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District Controller's Office Episodes
Episode #1: Lucky Lackey (3/8/99) (Householding Naros #126) Sosu Mulla arrives at Naros, sent by the District Controller's Office to find out what the Narosians know about Darrel. She is astonished to discover that Darrel is actually there. She is also pleasantly surprised at how cooperative Riyyh seems to be.

Episode #2: Got Honey? (3/9/99) (Householding Naros #127) Morning finds Mulla and Riyyh discussing Darrel... in bed. They are interrupted, however, when Veschapo and Turros barge in and continue a blistering argument on the subject of who's in charge on the farm.

Episode #3: Summary of Errors (3/11/99) Sosu Mulla returns and gives her report to Controller Arat. Arat is not at all impressed by her handling of the situation. Later, Mulla and Arat's assistant Jeniard compare notes on Naros and Riyyh, and Mulla realizes she's been had. So to speak.

Episode #4: Tiarala (3/12/99) (Householding Naros #130) Coadly, Mulla's supervisor, has a brief meeting with Arat. Meanwhile, Tiarala ambrov Imil has arrived at Naros, ahead of a channel collection team coming to pick up Darrel. Tiarala knows exactly how to handle Riyyh, although even she can't get him to sign certain forms.

Episode #5: Form Follows Fashion? (3/14/99) (Householding Naros #131) Tiarala still hasn't managed to get Riyyh to give her a selyn usage report for Naros, but she does find another use for him. District Controller Arat interviews a very nervous Darrel.

Episode #6: Personnel Miner (3/15/99) Darrel feels cautiously optimistic after meeting his new Donor, Lemuse. Ekwoo Domle from the Tecton's Diplomatic Office makes unreasonable demands of Arat, which do not bring about the desired response. Arat's Donor Beni tries to get him to relax afterward, also with little luck.

Episode #7: You Blow my Mind, Baby (3/18/99) Darrel and Lemuse share transfer. An old friend of Jeniard's, Vannial, unexpectedly comes to visit. Arat isn't sure what to make of him.

Episode #8: Up-Suckery (3/19/99) Vannial, Jeniard, Arat and Beni do lunch in the Executive Lounge.

Episode #9: Magic Armor (3/21/99) Beni tries a radical Donoring technique: doing what Arat wants whether he wants it or not. Darrel and Lemuse have a meeting with Arat. Darrel is scared out of his wits but Lemuse thinks it went well. Then again, she would.

Episode #10: Day of Breakthroughs (3/22/99) Jeniard wakes Beni in the middle of the night to find out what he did to offend Arat. The trouble is, Beni has no idea. The next morning, a triumphant Tiarala returns from Naros, having accomplished all of her assigned goals. Beni's strategy of withholding unrequested support finally pays off when Arat breaks first and admits he needs help. They come to what will hopefully be a working compromise for the future.

Episode #11: Shades of Brown (3/23/99) Lemuse surprises Darrel by redecorating his bedroom more to his... tastes. Arat gets his ass chewed by Regional Controller Neptude for not having handled Ekwoo Domle better.

Episode #12: Birds (3/26/99) Arat, incensed when Naros fails to communicate regarding erroneous information on their selyn usage form, resorts to sending his own Donor to investigate. Beni doesn't like it, but reluctantly obeys. Darrel meets Sosu Mileay, who is a First Order Donor but sure doesn't seem like one. Darrel takes time during his break to make some preparations for telling stories to the children in the burn ward. Fortunately he doesn't get caught! Well, mostly he doesn't get caught.

Episode #13: The Message Trap (3/30/99) Sosu Beni arrives in Naros, determined to get a selyn usage form properly filled out by Riyyh.

Episode #14: Mind Control (4/1/99) Beni returns from Naros, victorious. If he had expected praise from Arat, he probably shouldn't have still smelled like Riyyh's massage oil. Darrel is interviewed by Dr. Chleed, an Out-Territory psychologist. She is perplexed by his reaction to, among other things, a small picture of a garden. Ekwoo Domle of the Diplomatic Corps gets his revenge when Arat is forced to be nice to Dr. Roosle, another Out-Territory psychologist... but Arat finds a way to turn the situation to his advantage.

Episode #15: The Truth Comes Out (4/3/99) Arat admits he sent Beni away so Regional Controller Neptude wouldn't get a chance to talk to him.

Episode #16: Special Requests (4/6/99) Ekwoo Domle tries to play hardball with Arat Farris and discovers he isn't ready for the majors yet.

Episode #17: Neptude (4/9/99) Beni comforts Arat as it becomes clear that Neptude's reassignment of Jeniard has been hard on the channel. Neptude receives Arat's letters demanding and begging for Jeniard's return, and is not particularly impressed. Tuib Hamish of the Diplomatic Wing arrives to berate Neptude for Arat's handling of Ekwoo Domle and diversion of Dr. Roosle, but ends up leaving in a hurry when the subject of Dr. Roosle's being allowed into Sime Territory high field comes up.

Episode #18: Primal Dance (4/13/99) Arat receives bad news about who he's been assigned to for transfer: Sosu Pylor. But before the bad news arrives in person, Prunida barges into Arat's office carrying a semi-conscious Nick Reckage. She says that Wise Snake is dead and demands a reward for turning Nick in. Controller Seruffin decides that the best way to convince Nick that the Tecton is the new life for him is to reassign Arat to him.

Episode #19: Shackled to the Prisoner (4/14/99) Arat and Nick enjoy an excellent transfer, after which Arat, to Nick's surprise, crashes out. The next day, Controller Seruffin grills Arat as to how it went. It's Arat's turn to be surprised when Seruffin decides to assign him to Nick long-term.

Episode #20: Pseudosignments (4/20/99) Regional Controller Neptude brings Jeniard back to assist Arat in his administrative duties while he's tied up rehabilitating Nick Reckage. Arat, who has been working with Nick a little bit without letting on they are officially assigned, asks if the Donor is willing to assist him with more difficult work.

Episode #21: Loose Lips (4/26/99) Nick boggles when he learns that he is actually getting paid for his time and selyn. Controller Seruffin comes by to zlin Nick for himself, and accidentally spills the beans regarding the Tecton's recruitment effort.

Episode #22: The Honeymoon (4/27/99) Nick takes advantage of an unguarded moment to leave the building and go shopping for some clothes, causing a number of people to freak out. Afterward, he tries to reassure Arat that he is seriously considering a Tecton pledge.

Episode #23: Hoi Polloi (4/29/99) Nick talks Arat into taking an actual walk, which means going outside of the building. Arat becomes increasingly stressed, while Nick feels more relaxed than he has in a while.

Episode #24: Invitation to Exhibition (5/16/99) Encouraged by signs of civilization in Nick, Controller Neptude asks Arat to bring Nick to an important social function so curious muckety-mucks can ogle and zlin. Arat, who hadn't planned on Nick's debut coming quite so soon, assesses the Donor's current state of mind and realizes there will be a lot of work involved in preparing the him for the occasion.

Episode #25: Noblesse Oblige, Part I (5/18/99) In an attempt to illustrate to Nick what a high order Donor's proper role in society is, Arat coaxes Darrel into divulging his views on leadership.

Episode #26: Noblesse Oblige, Part II (5/20/99) After hearing the rest of Arat's interview of Darrel, Nick is still not convinced. However, he agrees to give high society a try anyway.

Episode #27: Quasi-Uncle (5/23/99) After dressing Nick suitably, Arat takes him outdoors(!) to attempt to find him a place to live that they will both find acceptable.

Episode #28: Shabby  (5/24/99) In a continuation of the previous episode, Nick gets his hair cut and is outraged by the results. Then he and Arat look at two apartments for rent. Arat ixnays the first one but approves of the second one, a Victorian owned by an old lady named Gracilla.

Episode #29: The Exclusive (5/25/99) Controllers Neptude and Arat discuss Nick's future, as Jeniard looks on cynically. Nick's beloved pair of super tight pants disappear, causing him (indirectly) great loneliness. Later, Nick discusses Arat with Jeniard. Jeniard is appalled when he learns that Nick is still not planning to pledge.

Episode #30: Cinder-Reckage at the Ball (5/28/99) (Householding Naros #137) Nick is terrified by his first posh soirée.

Episode #31: The International Language of Being Scared Silly (5/31/99) (Householding Naros #138) Darrel tells Riyyh how the Tecton has been treating him lately, as they dine in a Capital cafe. Nick arrives unexpectedly and has a chat with Riyyh, making Darrel very nervous. Then Arat arrives looking for Nick, and Darrel becomes very nervous indeed.

Episode #32: Heads Up (6/1/922) Arat and Nick discuss Arat's difficulty with Donors, and how much Nick is expected to know about Deah before arriving in New Othwol.

Episode #33: Unannounced Visitations (6/3/99) Nick is cornered by Capitol Mayor Osca, who wants his assistance in curbing the excesses of the Narosian outreach programs. Later, Nick persuades Arat to pay a call on his landlady.

Episode #34: Serpent in the Garden (6/7/99) The unexpected reappearance of Snake Farris, who had been thought dead, causes great mental anguish for Nick, who is not allowed to serve her transfer, and even greater physical anguish for Arat, who is.

Episode #35: Uncertain Reunion (6/8/99) Nick is allowed a brief visit with the imprisoned Snake. It satisfies nobody, particularly not Arat.

Episode #36: Kite Therapy (6/10/99) Arat's plan to improve Nick's mood before transfer with a walk in the park becomes complicated by Nick's purchase of a kite. Nick persuades Arat to take transfer in a secluded area of the park instead of returning to the Sime Center.

Episode #37: Family History (6/11/99) Beni questions Snake on her family background, and discovers more juicy gossip than he'd ever dreamed.

Episode #38: Fruit of the Grapevine (6/14/99) Gossip is rife across the Territory as New Othwol digests Nick's arrival to serve Deah, while Jeniard confirms that Arat might be Snake's father.

Episode #39: Fire Fighters (6/15/99) Arat interviews Linn Haskins, who learns she is to be put on probation but allowed to leave and find work and housing in the city. Pylor thinks she seems a less dangerous sort of rogue than some of the others. Nick Reckage begins his first day on the job as Deah's Donor, and is flabbergasted when she hardly seems to require his services at all.

Episode #40: A Little Gossip, A Little Chat (6/17/99) Rumors of Snake's alleged parentage are discussed eagerly by Tiarala and Hero, Nick and Deah, and even Neptude, who drops by Arat's office to investigate.

Episode #41: Inconvenient Relatives (6/18/99) Arat copes with the family lawyer, an enraged Prunida, and a lost toddler.

Episode #42: First Order Donor (not) Wanted (6/21/99) Beni slips away from Snake to check on Arat. Arat is desperately grateful for his attentions, which doesn't say much for how well he's been doing under Pylor's care. Later, Darrel meets with Arat for a discussion of his rehabilitation and his readiness for regular assignment.

Episode #43: Difficult Visits (6/23/99) Arat fends off an overzealous messenger delivering letters from Nick, then pays a long-dreaded personal visit to Snake. He is unable to collapse afterwards due to an unscheduled interrogation by Assistant World Controller Seruffin.

Episode #44: Stoats (6/24/99) Riyyh tries to show Prunida the basics of kindness and honesty, in hopes of assisting her to win Nick's friendship. Arat pays a late-night visit to Pylor, who fumbles through getting his assigned channel to sleep.

Episode #45: Magical Styles (6/28/99) An unwelcome visit from Arat's daughter Clerfia distracts Arat enough that he allows the out-Territory psychologist Dr. Roosle to interview Snake for his book on Sime "magic".

Episode #46: Sisterhood (7/1/99) Arat's daughter Clerfia manages to fulfil her quest for a sister by winning permission to visit Snake.

Episode #47: Yes Comment (7/4/99) Pylor decides to vent his spleen to a reporter, on the subject of whether rogues should be rehabilitated. Afterward he returns to Arat's office where he makes a decision to file a formal request for reassignment.

Episode #48: Bad News (7/5/99) Pylor's indiscreet revelations to the reporter from the tabloid COMMENT make headline news, and Neptude comes to Arat for answers.

Episode #49: Morale Improvement (7/15/99) Josette of the dreaded Employee Morale Division interviews the embittered Pylor to determine what is required to make him a productive Tecton employee, and reports her recommendations to Arat, Seruffin, and Neptude.

Episode #50: Administrative Aide (7/16/99) Devera arrives to take up a position as Arat's administrative aide, but no one appears to know that the job existed.

Episode #51: Change of Plans (7/17/99) Pylor proves too depressed and listless for Arat to tolerate his presence, forcing Arat to rethink his Pylor-rehabilitation scheme.

Episode #52: Donor-free and Happy (7/19/99) Hajene Darrel braves his Controller's office to put in a good word on Pylor's behalf. Beni also pays a visit, ostensibly to discuss Snake's rehabilitation but really to check on Arat. Linn arrives for her monthly parole interview and Arat suggests that she consider entering into Donor training as an alternative to teaching.

Episode #53: Unwelcome Confrontations (7/22/99) Arat finally meets Devera, his new administrative assistant, but is still unsure who sent her. Nick's meeting with the newly reformed (?) Prunida is equally tense, despite Deah's presence.

Episode #54: Bread & Cheese with Prunes (7/25/99) Nick unwillingly visits his grandmother. Even with Deah along for moral support, it's tense.

Episode #55: Fathers of Rogues (7/26/99) (Householding Naros #142) Riyyh has lunch with Darrel and Pylor. The conversation naturally turns to Arat, Snake and Nick.

Episode #56: Sectuibly Advice (7/30/99) (Householding Naros #143) Stranded in Capital once more, Riyyh counsels Linn on her career options.

Episode #57: Snake's Apple Tart (7/31/99) Linn pays a visit to Arat and tells him that she has decided to undergo formal Donor training. She's less interested in actually getting the training than she is in getting close enough to help Wise Snake. Beni probes Arat as to what he plans in the way of social contact for Snake.

Episode #58: Born to Rule (8/1/99) A peek into one of Pylor's sessions with a Morale Division counselor.

Episode #59: Pretzel Scheduling (8/2/99) Faced with less than a week until his own transfer and with no Donor of his own, Arat reassigns Darrel to Hero and takes Pylor for himself. Neither Darrel or Pylor dares object. He also introduces Pylor to the channel he'll be assigned to the next month, Brendalee. Neither Pylor or Brendalee is impressed.

Episode #60: Seeking Stable Relationship (8/3/99) With the assistance of Pylor and Terski, Arat tests Linn to determine how much training she's already received. Darrel nervously goes to meet his new Donor, Hero.

Episode #61: Servitude (8/5/99) Arat and Pylor miraculously get through a transfer without anyone getting hurt. Pylor is disappointed when Arat doesn't come out of it post. Jeniard is disgusted by Pylor's attitude.

Episode #62: Cornered (8/9/99) Wise Snake escapes confinement and has a little fun with Pylor.

Episode #63: Glee (8/12/99) Nick Reckage finally returns to Capital after two months in New Othwol and a brief visit to Naros. His initial concern for Arat is replaced by enthusiasm when he learns he is to be assigned to Wise Snake this month. Beni can't help but think the assignment is a bad idea.

Episode #64: Checkup (8/29/99) Nick takes advantage of a brief break from working with Snake and checks up on Arat.

Episode #65: The Scent of Melting Fur (8/30/99) Darrel is summoned to his Controller's office following an incident involving an autoclave.

Episode #66: Angel in Black and Blue (9/1/99) Riyyh wakes up amidst the wreckage of what must have been a heck of a party. Nick asks Wise Snake what she wants to be when she grows up. Pylor is called to Arat's office because of some concerns about his progress with Brendalee. Naturally, the conversation does not go well. Later, Alea Farris ambrov Zeor arrives and says she has been assigned to the 53rd District. Arat is completely flummoxed... but in a good way.

Episode #67: Loaded Gens (9/3/99) (Householding Naros #154) Linn runs into Riyyh and updates him on her progress as a new Donor Trainee. Assistant World Controller Seruffin calls a meeting with Neptude and Arat. Jeniard and Alea come along with Arat, and duke it out silently while the four of them have a conversation about Nick.

Episode #68: The Farris Factor (9/4/99) Beni learns to his disappointment that he is being replaced as Arat's Donor by Alea Farris. Nick pays a late night visit to Arat in order to express his concerns about Alea's reliability. The conversation turns to Arat's family history and Wise Snake's future.

Episode #69: Trolling (9/5/99) (Householding Naros #155) Sosu Beni runs into Sectuib Riyyh on the street, and they discuss Mayor Osca and the difficulties with the Coalition for Progressive Land Use. The conversation then turns to Nick, and to Beni's channellessness... and Riyyh's Donorlessness.

Episode #70: Most Non-Excellent (9/7/99) Beni pays a late night visit to Wise Snake, taking advantage of Nick's break time to spend some time with an actual channel. He becomes rather alarmed when Wise Snake suggests that Riyyh had less than pure motives in associating with him. The tables are soon turned, however, as Beni begins asking personal questions, making Snake very uncomfortable.

Episode #71: Fearful (9/10/99) Clerfia visits her sister, with 'uncle' Jeniard as a chaperone. Wise Snake is all too happy to impart her own particular brand of sisterly wisdom in response to Clerfia's questions. Arat calls Darrel to his office to dress him down for recent erratic performance. During the meeting, who should show up but Alea - the very cause of Darrel's behavior.

Episode #72: Survivalist Zeal (9/11/99) Jeniard encounters Darrel hiding out in a storage closet. There, he learns of some elaborate precautions being taken in case of a visit by Alea.

Episode #73: Nick be Nimble (9/14/99) Arat calls Nick to his office to inform him that he will be released from his Tecton duties at the end of the month if he hasn't pledged by then.

Episode #74: Donor for Dinner (9/17/99) (Householding Naros #157) Riyyh sneaks into the Sime Center to meet with Nick. To his surprise, Nick has a very interesting proposal for him.

Episode #75: Cheap (9/18/99) (Householding Naros #158) Nick, Riyyh and Prunida dine out. It remains to be seen whether they will be welcome in that restaurant again.

Episode #76: Have You Tried Duct Tape? (9/19/99) Darrel and Hero meet with Arat regarding Hero's progress.

Episode #77: Just Ain't Natural (9/20/99) (Householding Naros #159) The next day, Darrel and Hero have lunch with Riyyh. Hero proceeds to embarrass them all terribly at the restaurant, while Darrel and Riyyh quietly discuss Hero's training and Arat's adjustments to it.

Episode #78: Pansy Raid (9/22/99) (Householding Naros #160) Racknie unwisely approaches first Alea, and then Arat, about donating a building to the Coalition for Progressive Land-Use. He manages to escape with his life, but no building.

Episode #79: Handwriting Assertiveness Training (9/24/99) Nick and Wise Snake discuss Arat's ultimatim and whether it's only a bluff, or serious. Linn receives her first Tecton assignment card. Controller Neptude pays a surprise visit to inquire as to Arat's various rehabilitation cases. The conversation is going well until Pylor's name comes up.

Episode #80: Praise, with Faint Damns (9/25/99) In a continuation from the previous episode, Neptude orders Arat to personally work with Pylor on a daily basis, and to do whatever it takes to secure rehabilitative success - even if it means being nice to the man. After giving it some thought, Arat approaches Pylor about the new schedule. Pylor has no idea what to think.

Episode #81: Punch Hour (9/26/99) Pylor and Arat have their first session together under Neptude's new plan. They both live, but it isn't pretty.

Episode #82: Between a Rock and a Hard Luck Case (9/27/99) Pylor and Arat are suffering through one of Pylor's new lessons at Farris-handling when Alea returns early from her lunch break. Pylor and Alea do not hit it off.

Episode #83: Nonickie (9/30/99) Linn meets Jree, her new channel. Neptude calls Arat to his office for an update on the progress of his various rehab cases, and is startled when Arat reveals his intention to release Nick.

Episode #84: Smashed (10/2/99) (Householding Naros #161) Pylor's mishandling causes Arat to collapse during one of their sessions. Fortunately Nick happens to be there, and he cares for Arat until Pylor is able to fetch Alea. Afterward, Pylor escapes to a public bar, where he accidentally runs into Riyyh. Luckily for him, Riyyh can be very good for the ego, particularly when in need and Genless.

Episode #85: The Hazy Road (10/3/99) Later that evening, Pylor arrives for his second session. Arat is less than enthusiastic. Nick and Snake discuss Nick's options again, but there are no obvious answers to his dilemma.

Episode #86: Wall's Ears (10/5/99) Assistant World Controller Seruffin gets his own update on Arat's rehabilitation cases, via his spy Jree. For some reason, her version doesn't match Arat's and Neptude's reports precisely.

Episode #87: Cruising for Blood (10/8/99) A reluctant Arat is interviewed by Morca, a high profile investigative reporter doing some research into family and Householding influences on high level Tecton politics.

Episode #88: Call of the Nager (10/8/99) (Householding Naros #163) Tiarala, acting on orders coming indirectly from Seruffin, locates Riyyh and deep zlins him. Nick, Alea and Jeniard talk Arat into discontinuing Pylor's lessons until after his transfer.

Episode #89: Rebirth (10/9/99) Alea and Arat share their second transfer.

Episode #90: Unveritable Fountain of Information (10/17/99) Morca, frustrated by her inability to penetrate the 53rd District Offices' heightened security, finds a new source of insider data in young Hero.

Episode #91: Dribbled (10/19/99) Pylor and Arat are back at their lessons, only this time there is no Alea to help Arat recover afterward, only Beni. Pylor is approached by Pooka, an employee of Morca's who has a few questions to ask him.

Episode #92: Weasel in a Mini Skirt (10/22/99) Morca catches Jeniard outside of the building and talks him into telling her the story of how Wise Snake was conceived.

Episode #93: Sensitivity Training (10/23/99) The Morale Corps goes to work attempting to demonstrate to Pylor what it feels like to be constantly overwhelmed by his senses. When Arat zlins the results, he rather hastily cancels Pylor's lessons for the duration.

Episode #94: Looks Like Lobster, Feels Like Farris (10/24/99) As Pylor suffers through his week of Sensitivity Training, Nepa of the Morale Division torments him further by forcing him to examine his relationship with Arat and his interpretation of Arat's behavior.

Episode #95: Dressed for Distress (10/26/99) Arat unwillingly begins Pylor's sessions again after Neptude orders him to do so. However, when Pylor arrives Arat takes one zlin of him and decides he can't work with him in that condition. Hajene Jodean begins her first day working for the 53rd District. She has a few... quirks.

Episode #96: Expiration Unknown (10/27/99) Hajene Darrel is called to Arat's office to account for another laboratory mishap in the burn ward. This time it has nothing to do with the autoclave... or Darrel.

Episode #97: Rare Photos (10/30/99) Beni brings Arat's mail up from the mail room and soon wished he hadn't. Morca pumps Hero for information after reading Dr. Roosle's book.

Episode #98: Hajene Attitude (11/1/99) Darrel encounters Homer, who is newly assigned to the 53rd District Office and is trying to check in. During their conversation Darrel is surprised to learn that Homer doesn't want to be a channel, doesn't want to work for the Tecton, and doesn't like Controllers to tell him what to do.

Episode #99: Interchangeable (11/2/99) A bewildering string of Tecton employees process poor Homer as incoming.

Episode #100: Deadwood (11/4/99) Hajene Ormof presents a report on the state of his department. He also complains about several of his employees, inadvertently saying more about himself than about them.

Episode #101: Move It Or Lose It (11/6/99) Controller Arat has had some time to think about Hajene Ormof's report and complaints, and his reaction isn't at all what Ormof had hoped for.

Episode #102: Pillar of Wrath (11/7/99) Homer meets his new Controller.

Episode #103: Take me to your Water (11/9/99) Homer and his Donor, Leta, try to go out to see the city. In the cab, they each have half of two different conversations. Homer's turnover arrives (and his lunch gets up and leaves) putting an end to their planned walk. Finally Leta takes him to a park where they can both relax.

Episode #104: Outing (11/14/99) Leta and Arat discuss Homer's progress to date. Hajene Rosmur, a personality specialist, arrives to work with Wise Snake. Arat is impressed despite himself, and not just by Rosmur's resume. Wise Snake is amazed when Rosmur takes her outdoors.

Episode #105: Culture Shen (11/23/99) Leta and Homer's transfer is cancelled and Homer must make do with channel's transfer. Afterward, Leta is in tears and Homer sulking. Arat is not too pleased either.

Episode #106: Epilogue (11/24/99) Leta and Arat discuss what went wrong between Leta and Homer.

Episode #107: Bubbly (11/28/99) Homer learns that he is to receive additional training on the culture and customs of his new environment. He also gets to meet his new Donor, Lemuse.

Episode #108: Vanishing (11/30/99) Homer meets with Lilaca, a channel who has agreed to help him learn the culture of Nivet and the Tecton.

Episode #109: The Slip (12/4/99) As a reward for showing signs of improvement in Farris-grade support, Pylor almost gets to take Arat out to eat.

Episode #110: Xoclatl (12/5/99) Darrel, Curtisse, Homer, and Lemuse sample some chocolate in the break room. Homer tells them his friend Hajene Pierce is coming from Arizz to visit him.

Episode #111: And How Does That Make You Feel? (12/5/99) Rosmur endures Arat's pestering on the details of Wise Snake's treatment.

Episode #112: Fiona (12/7/99) Homer takes Lemuse out for a midwinter picnic on the riverfront. They meet a little girl and her mother. Homer's turnover arrives.

Episode #113: Recreational Workstyles (12/8/99) In an attempt to emulate Nick's Donoring techniques, Beni convinces Arat to go for a walk.

Episode #114: Guerilla Caregiving (12/11/99) Desperate for advice on how to handle Arat, Beni goes to Jeniard and learns there is such a thing as knowing too much.

Episode #115: Canyon Mule (12/12/99) Beni begins to implement Jeniard's advice regarding Arat's schedule. Homer brings Lemuse to meet his friend and former Controller, Hajene Pierce. Pierce frustrates Homer by rebuking him in front of Lemuse, but also pleases him by approving of Lemuse as a Donor.

Episode #116: A Match Made In, Well, (12/17/99) Despite Beni's best efforts, Arat seems unable to break out of a serious post-transfer slump. Matters are worsened when Neptude assigns Arat to Pylor, who is still recovering from a mysterious bout of food poisoning. Jeniard protests the assignment but Neptude tells him there is no other option.

Episode #117: Expensive Blunder (12/18/99) Pylor's newly recovered appetite proves an effective Arat repellant. Mantia Morrels of Lortuen Records approaches Arat hoping to obtain Tecton help in recovering Buggfa Lube, and makes the mistake of being honest about how Lortuen views Buggfa's injury.

Episode #118: Rescue-Abduction (12/19/99) (Householding Naros #190) Arat's collection team, headed by Tiarala, catches up with Riyyh's group of travellers. Although they are there to inspect Buggfa Lube, Tiarala finds Lalique quite interesting as well. When Buggfa refuses to be examined, Tiarala rounds up the entire group for a trip back to Capitol.

Episode #119: Aren't They Cute (12/20/99) Homer and Lemuse meet with Arat to report that all is going well at the end of their first month together.

Episode #120: Zow (12/21/99) Homer and Lemuse share a successful transfer, despite Homer's initial uncertainties.

Episode #121: Political Pawn (12/24/99) While on duty, Homer and Lemuse talk about Householdings, the Tecton, and Lemuse's life, among other things. Later, after their usual weekly meeting with Arat, they agree the Controller is not looking or zlinning well.

Episode #122: Some Help You Are (12/26/99) (Householding Naros #191) Lalique takes advantage of their guards' distraction and has a private conversation with Riyyh. She confesses her past to him, and he is shocked. He says he will try to protect her, but can't promise much.

Episode #123: But Wait, There's More (12/27/99) Hajene Max volunteers to be the bearer of bad news after an accident in the public Sime Center. He is amazed when he escapes quite unscathed.

Episode #124: Disorderly (12/28/99) Homer sees a vision as he performs a sacred ceremony. Nude, in the park, in the middle of the night.

Episode #125: Crash and Burn (12/31/99) At their next meeting with Arat, Homer and Lemuse are relieved when the subject of Homer's recent night time escapades does not come up. However, their relief is shortlived, as Arat's recent problems culminate in a sudden collapse.

Episode #126: The Splatter Effect (1/1/00) Sosu Lemuse brings word of Arat's injury to Neptude. Neptude hurries over to the 53rd District Offices to inspect Arat for himself, hoping that Lemuse had been exaggerating. Despite Beni and Jeniard's protective presence, he manages to get near enough to make the determination that Arat is not fit for duty. He decides he will take on Arat's duties himself temporarily.

Episode #127: Rogue Motel (1/2/00) (Householding Naros #192) Tiarala returns to Capitol with Buggfa, Lalique, Nick and Riyyh in tow. Nick is horrified to learn of Arat's injury. Arat is very glad to see him. Neptude examines Buggfa but is more interested in Lalique and her past. Not surprisingly, Lalique isn't keen to discuss it with him. After a brief talk with Riyyh, Neptude insists that all of them remain at the Sime Center overnight.

Episode #128: Wandered (1/3/00) (Householding Naros #193) Nick has a word with Arat on Lalique's behalf. Meanwhile, Wise Snake breaks Lalique free of her dorm room prison, then pays a visit to Homer and Darrel. They find her a bit odd.

Episode #129: Musical Chair (1/6/00) (Householding Naros #194) Controller Neptude and Lortuen Records' lawyer, Dorsh, wrangle over Buggfa's right to refuse a lateral examination. When a brief visit by Arat renders the topic moot, the argument turns to whether the Tecton has the right to detain Buggfa any longer. Dorsh says that Lortuen is open to a treatment plan of some kind, so long as it doesn't prevent Buggfa from leaving. Riyyh and Mantia are there for the meeting as well, Riyyh as moral support for Buggfa, and Mantia mainly attempting to keep her foot from straying into either her mouth or her gunsights.

Episode #130: The Plunge (1/7/00) Nick tells Snake that he plans to pledge to the Tecton. Later, he tells Arat as well.

Episode #131: Mysterious Offering (1/8/00) (Householding Naros #195) Neptude sends Pylor to Riyyh as a substitute for Nick. Pylor is devastated when he learns Riyyh already had other plans. Neptude asks Jeniard about the circumstances surrounding Hajene Homer's assignment to the 53rd District, but Jeniard has to admit Arat doesn't know much. Neptude plans Nick's pledge ceremony.

Episode #132: Business As Unusual (1/9/00) During Arat's continued convalescence,  Homer and Lemuse have their weekly meeting with Controller Neptude instead. He attempts to answer their questions about what has happened.

Episode #133: Jack-in-the-Box (1/10/00) Hajene Homer approaches Nick, concerned about Arat. Nick, who was on break from taking care of Arat, brings Homer back with him. Homer presents Arat with a gift. Pylor is surprised to learn that he is to be trained by Wise Snake. Max is surprised to find himself helping.

Episode #134: Beware of Snake (1/13/00) Sosu Pylor discovers that working for Wise Snake is a lot of, well, work. During a break, Snake pries the story of why he hates Arat out of him, and then tells him she will teach him how to handle Farrises.

Episode #135: Discrepancies (1/15/00) Arat is back in his office after a transfer from Nick. Neptude is all too glad to return the reins.

Episode #136: Pit Bull Diplomacy (1/16/00) Mantia, Dorsh and Cherik meet with Hamish and Ekwoo of the Diplomatic Corps. They are hoping to get some help in forcing Neptude to release Buggfa Lube. Ekwoo promises a little extra help on the side.

Episode #137: Trio of Insects (1/17/00) Cherik, Dorsh and Mantia come to the 53rd District Controller's Office to speak to Neptude, and are dismayed to find Arat is back. Nonetheless, they press ahead with their quest, which is to get their hands on Buggfa for tour rehearsals. A tentative agreement is made to release Buggfa for rehearsals so long as Tecton monitors are on hand to prevent any abuses of the Gen.

Episode #138: First Insult (1/21/00) While trying to think of a position he could assign Nick to that would prevent his being transferred away, Arat pays an unexpected visit to Hajene Ormof. Fortunately Ormof happens to be doing some actual work at the time. Pylor calls Nick and Arat to Snake's cell for what is supposed to be an emergency. However, it turns out Snake has gathered them all together so that Pylor can confess the reasons for his dislike of Arat... to Arat's face!

Episode #139: Half a Person (1/22/00) In a continuation of the previous episode, Pylor attempts to explain why he doesn't get along with Arat while Nick and Snake look on. Unfortunately, Pylor's efforts anger Arat, who walks out on the three of them. Afterward, Snake discusses the scene with Pylor and encourages him to approach Arat again.

Episode #140: Prickly Pair (1/23/00) Meanwhile, Nick follows Arat out of the room. Arat is furious at him for siding with Snake and Pylor instead of him, and assigns him to assist Hajene Ormof in the burn ward so he can have some time away from him. Afterward, Homer and Nick talk quietly.

Episode #141: Alluring, Undemanding, Obedient (1/24/00) After Homer has a hard day on the ward, Nick helps him out with some support. As they sit in Nick's office, they discuss paperwork, the Tecton, attrition, Arat, and other pleasant topics.

Episode #142: In His Lair (1/27/00) Nick goes to Arat's office after a shift in the burn ward. They talk about what happened with Snake and Pylor. Nick explains that he was only trying to help and protect Arat. Arat says that he respects what Nick was trying to do, but he still can't trust him the way he used to. Pylor bravely attempts to return a childhood trophy to Arat.

Episode #143: Rats and Dogs (1/29/00) At what might be their last meeting, Hero gives Morca her version of recent events at the 53rd District Offices.

Episode #144: No Autographs (1/30/00) (Householding Naros #198) Nick, Riyyh and Ali meet at a restaurant. They discuss Nick's relationship with Arat, and his fears about being transferred by the Tecton. Riyyh suggests Nick take matters into his own hands. Speaking of Nick's own hands, Ali unwisely brings up the subject of Dr. Roosle's book.

Episode #145: Dressed to Kill (1/31/00) A police officer approaches Arat regarding Lalique. She has been recaptured following a performance at an illegal transfer party, but is soon to be released when wealthy attendees arrange for the charges to be dropped. The officer hopes the Tecton will be able to detain Lalique on charges of rogue activities. Lalique meets Kerville, her new defense attorney, and is not very impressed. Then, she is whisked away to the 53rd District Offices, where Arat offers her a choice of fates.

Episode #146: Ew (2/1/00) Lalique is served her assignment paperwork, and some candid gossip, by a peculiar Tecton minion named Petrallia.

Episode #147: On the Ward (2/3/00) (Householding Naros #199) Nick tells Arat what he's been doing down in the burn ward. Hajene Darrel meets Riyyh while shopping, and they go to lunch together. There, Darrel tells Riyyh of what it's been like to work in the burn ward lately - from a rather different perspective than Nick's.

Episode #148: The Biz (2/5/00) Lalique and Buggfa meet again, for the first time since Lalique's recapture. They talk about Lalique's arrest and Buggfa's rehearsals.

Episode #149: Replaceable (2/6/00) In a continuation of the previous episode, Lalique probes Buggfa as to Lortuen Records' attitudes regarding his injury and treatment.

Episode #150: The Reluctant Donor (2/7/00) Exploring the 53rd District Offices complex, Lalique comes across a library. There she finds Pylor trying to study materials Snake has given him. They have a conversation about how Pylor is being forced to enjoy Farrises, and how he resents that. Lalique declares her intention to make the Tecton work if it wants to keep her.

Episode #151: Between the Lines (2/8/00) Homer receives a disturbing letter from home and comes to Arat for advice.

Episode #152: Dam! (2/10/00) During an encounter in a bar, Nick tries to learn more about a large construction project in the North which could require First Order channels.

Episode #153: Norwest Quest (2/11/00) Arat finds a letter to Nick from the Department of Public Works. Nick asks Arat a number of questions about the Snake Reservoir area, New Othwol, and Arat's work preferences, causing Arat to become quite paranoid.

Episode #154: The Long Arm of the Underworld (2/13/00) Lalique asks Arat for protection from her past.

Episode #155: Heathenish, Squalid, Brutalistic (2/14/00) Nick admits he thinks Arat should try to get assigned to the Snake River Dam project. Arat had been hoping he'd misunderstood.

Episode #156: Real Estate (2/15/00) In a continuation of the previous episode, Nick elaborates upon the good points of working on the Snake River Dam project.

Episode #157: Sadistic (2/17/00) Wise Snake snatches Pylor from the transfer suite where he was awaiting his assigned channel, and encourages him to take a quite unwilling Arat instead. The suggested alternative, to Pylor's horror, is transfer with Snake herself.

Episode #158: An Unlikely Fixation (2/18/00) In a continuation of the previous episode, Arat finally manages to avoid transfer with Pylor, although only barely. After Pylor and Snake are carried off by a makeshift security crew (the actual security having been not-coincidentally detained elsewhere) Nick is left to pick up the pieces and serve Arat's real transfer.

Episode #159: Can't Get Good Help These Days (2/19/00) A couple of days later, Beni gets a tonguelashing for not having watched Wise Snake more carefully. Neptude pays Arat a surprise visit, and gets a surprise of his own when he learns of what occurred with Snake and Pylor. He drops a hint to the effect that he has been considering making some personnel changes in the 53rd District.

Episode #160: Ear to the Floor (2/20/00) Lalique learns all the latest gossip from Hero, including dirt on Pylor and a new rumor that Arat might soon be assigned elsewhere.

Episode #161: Nepotism R Us (2/21/00) Neptude meets with his nephew Lexus, who he is considering installing as a replacement for Arat. But first, the confident young Lexus must prove he is capable of picking up the reins.

Episode #162: Political Pan and Fire (2/22/00) Having come to the decision that anything would be better than the disgrace of being replaced, Arat acts decisively on his growing paranoia about Neptude's intentions. One of his first moves is to pay a visit to Tuib Harmony of the Quadrilateral Society,who finds his proposal quite interesting.

Episode #163: The Anthill (2/24/00) Tiarala asks Arat about some rumors she's been hearing lately, and learns that she is one of those being considered as his replacement. Seruffin inquires as to Arat's recent activities, and their suspicious coincidence with some civil unrest in Norwest Territory. Arat is able to come up with an answer that satisfies him--for now.

Episode #164: Scurry, Scurry (2/26/00) In a continuation of the previous episode, Arat mentions Pylor's attack on him, not realizing that Neptude hadn't told Seruffin yet.

Episode #165: On the Go (2/29/00) Lalique says goodbye to Buggfa, who is about to go on tour at last. They talk about Buggfa's songwriting and Lalique's transfer partner.

Episode #166: Assorted Roguery (3/2/00) Nick manages to get some time alone with Arat. They discuss Snake's behavior and current state of mind, as well as Nick's activities with regards to the Snake River Dam project.

Episode #167: Frisson (3/4/00) Neptude gives Arat a piece of his mind, regarding subordinates going behind their superiors' backs.

Episode #168: Toady (3/5/00) Much to the surprise of Beni and Arat, Hajene Lexus, Controller Neptude's nephew, announces that he has been assigned as an assistant to Arat.

Episode #169: Did Somebody Call Security? (3/6/00) Hajene Lexus carries out Neptude's orders to examine Pylor. And we're not just talking about a casual zlin, either.

Episode #170: SWAT (3/7/00) Arat braves the headquarters of a radical labor group in order to meet with its leader, Fragga.

Episode #171: Scapegoat (3/9/00) An outraged Neptude confronts Arat after a front-page article in a local newspaper exposes a government coverup of dangerous conditions at the Snake River Dam.  He claims that Nick leaked the relevant internal documents to the reporter, and demands that Arat question Nick and discipline him.

Episode #172: Stirring Up Trouble (3/11/00) Nick surrenders his Snake River Dam correspondence to Arat.

Episode #173: Bitten by the Poetry Bug (3/12/00) A visit from a cockroach brings Pylor and Lexus' lunch time to a messy intermission. During Pylor's absence, Lexus tries to determine just how loyal Nick is to Snake and Arat. Jeniard catches them talking and does not approve.

Episode #174: What you Ask For (3/13/00) Worried about what might happen to her if Arat gets reassigned elsewhere, Lalique tries to get him to let her pledge right away. Lexus finally comes face to face with Wise Snake. Poor Lexus!

Episode #175: No More Goodies for You (3/14/00) Lalique comes in early to, er, 'prepare' Rifan's office.

Episode #176: Burina's Boy (3/16/00) Tiarala reports that Lexus has been snooping about her ward and has been rather forward about asking questions of her.

Episode #177: Subterfuge (3/18/00) Seruffin stops by Arat's office and they discuss the recent activities of Lexus, Nick, and Naros. Seruffin tries to determine how he should handle the Neptude/Arat problem. Arat tries not to incriminate himself, not an easy task when the Snake River Dam project and labor unrest come up several times.

Episode #178: King for Just One Day (3/20/00) Lexus and Neptude discuss Lexus' theories on how the 53rd District should be run, as Snake River Dam expose fueled labor riots go on outside their window. Arat shows up just as they are talking about him. Much to Neptude's dismay and Lexus' amusement, he has brought Wise Snake with him. She has a bit of fun tormenting Neptude, until an escalation of the disturbances on the street below forces their meeting to adjourn.

Episode #179: Desperate Measures (3/21/00) After some rioting laborers succeed in breaking into the Sime Center itself, Hajene Max and his Donor Timon struggle to save the life of an injured Tecton employee, Cassala Nicor. They are assisted by Hajene Rifan, who is pitching in in the Emergency Ward after his normal shift. As they start to lose their patient, Max saves the day by daring to extract Controller Arat from the safety of his office and drag him down to the Emergency Ward to help out. Upon zlinning the state of the ward, Arat decides that the labor unrest stage of his plan has gone more than far enough.

Episode #180: Voice of Reason (3/23/00) Having written a letter to newspaper editors calling for government concessions and an end to the violence, Arat is interviewed by a major columnist about his views on the recent civil disobedience.

Episode #181: The Concerns of the Little People (3/25/00) Nick's skills as a rogue Donor are put to use as Arat puts in some time in the Emergency Ward.

Episode #182: You Say Tomato (3/26/00) Lalique and Nick argue about Lalique's choice of lifestyle prior to her capture by the Tecton.

Episode #183: High Emotion (3/27/00) Fragga, the leader of SWAT, gets into a confrontation with Ciaralan, an official in the Department of Public Works, after Fragga's people set off a bomb in front of the Public Works building. Things are turning even uglier when they are interrupted by Riyyh, who is passing by on his way to rescue the members of the Narosian urban farming program from jail again. He manages to convince them to seek a compromise between SWAT and the government. Fragga fulfills her half of her deal with Arat when she declares that SWAT wants Arat for their representative. Later, Arat informs Seruffin that an official request has been made for his services, and asks Seruffin's opinion on the matter. He also has another suggestion that really raises Seruffin's eyebrows.

Episode #184: Aftertalk (3/28/00) Before their shift, Lalique and Rifan discuss Lalique's last conversation with Nick, among other things. Riyyh visits Ozzie, a jailed Narosian activist. She introduces him to one of her fellow prisoners, Swiggin.

Episode #185: Tea with Snake (3/30/00) Nick attempts to relax Arat while Wise Snake does her best to make him tense. Nick invites Riyyh to stay at his apartment while in Capitol.

Episode #186: Tea with Rabbit (4/1/00) Nick brings Riyyh home and introduces him to his landlady, Gracilla. Linn is home as well.

Episode #187: Clash of the Titans (4/2/00) Fragga, the SWAT representative, and Gydon, representing the Department of Public Works, begin their part of the negotiations as Arat attempts to mediate.

Episode #188: Odd Jobs (4/3/00) Arat informs Tiarala and Lexus that he is appointing Tiarala to handle his duties while he is tied up in the negotiations. Lexus immediately tells Neptude, who helps him form a plan for competing with Tiarala for Arat's job. On his way home, Lexus encounters Nick and Riyyh, and makes a stab at implementing part of that plan: getting Riyyh to do what he wants.

Episode #189: Autopilot (4/4/00) Early in the morning before they're due on shift, a sleep-deprived Lalique asks Rifan about his wife.

Episode #190: Reconnaissance (4/6/00) Tiarala questions Jeniard in an attempt to find out if Arat is really leaving the 53rd District, and if so what that means for her.

Episode #191: You Asked for It (4/8/00) Seruffin calls Arat to his office and informs him that he has officially been assigned to the Snake River Dam project as Controller and labor relations arbitrator. They also discuss possible replacements for Arat's current post.

Episode #192: Heir Abhorrent (4/9/00) Darrel, Zooth, Lalique and Rifan discuss the latest rumors while on break. Nobody is particularly thrilled at the idea of working for Lexus after Arat is gone, but Lalique really becomes upset when she learns that Tiarala is another possibility.

Episode #193: Doublespeak (4/10/00) In a last ditch attempt to save his bid for the 53rd District Controllership, Lexus corners Riyyh and tries to talk him into being cooperative in exchange for help in freeing Narosian protesters. Neither of them is willing to promise much.

Episode #194: Bent, not Broken (4/10/00) Following a staff meeting run by Tiarala, Lalique escapes into the basement where she hopes she will be able to feel her hatred for the acting Controller without disturbing anybody. However, Lexus has followed her down the stairs and runs afoul of her uncontrolled field. After he recovers, he uses a combination of threats, promises and encouragement to convince Lalique to do his dirty work for him.

Episode #195: Hormonal Haze (4/11/00) Upon learning that Arat has been reassigned, Nick, Lalique and presumably many others want to know who he will be taking with him. Lalique informs Arat of Lexus' attempts to manipulate her, and an enraged Arat uses the incident to effect Lexus' removal from the 53rd District. Neptude is disappointed in his nephew, but only because he got caught.

Episode #196: Who!? (4/13/00) Arat presents his initial plan for handling the Snake River Dam project. It includes a few zingers.

Episode #197: Bullyboss (4/16/00) Lalique and Rifan have lunch at Sulky Sally's. Lalique describes what happened with Lexus, and how hard it would be to work under Tiarala.

Episode #198: Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (4/17/00) Pylor really wants to talk to Arat. Arat really wants to finish his shower. Arat's masseur wants to get out of there in one piece. We can't always get what we want, can we?

Episode #199: Necessity is a Mother (4/20/00) At his wits end about who to appoint as 53rd District Controller, Seruffin surprises Riyyh with an unusual proposal. Arat and Tiarala discuss her future.

Episode #200: Long Shot (4/23/00) Banished to a boring accounting job by his uncle, Neptude is surprised when he receives a visitor. It's Riyyh, who makes him an offer that sounds awfully good.

Episode #201: Mysteries (4/25/00) A restless Ali asks Riyyh what can be done to free the imprisoned Narosians sooner.

Episode #202: Ambush Reported (4/27/00) Morca catches Jeniard on the street and pumps him for information, but he manages to avoid saying too much about Arat, Neptude, Lexus, Seruffin, Riyyh, Pylor, or Lalique.

Episode #203: Rabbit in the Garden (4/29/00) While visiting Riyyh for less-than-businesslike reasons of her own, Tiarala is surprised to learn of his temporary appointment to the 53rd District Controller position. She brings the news back to Arat, who is as stunned as she was. That's nothing compared to Neptude's reaction, though.

Episode #204: A Breath of Change (4/30/00) Pylor is confronted by his new channel, warts and all.

Episode #205: To Heck with Procedure (5/1/00) Boda and Pylor corner Dofus, a terrified out-Territory Gen, and lower his field not entirely against his will.

Episode #206: Poodles and Strudels (5/4/00) Morca meets with Hero, who of course is full of interesting gossip about the internal workings of the 53rd District.

Episode #207: Shades of Red (5/7/00) Darrel and Meg clean up the child Berta, an incoming burn patient. News of her impending changeover doesn't fluster Berta, but Darrel's looks are another story.

Episode #208: The Alchemist's Suitcase (5/8/00) Boda drags Pylor into helping her unpack her things. Her things turn out to be a full scale scientific lab, complete with mad scheme.

Episode #209: Sticky and Stinky (5/11/00) Clerfia asks Arat if she can go with him to the Snake River Dam site. Ormof arrives to protest his innocence in the matter of the smells coming out of Boda's hidden lab.

Episode #210: Corn Maiden (5/16/00) Homer encounters Ora, a Donor with whom he has a lot in common.

Episode #211: Battle of the Righteous (5/21/00) Ora helps Homer figure out how he should prepare for his court appearance in Arizz.

Episode #212: Guilt Money (5/25/00) Beni talks Arat into going out to eat at a nice restaurant while they still can. Seruffin allows Arat to hire a personal bodyguard to bring to the Snake River Dam project.

Episode #213: Sunny Day (5/30/00) While out shopping with Meg, Lalique is abducted by two thugs and whisked away into the countryside.

Episode #214: The Power of Nice (6/15/00) Riyyh, newly settled in his position as Acting Interim 53rd District Controller, receives a visit from Assistant World Controller Seruffin, who invites him to a party, and Regional Controller Neptude, who tries to show him who's boss. Then he pays a visit to Ormof, who is pathetically relieved at not being yelled at.

Episode #215: All Kinds of Redecorating (6/29/00) Riyyh is cornered in his office by an interior decorator bent upon getting his opinion. They are interrupted by Vert, a security guard ousted during Arat's administration who is hoping to get his job back; and Fayeed, a farmer interested in Narosian experimental stock. A final interruption occurs when Clerfia Farris discovers that Riyyh has something, or rather is something, she wants.

Episode #216: Poor Reporting (9/2/00) Seruffin goes to the 53rd District offices to investigate, fearing that things can't be going as well as reported, and is waylaid by Riyyh's charm and hospitality. Clerfia asks Riyyh if a Narosian outreach program might be founded to help the unfortunates at the Snake River Dam.

Episode #217: Altruism, Prunida-Style (9/10/00) Concerned for Nick's safety -- well, let's be honest. Concerned about the safety of Nick's income which she hopes he will one day begin sending to her, Prunida tries to talk Riyyh into arranging his removal from the Snake River Dam Construction site, or at least doing something to render conditions there more safe.

Episode #218: Docudrama (9/30/00) Seruffin has the pleasure of discussing the state of the 53rd District with Riyyh once again.