting area furniture out of clumsiness, and Armond, who manages to get hurt on broken glass from a coffee table. Wise Snake makes the mistake of stopping by just then, and Eliza drafts her into healing Armond's foot. Eliza and Lanyi then deal with Pilla, a drugged up renSime. The Sime Center's front desk clerk quits, probably a reasonably frequent occurrence there. Wise Snake encounters Richard once again, and is shocked by his offer to pay for the restoration of the Ferry Building in exchange for a key role in the founding of Snake's Householding.

Episode #200: Two Transfers (3/29/98) Mostan and Eliza serve Seezi in transfer, while Ison and Maytag serve Frog.

Episode #201: Rehearsals (3/29/98) Griff, who wants to gross out his sister by tricking her into donating, himself donates so he can verify the experience is suitably "ooky". Fise sends Jirelle roses. Wise Snake and Alea talk to Tramila. Eliza sneaks out of the Center to hang with Shonie, who teaches her "The Song That Never Ends" and another lesson in nageric control. Muttley makes his first appearance. Darrel takes Katarn's donation.

Episode #202: Young People These Days (3/30/98) Several people are required to assist as the self-styled "THuul, Master of Demons" arrives to make a donation. Somewhat less physically impressive, but equally daunting, is the elderly, snappish Micquayla. A frustrated Eliza seeks out Wise Snake's advice regarding birth control, then nervously goes shopping. Muttley the dog gets into the Sime Center and much physical humor ensues. Griff shows up at the Ferry Building to apply for a "really ooky job".

Episode #203: Slippery When Late (3/31/98) Wise Snake is delayed in returning home when she encounters a seemingly endless string of accident victims. Katryn and Mytag find themselves in a similar situation. Meanwhile, back at the Ferry Building, Alea becomes suspicious when Snake fails to appear despite Toi Toi's earnest promises. A rat wreaks havoc.

Episode #204: Shaggy Dog Story (4/1/98) Eliza helps? Darrel take Katarn's donation (again). Muttley, a stray dog, decides to make the Sime Center his home. Walter stalks a Gen, but ends up being served by Katryn in transfer. Meanwhile, his victim Allaire, having run out the door in a panic, encounters a renSime in need and is badly burned. Darrel takes care of him in the infirmary. BumBum and Griff meet, on their first day as employees of Wise Snake.

Episode #205: Death and Taxes (4/2/98) Eyebrows (among other things) are raised as Eliza, jealous of the time Mostan spends working with his (female) Donor, confronts him (and then makes up with him) in the lobby. Keli and Ison have transfer. Ison shares his post reaction with Jelana, but they are accidentally interrupted by Eliza and Muttley. Briel heals Mrs. Gessin's sprained ankle and takes donations from her and Mrs. Jergen. Tamlen encounters a Gen who intends to commit suicide by donating. Katryn and Mytag do the honors. Ison and Alea bring out the worst in each other once again, as he escorts her to visit Wise Snake. Ison is impressed with Wise Snake despite himself. Alea asks Snake to be the Godmother of her unborn child. D'cor, a new channel, arrives from V'lar, and shows every promise of being as pleasant and well-liked as B'cal.

Episode #206: This episode is currently being edited and will be ready for HTML soon.

Episode #207: Shattered (4/4/98) Eliza and D'cor endure (and almost enjoy) a pleasant walk in one other's company, until the moment is shattered by a young thief getting his leg crushed underneath a wagon wheel. D'cor feels himself to be in over his head healing the injury, and is both relieved and distressed when Briel personally oversees his work. Eliza does an unusually good job of supporting, mostly because she forgets to try and instead lets her system respond naturally. Alea, apprehensive about the future, goes to the Ferry Building to ask Snake if she and Tarsh can live there until the child is born. Veraik, in the erroneous belief that it will make him a Zeor channel, has again deliberately developed serious entran. Alea and Wise Snake finally convince him to drop the destructive obsession before his life and career are ruined.

Episode #208: Rules of Acquisition (4/5/98) Allaire is discharged from the infirmary. Alea and Jirelle take the donation of Jor-El, who expresses an interest in becoming a Donor. Richard Hardwick-Greeves takes Wise Snake and Nick to a high-class furniture auction in Eastcove, where Snake and Taffyd Bollockshire enter into a feverish bidding war over a seemingly worthless object. Afterward, the party retires to a formal dinner in an establishment of Richard's acquaintance.

Episode #209: Bender Cove: A Tourist's Paradise (4/6/98) Griff happens upon a gut-wound victim and goes for help from Wise Snake and Nick. No sooner has Simhi, the injured Gen, been moved to the Ferry Building when Debbette arrives, in hard need several days early. A disgusted Wise Snake serves her (her walking papers as well as the selyn). Alea drops off some sketches for Snake to examine. Rafnel and Jusaph arrive on the outskirts of Bender Cove. Fise and Jirelle reunite for the first time since his transfer with Loylic.

Episode #210: 101 Kills (4/7/98) Jor-El returns to the Sime Center to find out more about becoming a Donor, and ends up getting thrown into service immediately. Mistaking Wise Snake for a donor, he brings her in to see D'cor. Snake uses the opportunity to speak to D'cor and Briel about Eliza's concerns, much to Eliza's embarrassment. Katryn, intrigued by the attack on Allaire the other day, would like to learn more about Gen fear.

Episodes #211 and #212: These are under construction and will be posted as time permits.

Episode #213: A Beautiful Day for Yard Work (4/11/98) Briel reads D'cor the riot act about teaching Eliza. A worker attempts to cut off a tree limb (and one of his own as well) and has to be healed by D'cor, Eliza, Briel and Jon Drake, a process which of course cannot go off without a hitch. Katryn, in hard need at the time of the accident, also feels a strong urge to "help" the pain-filled Gen.

Episode #214: Blue. Australian for "Gen" (4/12/98) Darrel and Alea take the donation of a Gen speaking a nearly impossible dialect. Next up is Gart, a tightrope walker. Afterward, Alea presses D'cor and Eliza into service as her escorts when she goes shopping. An ill-fated mugging takes place amid lightning flashes, thunder, and driving hail. Afterward, Eliza and D'cor comfort each other, while Veraik assists Alea. Janus comes to the Center to find help in settling in Sime Territory, and is helped by Briel. Mytag, Ison and Katryn talk.

Episodes #215 and #216: In queue to be edited.

Episode #217: A Rude Awakening (4/15/98) Eliza wakes in the middle of the night to the awful realization that she had killed the renSime who'd attacked them the other day. She wants to run immediately to Wise Snake for advice, but D'cor prudently keeps her from leaving before daybreak.

Episode #218: May your Chooks turn into Emus (4/15/98) Eliza goes to the Ferry Building to ask Snake's advice about killing. Later, Richard invites Snake out to breakfast and she scares the bejesus out of him. Afterward, though he doesn't realize it, he is low field. Alea and Blue experience a communications problem.

Episodes #219 through #229: These will be posted as time permits.

Episode #230: Nostalgia (4/28/98) Darrel and Mytag help a donor get his first... er... taste of the Tecton.

Episode #231: Don't Panic... Okay, Panic (4/29/989) Mytag and Darrel enjoy the fresh morning air, and then share breakfast. After a brief visit to the lobby, Darrel is a nervous wreck. Mytag gives him a serious talking-to, attempting to reassure him that there is absolutely nothing to fear from the clientele or staff at the Sime Center. Eliza gets caught sneaking in the front door, having spent the night at the Ferry Building to avoid D'cor. Alea's attempt to explain how a Donor has complete control over a channel winds up thoroughly embarrassing the trainee. Amidst rumors of a possible visit by Muryin Farris, Alea goes into labor and is assisted through the birth of her baby girl by Eliza, Wise Snake and Tramila. B'cal arrives, trying to collect channels to aid epidemic-stricken V'lar.

Episode #232: V'larians Reunite (4/30/98) Eliza takes part of a cab partway to the Ferry Building. She is first charmed, then shocked, by BumBum. A renSime attempts to sell Wise Snake on the virtues of his sister and girlfriend. B'cal and D'cor discuss the channel's disastrous transfer with Eliza, and V'lar's epidemic. Upon hearing of D'cor's encounter with a large, hairy creature in the Center's basement, B'cal is determined to investigate said basement herself. Abandoned by her teenaged guide, B'cal is nabbed by the Troll and prepared with many fragrant herbs. She is later rescued by D'cor.

Episode #233: Fright (5/1/98) Katryn and her timid new Donor, Patrice, are caught by surprise as Firday is chased into the lobby by Bruster. Briel is eventually called upon to deal with the situation.

Episode #234: A Day for Surprises (5/2/98) Alea discovers that motherhood can be exhausting. B'cal ambushes a Donorless Wise Snake in the Center's lobby. Katryn, Eliza, and Patrice ambush her again in the cafeteria, shortly before B'cal ambushes all four of them there. B'cal confesses her love for the now-dead Sectuib in V'lar. Eliza proposes to Snake that she be allowed to serve BumBum and perhaps prevent him from killing again. Jorgre serves an unusual bi-polar customer.

Episode #235: Muryin's Visit (5/3/98) Eliza asks Briel for permission to leave the Center. Walter and Andirel "clean" the lobby in preparation for the rumored visit by Muryin Farris. Muryin, upon her arrival, is not at all amused by the results. She announces that she and her people are there to turn the Center and its employees inside out in a search for "any irregularity". As an anxious Briel stands by, they proceed to do so. Jon Drake is revealed to be a Tigue. Muryin visits Alea, Tarsh and their new baby. Tarsh is offered a place in Zeor but refuses to believe the offer is genuine. Alea interprets this as a lack of desire to pledge and is devastated. Eliza moves into the Ferry Building.

Episode #236: The Usual Difficulties (5/3/98) After the Sectuib's visit, Mytag, Patrice, Katryn, Jirelle and Jon Drake deal with a food poisoning, a trampling, an animal attack, a darts injury, a migraine, a construction accident and an arson attempt.

Episode #237: Another Case of "Lobby Rash" (5/5/98) Darrel awakes with a horrible rash on his arms from serving the mop-water-covered Walter the day before. Mytag assists him in caring for it. Griff worries that BumBum will not be returning from V'lar. Eliza asks Wise Snake for something to do to keep busy until the channel does return. Snake gives her a book on meditation and self-knowledge. Jirelle serves a junct renSime in transfer on the street, and then coaxes him back to the Sime Center.

Episode #238: Grooming Rituals (5/6/98) Darrel helps Alea take a shower while Mytag watches the baby. Alea cries on Tarsh's shoulder. He gives her a haircut as they talk about their new family's future. Katryn is caught by Patrice after sneaking out to visit a shiltpron parlor while in need. A channel changes over in the Sime Center's lobby, and is served by Jelana with Lanyi's assistance.

Episode #239: Donor-Anxiety (5/7/98) Jelana no longer being available, Ison is instead served in transfer by Lila, a Donor new to the Center. D'cor brings back his tutor, T'pris, when he returns from V'lar. After a brief incident in the lobby (de rigueur at this point) and a short meeting with Veraik, T'pris gives D'cor a stiff lecture about treating her with respect. Patrice tries to keep track of two channels at once. Sarma runs off, and attempts to cross the border into Gen Territory in order to get shot. Veraik talks him out of it, with Jon's support.

Episode #240: Training, Anyone? (5/8/98) Lanyi takes donations from Griff and Linn, with Lila's assistance. Veraik dresses down Patrice for losing track of Sarma the day before. Patrice runs crying to Katryn. The channel is bewildered when Patrice confesses to being terrified of renSimes and somehow unable to control them - despite having trained at Rialite.