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Householding Naros Episodes
Episode #1: Call of the Wild (5/15/98) Wolfa makes her feelings clear to Sectuib Riyyh, who keeps his feelings very cloudy. Zenik proposes to Cheia under Zujov's prompting, and Zujov tells them of his dreams of adventure. There is more than just one wedding on the horizon, however. Watch out Riyyh, Ruby your Companion and Emerald her mother have their eyes on you!

Episode #2: A Short Walk down a Long Aisle (5/16/98) Riyyh, Wolfa and Ruby head off for the wedding. It's a short walk, what can happen?

Episode #3: Declaration of Love, Anyone? (5/20/98) As a natural consequence of the wedding, Ruby confronts Riyyh. So does Wolfa. Will Riyyh choose Ruby his Donor over Wolfa his secretary? Will he choose both? Will Ruby scratch out Wolfa's eyes? Will Wolfa's glasses protect her eyes?

Episode #4: New Faces (6/3/98) Mayor Dod comes up to see the Sectuib of Naros to discuss important matters and gossip a little. Ruby and Ison provide distraction. Mostan, a Tecton channel, is rotated from his last post to Householding Naros where he meets up with an old friend.

Episode #5: Splitting Heirs (8/25/98) The entire Householding seems to be rotating around the Sectuib's possible procreation. But will Ruby be the mother? Will Wolfa? Will Wise Snake? (!!!!)

Episode #6: Point of Impact (Two Roads Diverged #76) (9/6/98) Our heroes finally arrive at Householding Naros. Riyyh, Mytag and Wolfa go to greet the visitors, and Mytag is shocked to recognize them. Linn is not happy to see the man who'd drugged her at the Bender Cove Sime Center. Caught between them, Riyyh desperately tries to soothe her feathers, but this only offends Mytag. Later he and Mytag make up in private, and Mytag takes the opportunity to express his concern about Linn, Snake and Eliza's presence being a disruptive force in Naros. A depressed Ruby is still waiting for an escort to her new assignment for the Tecton. When her ride fails to show up, she gets Bum Bum to help her carry in her bags, and Linn finds it necessary to rescue him from Ruby's nager. Ruby finagles an introduction to Nick and Snake out of Linn, but Snake is asleep and Nick is firm about not waking her.

Episode #7: Revelation (Two Roads Diverged #77) (9/6/98) The next day, Mytag finds Ruby again waiting forlornly for her escort, and talks her into coming indoors. Eliza and Tanzarra go exploring the grounds of the Householding. The four of them meet up and Mytag brings them all back to his place for tea. Tanzarra learns that you don't bring up working for the Tecton around Ruby. Eliza learns that Mostan is living at Naros.

Episode #8: Linn the Terrible (Two Roads Diverged #78) (9/7/98) Nick catches Wise Snake in the act of sneaking out a bathroom window. Riyyh and Mytag pay a visit to try to work out what to do about the reputedly dangerous Linn. Mytag and Nick end up getting into an argument over it. Riyyh worries that he is "losing it" as a leader.

Episode #9: Shotguns and Staplers (Two Roads Diverged #79) (9/9/98) Wise Snake takes the bewildered Linn aside and firmly instructs her to spend less time thinking about math and more time thinking about the people around her. Mostan walks in on them and is surprised to find Bender Cove people at Naros. He is even more surprised when he learns Eliza is with them.

Episode #10: Guesswork (Two Roads Diverged #80) (9/10/98) Linn struggles to practice supporting Bum Bum without calculating mathematically. Bum Bum does his best (such as it is) to assist her. They go to the Householding's communal dining area for a break and find Nick there talking to Riyyh. Forced to sit near the others by Linn, Bum Bum suddenly snaps and spills the story of how they all came to be travelling with Wise Snake. Then he runs from the room, and Linn follows. Nick, refusing to answer most of Riyyh's questions, leaves the Sectuib with the final impression that our heroes are a peculiar, and not particularly open, bunch.

Episode #11: Unwelcome Concern (Two Roads Diverged #81) (9/11/98) Nick finds Wise Snake passed out from tranquilizers. Riyyh arrives at the front door and Nick enlists his aid in attempting to revive Snake. Unwilling to do more than examine the Farris himself, Riyyh is about to leave to fetch Tictoc when Snake revives on her own. There follows an intense scene in which Nick expresses his worry, fury and frustration, and Snake protests that he is over-reacting. Riyyh beats a hasty retreat, then encounters Linn on her way back to the guest cottage. He takes the opportunity to invite her and Bum Bum to stay on at Naros as part of their program for juncts. Linn listens to this, but becomes less cooperative when Riyyh also tries to convince her it is her duty to get Snake off the road and into a Farris-friendly environment.

Episode #12: The Father of Our Householding (Two Roads Diverged #82) (9/13/98) After a night spent in the town burgling houses (she was actually stealing channel-work off the occupants) Wise Snake stops into Ruby's house hoping the depressed Gen required medical attention, only to become a virtual prisoner to Ruby's need to care for a channel. Fortunately a lucky break presents itself when Riyyh comes to abase himself before Ruby, and Snake makes her escape. Riyyh, in an attempt to explain why he refused to marry Ruby, confesses that he is her father... and her grandfather as well. Emerald erupts into a rage and she and Ruby leave the Householding, maybe forever. Mytag finds Riyyh looking stunned and takes him back to the medical center. There, Riyyh confesses to Mytag and Tictoc that he is, in fact, father to nearly everybody in Naros, including them. He fears that, with Emerald and Ruby on the loose, soon everyone will know and the Householding will be destroyed. Tictoc gives him something to make him sleep, and she and Mytag quickly concoct a plan to tell everybody that Riyyh is ill and being kept under observation. While trying to deny that Riyyh's words could be true, they are struck by the strong resemblance to Riyyh of everybody around them. Tictoc tries out Wise Snake's channelling skills in the Householding's infirmary.

Episode #13: The Crown of the Rabbit-King (Two Roads Diverged #83) (9/14/98) Tictoc, impressed by what she'd seen of Wise Snake the day before, suggests to Riyyh that he adopt Snake as his heir and immediate replacement. Riyyh is appalled. Mytag, too, urges Riyyh to select an heir from outside the Householding, and to step down from his position as Sectuib. Riyyh is willing to do the former, but can't bear the thought of the latter. Wolfa and Hero share the latest gossip, all of which suggests the Householding's dark secret is about to erupt into public view. (Wolfa wishes Hero were a little more mature, mentally and nagerically.) Tictoc has another talk with Snake and is less impressed than the first time around. Mytag takes Riyyh to lunch, where some men who didn't handle the news of their children's parentage well decide to vent their frustration on their Sectuib's person. A woman commits suicide after learning her betrothed is her half-brother.

Episode #14: Spin Doctor to the Infirmary, STAT! (Two Roads Diverged #84) (9/15/98) Riyyh turns to Wise Snake as his only hope for getting the rioting members of Naros under control long enough for him to repair some of the damage to their confidence in him. Mytag and Tictoc aren't pleased with the plan (they still think he should resign) but go along with it. Linn is not impressed with Riyyh's explanation of how he got into trouble in the first place.

Episode #15: Bloodthirsty (Two Roads Diverged #85) (9/17/98) Wise Snake, Linn and Nick manage to divert the rioters from their siege on the medical center to a small office in the administration building. There, Snake takes their complaints, starting with Soouvra, Zartek, Sethan and Yletka. Yletka tries to "get lucky" with Linn. Mostan and Eliza meet again, and they and Tanzarra are invited to a party by some young Narosians.

Episode #16: They Didn't Cover This in Donor School (Two Roads Diverged #86) (9/18/98) Linn titillates the gossips (and confuses her friends) when she takes a shower with Riyyh and dresses in one of Ruby's outfits. Eliza, sent to watch over Naros' Sectuib, is made uncomfortable by the shower scene, but is later put at ease by Riyyh's kindness. Anything further which may have occurred is interrupted by Mytag, who sends away Eliza and brings Riyyh back to the infirmary where he can keep an eye on him himself.

Episode #17: I Didn't Want to Know That! (Two Roads Diverged #87) (9/19/98) Bum Bum is concerned about Linn after hearing the rumors of her shower with Sectuib Riyyh. During her explanation, a misunderstanding causes Bum Bum to temporarily believe Wise Snake is operating as Riyyh's pimp. Hero does not impress Eliza with her (very) adolescent chatter. Tanzarra and Eliza talk to Riyyh about Tanzarra's Gen transfer problems.

Episode #18: Indiscretion (Two Roads Diverged #88) (9/21/98) Warned in advance by Bum Bum, Mytag presents a cool professionalism when Wise Snake comes to confront him about his readiness for transfer with Riyyh. Eliza, who is in Riyyh's office keeping an eye on the Sectuib, manages to convince Riyyh she wants his sexual and nageric attention (mostly by getting drunk and experimenting with techniques described in "The Way of the Nager"). Riyyh, being Riyyh, is only too happy to cooperate to the best of his ability. The couple is walked in on by Wolfa, who immediately runs to fetch Mytag and Wise Snake. Mytag serves Riyyh transfer out of a sense of duty, but has no interest in dealing with him afterward. Wise Snake yells at him and Eliza, then sends Wolfa to go find Riyyh and take care of him. Tictoc eventually comes to assist, after learning of the events through the gossiping Hero. (Warning: sex scene included intact)

Episode #19: My Brain 'Urts (Two Roads Diverged #89) (9/22/98) Eliza regains consciousness after the shenanigans of the previous episode.

Episode #20: Portable Dildoes R Us (Two Roads Diverged #90) (9/22/98) Tictoc gets Riyyh ready for his appointments with the disgruntled members of Naros. Nick and Wise Snake share transfer. Nick becomes extremely upset when Snake not only declines to share post with him, but can't see why he thinks it's such a big deal. Riyyh finds Nick wallowing in misery in Snake's office, and attempts to comfort him. Griff and Hero raid the infirmary, in search of the results of the finished genetics study.

Episode #21: Next! (Two Roads Diverged #91) (9/24/98) Linn informs Wise Snake that she has a lot to learn about keeping males happy. For some reason this does not go over well. Sethan has his appointment with Riyyh.

Episode #22: Amazing Powers (Two Roads Diverged #92) (9/25/98) Sethan comes to the infirmary to get his arms measured for retainers. Linn and Bum Bum attempt to assemble what they think is an automatic arm-measuring machine. Mostan gets off a shift and shares, er, sweet thoughts with Povkhia. Riyyh discovers Nick still down in the dumps over the nature of his relationship with Wise Snake, and invites the Gen back to his office for some private consolation.

Episode #23: Flattery will Get you Nowhere (Two Roads Diverged #93) (9/26/98) Sectuib Riyyh invites Nick to pledge Naros and live there as his Companion. Nick miraculously manages to get back to Wise Snake before the rumor mill does, and informs her of Riyyh's invitation. Snake flies into a rage and declares that they will be leaving Naros that very night.

Episode #24: Overreaction (Two Roads Diverged #94) (9/27/98) A sexy portait of Ruby arrives from the framer's a few weeks late. Any breakdown Riyyh may have been about to experience as a result is interrupted by the arrival of Wise Snake, who has heard one rumor too many (about Nick's supposedly leaving her) and flies into a homicidal rage. Tictoc, Mytag, and Wolfa all try to stop her, but it is ultimately Eliza who saves the Sectuib's life by Genslamming everybody in the room. Miraculously nobody dies, but Snake falls into a coma. Mytag takes Riyyh back to his house to calm him down. Tictoc comes by to drop off some medication. While Mytag is otherwise occupied, Zenik shows up with a question for his Sectuib. Upon hearing the answer, he declares his intention to leave Naros along with his wife. Mytag mourns the loss of a good cook.

Episode #25: The Worms of the Early-Bird (Two Roads Diverged #95) (9/28/98) Riyyh and Mytag head in to the office before dawn to beat the rush. Wolfa is horrified when she hears some of what Bum Bum has told "young, innocent" Hero, and marches off to give him a piece of her mind.

Episode #26: Strayed (Two Roads Diverged #96) (9/29/98) A young Gen, Dess, turns up on Naros' doorstep after being kicked out by her parents for being unsaleable. Linn is surprised by Bum Bum's attitude toward Snake.

Episode #27: The Reluctant Caregiver (Two Roads Diverged #97) (10/1/98) Bum Bum attempts to murder the comatose Wise Snake nagerically, but is foiled by Nick's protectiveness. Stuck watching over both of them, Bum Bum is eventually joined by Linn. Ansen is sent over from the medical building because his pills were accidentally included in the rush to bring medical goods to Snake's bedside. Linn and Bum Bum succeed in finding him his medication, but not until he's already had one of his attacks.

Episode #28: Look, Doc, No Hands (Two Roads Diverged #98) (10/2/98) Risha goes to Riyyh to express her interest in one day becoming a First Order Donor -- and if possible, his Companion. Tictoc goes to Riyyh to report on Wise Snake's status and the two of them discuss that channel's future. A decision is made to send Snake back to Zeor, and Riyyh promises to arrange for representatives from that Householding to come to Naros. Eliza enters next, and Tictoc warns Riyyh not to be too comforting to the girl. Eliza begs Riyyh to have somebody speak to Nick on her behalf, to try to convince him that Snake's injury was not her fault. Riyyh offers to arrange for her to have transfer with a Narosian channel.

Episode #29: Topics of Some Conversational Awkwardness (Two Roads Diverged #99) (10/3/98) Sectuib Riyyh asks Tictoc to speak to Nick on Eliza's behalf. To Nick's horror, Tictoc asks Eliza to sit by Wise Snake in the meanwhile. Their conversation ends badly with mutual threats. Afterward, Tictoc returns to Riyyh's office and Nick instructs Eliza to get some "dirt" on the Narosian leaders via the prolific local grapevine. Linn and Bum Bum decide they want to try transfer together the next month.

Episode #30: Grapevine Harvesting (Two Roads Diverged #100) (10/4/98) As per Nick's request, Eliza enters into a gossip session with Hero and much hilarity (along with a certain amount of shock and/or embarrassment) ensues.

Episode #31: Squeezing the King Grape (Two Roads Diverged #101) (10/5/98) On her way back from her meeting with Hero, Eliza encounters Riyyh. Eliza suggests that Linn be scheduled to serve a Naros channel, preferably Mostan, and also manages to pry a few details out of Riyyh to support the gossip gleaned from Hero.

Episode #32: Oh Dear (Two Roads Diverged #102) (10/6/98) Riyyh and Nick meet for the first time since the fateful invitation to join Naros. Riyyh is surprised when Nick, having become aware of his dependency with Wise Snake, is apologetic rather than upset over the incident. Nick freaks out when he hears that representatives from Zeor have been asked to come to Naros to deal with Snake. But he's really floored when a fallen photograph reveals....

Episode #33: Anyone for Bridge? (Two Roads Diverged #103) (10/8/98) Riyyh asks Mostan to study up on Linn and let him know whether he thought he'd be able to handle Qualifying her. Riyyh also invites Mostan to pledge Naros. Nick sees signs of life in Wise Snake for the first time since she was slammed, but she does not regain consciousness. Mostan runs into Linn in the cafeteria. Shortly thereafter, they are joined by Bum Bum and Povkhia, which puts an end to that conversation.

Episode #34: Prudence (Two Roads Diverged #104) (10/9/98) Having left Wise Snake in Eliza's care, Nick goes to speak with Riyyh. He finds the Sectuib... well, we don't need any more rumors, do we? At any rate, Nick expresses his strong opposition to the bringing of Zeor representatives to Naros to examine Snake. In the course of the conversation, Riyyh becomes intimidated by what he perceives as threats, and makes the decision to have Nick and Wise Snake restrained until the arrival of the representatives.

Episode #35: Halves of Teams (Two Roads Diverged #105) (10/11/98) Riyyh takes some time to make sure there won't be any trouble from the rest of our heroes after Wise Snake and Nick are locked up. Mytag sits with Nick while that worthy recovers from the knockout drugs and finds himself separated from his channel. Carmikel, the Tecton's beleagured local representative, shows up to demand why Naros hasn't forked over the promised First Order Donor (Ruby).

Episode #36: What????!!!!!! (Two Roads Diverged #106) (10/13/98) Zeor's representatives arrive at Naros. Wise Snake awakens to find herself held prisoner and is not pleased. Kenmore Farris quickly develops a raging head ache as a result of learning just what has been going on in Naros. (The fact that he heard it all from Hero may have played some part in that)

Episode #37: Bleahberries (Two Roads Diverged #107) (10/15/98) Kenmore Farris interviews Bum Bum, who (perhaps misguidedly) insists that Sectuib Riyyh be there as his protection. Kenmore suffers a nearly disastrous encounter with some fruit juice, and, incidentally, displays pharmaceutical tendencies rather reminiscent of Snake's. After recovering (barely) Kenmore goes to check on Snake. Sending Riyyh and Dahlia out of the room, Kenmore releases Wise Snake from her bonds.

Episode #38: Dreamland (Genview Gen Farm #??) (10/15/98) Sectuib Riyyh has quite a needmare, finding himself in a foreign Genfarm in his nightshirt. 

Episode #39: Nick the Naked Redux (Two Roads Diverged #108) (10/15/98) As per Kenmore's instructions, Eruditia questions the hirsute Nick. Nick answers some questions but then refuses to go any further without seeing Wise Snake. Kenmore informs Snake that she will be taking transfer with Dahlia Farris this month. He then goes to speak to Nick. After assuring the Donor that Snake is fine, he asks if he might take transfer from Nick this month. Nick says no way - at least until he can talk to Snake. Kenmore says that he is free to do so, so long as he doesn't interfere with Dahlia's support. Eliza asks Riyyh what is to become of her.

Episode #40: "Outie" as 5th Contact? (Two Roads Diverged #109) (10/16/98) Nick goes to see Wise Snake for the first time since she regained consciousness. She reassures him that she is being well cared for by the Zeor medical team. Afterward, on the way to the Dining Hall, he is accosted by Hero and asked a large number of personal questions. In the Dining Hall, he runs into Riyyh for the first time since being drugged and locked up in the storeroom. Luckily for Riyyh, Nick needs somebody to talk to.

Episode #41: Other People's Channels (Two Roads Diverged #110) (10/17/98) Linn, given the impression by Bum Bum that Riyyh has been slow to assign him a Donor, marches over to the Administration building to straighten things out. Then she goes to visit Wise Snake, who seems fine until rumors of Nick spending a quality moment or two with Riyyh set her off.

Episode #42: Well When you Put it That Way!! (Two Roads Diverged #111) (10/18/98) Kenmore Farris comes to Riyyh's office to discuss what should be done about Wise Snake. Riyyh is all for getting rid of Snake (and Kenmore, for that matter) in any way possible, but Kenmore believes it would be better to let Snake choose where to go. After Kenmore rather colorfully illustrates what would happen if they do not cooperate, Mytag and Riyyh try to think of alternatives for Snake that would best suit Naros' interests.

Episode #43: The Elimination of Guests (Two Roads Diverged #112) (10/19/98) Naros muckety-mucks powwow regarding getting Wise Snake and company out of the Householding as soon as possible. Tictoc displays a disturbing lack of knowledge of the local gossip. Riyyh reveals the identity of his newly chosen heir. Young Athney takes minutes for the meeting, ensuring that nobody in Naros will fail to know what happened at it.

Episode #44: Serpent's Kiss (Two Roads Diverged #113) (10/20/98) Linn encounters Eruditia and Ifto in the garden. Kenmore visits Nick and recieves a much-awaited confirmation of their transfer assignment. They observe Dahlia's transfer with Wise Snake, which goes tolerably well, and then Nick serves Kenmore. It turns out Snake didn't train Nick in on certain details regarding Tecton style transfers. In a bizarre, yet somehow natural turn of events, Dahlia, Wise Snake, Riyyh and Mytag all turn up Post at Riyyh's house, and Mytag almost does something he really would have regretted.

Episode #45: The Plot Thickens, the Ceiling Thins (Two Roads Diverged #114) (10/22/98) After a shift in the infirmary with Kenmore, Nick locates Wise Snake passed out on Riyyh's couch and gets her up and running. The two of them go to Riyyh's office and break in to study some records, as well as to discuss Snake's plan for taking over Naros. Snake falsifies documents to make it appear that Riyyh has decided to go on permanent Tecton rotation, first stop Bender Cove. They also concoct a plan to get Riyyh to Bender Cove before he even realizes he's pledged the Tecton. They are interrupted when budding spies Ansen and Hero pay them a quite unexpected (for all involved!) visit.

Episode #46: Beeswax, Other People's (Two Roads Diverged #115) (10/25/98) Nick attempts some damage control with Hero, telling her an almost-truth that accounts for most of what she'd heard of his and Wise Snake's conversation. Mostan comes to Riyyh to agree to transfer with Linn. Riyyh reintroduces the two and Linn agrees to being qualfied by Mostan. Snake discovers the two of them together and confronts them, but after they confirm their assignment, she appears to lose interest.

Episode #47: Relaxation Exercise (Two Roads Diverged #116) (10/28/98) Hajene Ifto comes to Riyyh for some advice on how a lesser channel can ward off exhaustion when trying to keep up with Farrises. Riyyh tells him to spend more time with his Donor, and to try to get full mileage out of his rest periods by doing something relaxing. Ifto hurries off to try out this new "technique" and Kenmore finds him in the garden. They discuss Kenmore's transfer with Nick and why Nick wasn't a satisfactory partner despite his vavoom!! nager. Meanwhile, Riyyh and Mytag meet and decide to travel to Bender Cove, on pretense of attending a pledge ceremony and party at the Bender Cove Lower Sime Center. However, they will really be petitioning Richard Hardwick-Greeves to take responsibility for Wise Snake and take her away from Naros. A worried Nick asks Snake if he, as rumored, "drifts" nagerically.

Episode #48: Relaxation Exercise II (Two Roads Diverged #117) (10/29/98) Linn comes to Riyyh to find out if he'd be willing to look up a friend of hers while in Bender Cove. Ifto returns to Riyyh for some clarification and elaboration on the "exercise" Riyyh had explained to him. Nick gives Riyyh a relaxing shoulder rub while terrifying him on the subject of Bender Cove.

Episode #49: Punishment Swiftly Follows Mis-Take, Gen-erally (Two Roads Diverged #118) (10/30/98) Linn quite unexpectedly serves her first transfer, and it's not where she's Qualified by Mostan, either! Afterward, she gets her first experience at handling a Sime after transfer, as well. (Get your mind out of the gutter... she's a schoolteacher) Ifto comes across a young boy doing his lessons in the garden. Afterward he doesn't manage to avoid running into Hero, from whom he hears a rumor of Linn's mishap earlier. Rushing to Riyyh's office in disbelief, he gets confirmation that it happened and that Linn survived in perfect condition.

Episode #50: Dream Traveller (Bender Cove Township #???) (11/1/98) Sectuib Riyyh, en route to Bender Cove with Mytag, has a curiously realistic dream about meeting a Farris Donor from that town.

Episode #51: Excuse Me, Do I Work Here? (Bender Cove Township #???) (11/2/98) Riyyh goes alone to the Lower Bender Cove Sime Center, hoping to discharge his obligation to congratulate Veraik and then rejoin Mytag to concentrate on winning over Richard Hardwick-Greeves. He is shocked to learn that not only are they expecting him as a new employee, but they have the paperwork to back it up. When he protests that he was set up against his will, they insist upon keeping him at the Sime Center until they can find out what's going on. This is a fragment of a larger Bender Cove episode.

Episode #52: Rabbit... Tastes Like Chicken (Bender Cove Township #???) (11/3/98) Darrel suckers Riyyh into helping him with Lobby Duty.

Episode #53: Run, Rabbit, Run! (Bender Cove Township #???) (11/5/98) Later, Riyyh finds himself alone in the lobby and takes the opportunity to make his escape. En route to the train station he encounters Ola. Concerned for her health, he escorts her home and accepts a cup of tea. He learns that she was once one of Wise Snake's clients and wouldn't mind Snake returning to Bender Cove. From Ola's house, Riyyh then attempts to take a shortcut to the train station through a very bad neighborhood. One thing leads to another and he ends up serving Perfor Manzart's need in Sticky's bar, then gets escorted against his will back to the Sime Center by Bug Lumps' two ugly sons. Interested in cultivating the goodwill of a First, Darrel helps Riyyh get further entangled in the Sime Center's clutches by taking away his laundry to be cleaned. Pares walks out on Lisa when Serena gives her too much attention. This causes Lisa to hyperventilate (literally). Alea is chastized by Veraik for appearing in the garden in the nude. Afterward, she goes to Rabharm for comfort. He doesn't seem to take the matter quite as seriously as she does. Lisa receives official confirmation of Riyyh's assignment to the Sime Center and goes to tell Veraik, but he seems more interested in discussing something Lisa reputedly did in the hallway while post. Eventually they call Riyyh into the office to tell him the bad news. After Lisa and Riyyh have left, Veraik meets up with Devida, presumably for a little bouncy-bouncy.

Episode #54: A Test of Daring (Bender Cove Township #???) (11/6/98) Darrel takes Riyyh to breakfast in the cafeteria and introduces him to Jeru (and pick up sticks). Then the two channels fetch their laundry and retire to their rooms. Shortly thereafter, Lisa comes to Riyyh's room to discuss his employment at the Sime Center. Softened by his obvious worry for his House, she agrees to give him 12 days to return to Naros and get his affairs in order before his Bender Cove duties begin. Alea proposes a change in the local teaching curriculum to instill more awareness of Zeor and its values in the students.

Episode #55: Catnap (11/9/98) After a lengthy search, Riyyh finally manages to locate Mytag at the newly restored Ferry Building. Mytag was able to convince Richard to come back to Naros with them to speak to Wise Snake. Richard doesn't mind leaving immediately; he sees it all as a grand adventure... even when the trip to the train station doesn't exactly go as planned. Riyyh befriends Kadi-cat.

Episode #56: The Hole that Does Not Mend (Two Roads Diverged #119) (11/10/98) Some days later, Nick and Wise Snake learn of Riyyh and Mytag's return to Naros. Wise Snake, having remained suitably distracted by Kenmore and therefore having failed to take over Naros, feels only apathy at Riyyh's escape from her trap. Nick tries to get Snake to tell him her dreams for the future, or failing that, to at least give him a hint that the old Snake is still alive somewhere inside. Riyyh visits Anmyn, his heir, who has been holed up in Tictoc's house since her arrival at Naros. He then attempts to explain to Sidie, a young Gen, why her older brother (still a child) has been mean to her since she Established. Kenmore, Tanzarra, Riyyh and Mytag talk in the Sectuib's living room.

Episode #57: The Ancient Art of Snake Shrinkage (Two Roads Diverged #120) (11/11/98) Kenmore has read up on the long lost science of psychoanalysis. However, when he attempts to put the technique into practice, he discovers the books didn't quite cover everything. Tarana, a disjunct channel and a new immigrant into Naros, is interviewed by Tictoc as Tanzarra stands by. Tarana then speaks to Riyyh and manages to talk him into training her for channel's work despite his better judgement.

Episode #58: Ow! (Two Roads Diverged #121) (11/12/98) Kenmore startles Riyyh by announcing his rearrangement of transfer assignments - including Riyyh and Mytag's - to accomodate the arrival of his cousin Halawees who is to serve Wise Snake. Riyyh feels compelled to speak to Kenmore about a few things that have been on his mind. Bum Bum and Ruschia reassure Sidie that she isn't sick and won't miss her pledge ceremony. Hero welcomes Tarana to Naros and gives her a tour of the Householding, both physically and verbally.

Episode #59: Unauthorized Procedure (Two Roads Diverged #122) (11/13/98) Ifto catches Tarana attempting an inexpert channel's functional on Sidie, and chastizes her. Riyyh reassures Tarana that she will, indeed, be trained and asks her to be patient and prudent in the meantime. The three of them then engage in a philosophical discussion about the meanings of Householdings.

Episode #60: Take Me To Your Lathe (Two Roads Diverged #123) (11/14/98) Hero and Riyyh welcome Sinda, a renSime woodworker, to her new home at Naros.

Episode #61: Guest of a Guest of a Guest (Two Roads Diverged #124) (11/18/98) Hero gloms Anmyn. Riyyh attempts to speak to Mytag about their future together and is dismayed by Mytag's casual attitude. Kenmore Farris' dizzy cousin Halawees arrives to help care for Wise Snake and it develops that Nick hadn't known about this. Riyyh desperately tries to keep things civil between the two Gens. Halawees then goes off in the company of Anmyn and Mytag, and Riyyh is left to try to convince Nick to give Kenmore and Halawees a chance.

Episode #62: Gallant Sir Richard (Two Roads Diverged #125) (11/19/98) Nick and Kenmore discuss the arrival of Halawees and what it will mean for Nick. Richard pays Wise Snake a visit, offering to help her in any way that he can. Nick, having received Snake's promise he will transfer with her the following month, goes and serves Riyyh.

Episode #63: I'm my own Grandpa (Two Roads Diverged #126) (11/20/98) Wise Snake tells Nick to stop wallowing in self-pity. Riyyh learns that Linn is depressed due to lack of anything to do, and offers her a temporary position teaching Genlan to the kids. Linn is introduced to Jamalas and Dennifa, two of Naros' current teachers. They are both very glad to see her, although for different reasons. Linn discovers that the school's teaching materials date back to pre-Unity.

Episode #64: Sosu Cash Crop (Two Roads Diverged #127) (11/21/98) Nick learns that, far from being the product of a one-night-stand, he was actually bred deliberately by his grandmother Prunida, who wanted a well-paid Donor for a grandson. Prunida shows up and, having heard that Nick may actually have been working as a Donor after all (and not sending home any money), demands to know what is going on. After pissing off Wise Snake and getting thrown out the door for her troubles, Prunida is comforted by Riyyh who really ought to know better after all these years. Mostan decides to pledge Naros.

Episode #65: Selyn Slamdunk (Two Roads Diverged #128) (11/22/98) Wise Snake is served transfer by Halawees. Er... maybe 'served' isn't a strong enough word? Riyyh tries to get ready for work, but is hampered by Kadi and Prunida, both of whom seem to be making themselves quite at home. Jamalas, hoping to make Linn feel very welcome, tries to get some funding for the textbooks she requested.

Episode #66: A Slight Miscalculation (Two Roads Diverged #129) (11/23/98) Having pledged Naros, Anmyn has a request or two regarding her living arrangements and transfer schedule. Lisa and Serena from the Bender Cove Sime Center arrive to pass along some information regarding Riyyh's supposed employment by the Tecton. Afraid that she will require transfer before they make it back to Bender Cove, and aware that Serena isn't up to serving her yet, Lisa asks Riyyh for assistance. He arranges for her to transfer with Wise Snake. Riyyh warns Nick that the entire Tecton is soon to know of Wise Snake's forgeries, and suggests that she and Nick leave Naros as soon as possible. Nick doesn't make any promises, but does relay the message to Snake.

Episode #67: Howdy, Neigh-bor (Two Roads Diverged #130) (11/24/98) Prunida suggests that Riyyh have a talk with their grandson and encourage him to join the Tecton. Riyyh tries but Nick appears unmoved. Jasin, a channel, arrives at Naros to begin his new life. He is greeted by Hero and Ansen, and then meets with Riyyh. Riyyh also meets with Rachel, another new immigrant, about a recent purchase she made.

Episode #68: Seed (11/25/98) Mostan and Povkhia see each other for the first time since Mostan pledged Naros. Dennifa comes to the infirmary for a fertility test, with sad results.

Episode #69: Homecoming (11/26/98) Sethan returns from Gen Territory, and is reunited with his wife.

Episode #70: Triptych (Two Roads Diverged #131) (11/29/98) Fethy brings in Leena Ann, a junct week-old Tigue channel from out-Territory who he found wandering near the road. Jasin takes her under wing and brings her to Riyyh, who explains the ways in which Naros can, and can't, help her. Rachel proposes that Naros offer stud services as a way of gaining additional revenue. (And she said it with a straight face too!) Riyyh has a preliminary talk with Mostan and Jasin about possibly qualifying Linn Haskins as a 3rd.

Episode #71: Poor Linn! (Two Roads Diverged #132) (12/1/98) Linn assails Riyyh on the subject of educational funding but fails to make much headway. When she is finished, the flustered Sectuib lets her leave without discussing what he'd really called her there to talk about (her qualification). Linn proceeds to Wise Snake's cottage, where she is rebuffed by the channel who probably isn't really aware that it happened. Ah, Farrises. Later, in the Dining Hall, Linn attempts to ask Eruditia some advice Gen-to-Gen and is appalled when the Donor proves anything but objective. Hero enters and finds the now thoroughly despondent Linn sitting alone. Naturally curious as to the other Gen's mood, Hero asks her many questions and, incidentally, ends up with a thoroughly inaccurate notion as to what exactly goes on in a Tecton-style transfer.

Episode #72: For a Good Time... (12/2/98) Ifto, with the insatiable curiosity of the channel in First Year, solicits Riyyh's advice in the areas of selyn management, transfer matchmaking, and... er... how to loosen up one's tutor.

Episode #73: The Lesson (Two Roads Diverged #133) (12/3/98) See Linn. See Linn correct papers. Bad papers. Bad, bad, bad. See Dennifa. See Dennifa and Linn talk about school. See Linn correct Dennifa. How embarrassing! See Nick avoiding Prunida. Go, Nick, Go! See Riyyh provide an semi-involuntary diversion while Nick makes good his escape. Poor Riyyh!

Episode #74: The Phantom Rogue (Two Roads Diverged #134) (12/4/98) A visit from Mayor Dod confirms Riyyh's worst fears about what Wise Snake does with her spare time.

Episode #75: A Private Wager (Two Roads Diverged #135) (12/8/98) Wise Snake rather spontaneously and without fanfare takes her leave of Naros, at 3 AM. Nick is fortunate he happened to be with her at the time. Prunida awakes in the midst of a needmare and is convinced that her wayward grandson has slipped the noose. Accordingly, she drags Riyyh to the stables and sets off after Nick and Snake with no preparation whatsoever. A young Gen with a backpack full of apples fails utterly to travel in a discreet fashion.

Episode #76: He Goeth Out Among the Missing (12/9/98) The next morning, there is an uproar when the "theft" of the horses taken by Wise Snake, Nick, Riyyh, and Prunida is discovered by Rachel and Ifto. Sethan is questioned about who he saw leave by the gate the night before. It is learned that Riyyh has not yet returned, and Sethan agrees to search for the horses, although he doesn't make any promises about Riyyh. Rachel meets Hero.

Episode #77: Inn and Out (12/10/98) On the road in pursuit (they hope) of Wise Snake and Nick, Prunida and Riyyh stop at an inn for a quick lunch. They are served by Griffen and Franni. Seeing a storm coming on, Prunida decides to purchase some survival supplies. As they leave the inn, Riyyh makes a brave attempt to split from Prunida and go back to Naros alone, but she will have none of it. A highwayman picks the wrong person to try to rob.

Episode #78: Rally at Ronapl (Two Roads Diverged #136) (12/11/98) Riding through increasingly difficult blizzard conditions, Wise Snake and Nick encounter Gepdan, who doesn't at first believe Snake is a channel. A short time later, Prunida and Riyyh also encounter Gepdan and learn how near they are to their quarry. Prunida, sure nobody will be able to continue through the storm, insists upon searching every farmhouse and inn to determine where Snake and Nick have gone to ground. However, after a farmer drives them off with a whip, several farmhouses get skipped. Eventually they do find Snake and Nick at an inn. Snake reacts badly to Prunida's showing up. Mogan, the inkeeper, is delighted at the prospect of making lots of money off them all.

Episode #79: Snowed Inn (12/12/98) A frozen Sethan arrives at the Ronapl.

Episode #80: Whips and Bridles (Two Roads Diverged #137) (12/15/98) Snake serves Prunida in transfer, much to Riyyh's surprise. Prunida makes sure that Riyyh doesn't get complacent afterward, either. Faced with a possible selyn shortage, Snake and Nick interview Mogan's Simephobic daughter Amia.

Episode #81: Refuge (Two Roads Diverged #138) (12/16/98) Amia speaks to Nick and Plig, but is frightened by Riyyh and Sethan. After an initial confusion regarding the source of her fear, Riyyh attempts to win her over and actually makes some progress. However, Mogan walks in, interrupting any further understanding the two of them might have come to. Riyyh prudently leaves the area, and runs into Sethan, who finds himself unable to sustain his anger with his Sectuib. Later, some actors who'd become lost in the storm stumble upon the Ronapl Inn and are helped by Wise Snake.

Episode #82: These Shoes Aren't Made for Walking (Two Roads Diverged #139) (12/17/98) Wise Snake takes down Plig's field and heals his blistered feet. They discuss Plig's travel plans. Prunida comes to Snake and Nick begging them to have a look at Riyyh. A disgusted Snake has a zlin and then orders Nick to straighten out Riyyh's field.

Episode #83: Chef's Surprise (Two Roads Diverged #140) (12/18/98) Wise Snake makes a decision to move on. Mogan attempts to overcharge her for their stay at the Ronapl Inn, but waives the bill when she takes down his daughter's field. Shortly after Snake and Nick leave, the Inn's missing cook (actually Rapol - Snake's former Donor) shows up and serves Riyyh a truly amazing transfer. Afterward, Riyyh seeks Rapol out and tries to find out whether he is available for, and interested in, further relations.

Episode #84: I Haven't Met a Horse I Don't Like (12/19/98) Rachel talks to Thamisa in Naros' stable.

Episode #85: Ronapl Tea Party (12/20/98) On his way to fetch some scones for Prunida, Riyyh becomes distracted by Amia's girlish charms. When he fails to return, Prunida investigates and blows up when she finds them together. Amia, bewildered as to what Prunida is so angry about, finally kicks them both out of the kitchen. The (self-styled) Baroness Aughress and Baron Barrin of the Lakes appear at the Ronapl Inn. After considerable difficulty, Amia and Riyyh manage to get them taken care of, or at least out of the way for the night. Prunida trashes Amia's kitchen after the exhausted woman refuses to get some tea for her.

Episode #86: The Channel is Inn (12/21/98) Riyyh manages to escape from Prunida temporarily in order to do some more healing work on Barrin. Aughress hears of Prunida's misuse of Amia, and offers to 'bounce' her in retaliation. However, this particular bit of excitement is interrupted when Prunida and Aughress burst in on Riyyh and Barrin, who seem to be engaging in an, um, donation. One thing leads to another, and... (warning, polyerotic scene included intact). Amia confesses to Riyyh that she is going to move away from home, and the Inn, when her father returns from out of town.

Episode #87: Way Too Much Stress Lately (12/24/98) Riyyh and Sethan arrive back at Naros after some days of travel. Kenmore expresses his great relief. Hero, Eliza and Ansen form their own conclusion about what they have witnessed.

Episode #88: Hunt the Gen (12/25/98) Kenmore takes Riyyh aside and shows him an important letter that had arrived. He also informs him that a depressed Mytag has left Naros for a stint of working for the Tecton. Xenus, a newly changed over renSime, has been making a pest of herself by playing hunting games with unsuspecting Gens. Tictoc asks her to speak to Riyyh and Eliza. Far from giving Xenus the scare Tictoc had intended, Eliza wants to join her in play. Riyyh divulges the contents of the important letter to Tictoc - Anmyn is not a suitable heir after all.

Episode #89: The Lock-In Room (12/30/98) Lucia ambrov Naros comes to the Ronapl Inn to entice Rapol back to Naros.

Episode #90: Gens are Like a Box of Chocolates (12/31/98) Xenus gets in trouble for startling Gens again, and this time Eliza shows her what might happen if she startles the wrong Gen. Lucia returns to Naros with Rapol in tow. Riyyh is all in a flutter over the opportunity to coax Rapol into becoming his Companion for life. However, this must wait until after Eliza, who recognizes Rapol, gets through with her own greeting. Mostan proposes marriage to Povkhia.

Episode #91: Decisions, Decisions (1/5/99) Linn decides to leave Naros in search of Snake and Nick. Rapol decides to remain at Naros and become Riyyh's Companion. Riyyh decides to take the rest of the day off.

Episode #92: Look, Ma... No Worm! (1/7/99) Racknie shows off some of the, er, accomplishments of the agricultural research team.

Episode #93: Parasitic Wasp (1/8/99) Prunida returns to Naros and learns of Rapol's former association with Wise Snake. Convinced that she can somehow trade Rapol for Nick, Prunida tries to pry Rapol loose of Naros but is foiled when Riyyh and Rapol stand firm.

Episode #94: In the Guesthouse (1/9/99) Rapol dreams of his nightmarish past, and is comforted by Riyyh.

Episode #95: Lions, Tigers and Prunida (1/10/99) Riyyh and Rapol are awakened the next morning by a frantic Anmyn. It seems Prunida, enraged by Riyyh's failure to come home the night before, is on the rampage. Riyyh rushes out and manages to intercept Prunida before anybody or anything is permanently damaged. She orders Riyyh to get cleaned up and meet her at his house. Meanwhile, Anmyn and Rapol have shared a pleasant breakfast together. When Rapol learns that Riyyh is returning to Prunida's clutches, he insists upon accompanying his channel.

Episode #96: Villain Covets Hero (1/11/99) Prunida suffers through a brief period of despair, and then is invigorated by her new plan to train one of Riyyh's grandchildren to trade for Nick.

Episode #97: She Takes the Bait (1/12/99) Riyyh comforts Vissera, Naros' homesick new chef. Prunida talks the impressionable Hero into leaving Naros with her.

Episode #98: Yellow (1/13/99) Dennifa goes birdwatching, and gets an eyeful.

Episode #99: Unexpected Treat (1/14/99) Vissera brings some lost schoolbooks to Dennifa, and they chat about birdwatching. A little boy falls down on purpose in order to trigger Riyyh's sympathetic instinct, with splendid payoff. Vissera, Dennifa, Riyyh, Rapol and the little boy converge upon the communal kitchen, where a flustered Vissera accidentally walks in on Riyyh changing in the restroom.

Episode #100: Clinical Passion (1/15/99) Vissera apologizes to Riyyh for daring to hope he might be romantically interested, while baffling him with her conflicting emotions.

Episode #101: Certainly (1/16/99) Rapol returns from lunch and reassures Riyyh.

Episode #102: For the Good of the Town (1/17/99) Mayor Dod, burning with curiosity as to the goings-on at Naros, comes to visit Riyyh and generously offers advice on the Sectuib's love life.

Episode #103: Two Eggs and Post (1/18/99) Rapol serves Riyyh a magnificent transfer. Too bad Riyyh can't satisfy him nagerically!

Episode #104: Cherry Pie (1/19/99) Lucia educates naive new Vissera as to the procedure willing Narosian ladies use to attract their Post Sectuib's attention. Vissera demonstrates a quick grasp of the material.

Episode #105: Visseranade (1/25/99) Vissera asks Riyyh if she could be paired with a renSime and trained to serve in transfer. Riyyh offers to introduce her to Naros' matchmakers.

Episode #106: Loungeflower (1/28/99) Vissera approaches Mostan regarding becoming paired with a suitable renSime.

Episode #107: Huddle (1/30/99) Riyyh and Mostan discuss who might be a suitable transfer and life partner for Vissera.

Episode #108: Gulf Bound (2/2/99) Eliza is playing with Botlie outside of the walls when Colleen VonRyan arrives at Naros. Colleen is an out-Territory Gen who is... shall we say... geographically challenged? Eliza brings Colleen to Riyyh, who offers to let her stay at Naros while she tries to determine the best way to get from point C onward to point B, or at least back to point A. After Colleen is settled in, Riyyh makes a quick stop at the Dining Hall, where he and Eliza have a pleasant chat.

Episode #109: Where's the Beef? (2/3/99) Racknie proudly displays the results of the latest accid... experiment to his Sectuib. Colleen loses her way and stumbles upon Riyyh and Racknie in a greenhouse. At that point it's not only plant breeding that's on Racknie's mind! After making sure Colleen's letters are (more or less) on their way Out-Territory, Riyyh and Colleen stop in the Dining Hall. Vissera joins them, and they chat while Colleen fantasizes about meat. Note: this log includes the text of the two letters Collen sent to her father and aunt.

Episode #110: The Little Things you Do (2/4/99) Eppvad has some good news from the stables. Rapol helps Riyyh through turnover.

Episode #111: In the Rabbit-Warren (2/5/99) Anmyn gets her first taste of Narosian paperwork when she answers some of Riyyh's love letters for him. Turros, Naros' master farmer, comes to find out what is taking Riyyh so long to place his order for a very expensive new cultivator. Riyyh and Rapol share a private moment.

Episode #112: Pud Doctor (2/6/99) Riyyh calls in an outside expert to determine whether the old cultivator can be repaired, and is disappointed by the answer. Rapol drops tantalizing hints about his town of origin. Bekka, the cultivator repair woman, encounters Colleen on her way out of Naros and invites her to visit town sometime. Afterward, Colleen is pestered by two young children, Ansen and Moffy, whose silliness and incoherence give her a head ache.

Episode #113: Not in Cago Anymore (2/7/99) Colleen asks if she might be allowed to teach some Genlan classes at Naros, and Riyyh obligingly introduces her to Dennifa. While they are in the school, they encounter first Treesare and then Eliza. Eliza is looking for Botlie, whose mother has just given birth to her 14th child. When Colleen learns that some of the siblings were fathered by Riyyh, she becomes extremely upset and asks how he could sleep with a woman he is not married to. Wolfa forgets to take her medication, with regrettable results.

Episode #114: Strawberry Short-Fuse (2/9/99) Turros barges into Riyyh's office to protest budget cuts resulting from the cultivator purchase effort. Riyyh takes the opportunity to have a long-delayed "retirement talk" with Turros. Some days later, he has to deal with an outraged greenhouse owner who'd counted on being able to sell Naros some young plants the House can no longer afford.

Episode #115: Chicken Channels and Motherhens (2/12/99) Anmyn and Riyyh discuss what to do about a letter from Darrel begging for help. It seems that the Bender Cove channel has become desperate to leave his assignment there and thinks Naros can assist in the process. Vissera comes up to Riyyh's office on the pretext of bringing food, but then ambushes him on the subject of her kitchen utensils requisition.

Episode #116: Dennifa (2/14/99) Riyyh and Rapol take Dennifa to lunch because Riyyh is concerned about the teacher's unhappiness.

Episode #117: Pre Post Angst (2/16/99) During a quiet moment, Rapol confesses his confusion about how to behave after transfer in a society whose traditions differ radically from those of the community he was brought up in.

Episode #118: Sweet Distraction (2/18/99) Anmyn and Riyyh share a father/'daughter' moment.

Episode #119: Wayward Son (2/22/99) Mytag unexpectedly returns to Naros after a long absense. He is sick of working for the Tecton but doesn't know what else he might want to do.

Episode #120: Flesh (2/22/99) Riyyh discovers that the Householding is running short of office supplies. Anmyn talks him into eating lunch in the dining hall, where various ladies joust for his attention. Colleen enjoys dessert after a clandestine hunting expedition. Turros tells Riyyh that he has decided to train a replacement.

Episode #121: One Chicken, Thawed (2/25/99) Darrel arrives unannounced on Naros' doorstep, seeking refuge from the Tecton. The Narosians find him adorable, if a bit high strung.

Episode #122: Rooster Envy (2/26/99) Waking up after his first night in Naros, a bewildered Darrel is greeted by a parade of Narosian ladies of childbearing age hoping to get a chance at an unrelated, unattached male. As if this wasn't alarming enough, he then discovers that Naros' Eliza is the same person as Bender Cove's Eliza.

Episode #123: AWOL and Available (2/28/99) Darrel seeks out Riyyh to ask him for some clarification on Narosian etiquette and his own status as visitor/refugee.

Episode #124: Poultry on the Prowl (3/1/99) Darrel has decided that his only hope of remaining permanently at Naros is to marry into the Householding. With that end in mind, he sets out  to woo Narosian ladies in the brief time available to him before his turnover. If only things could be that simple!

Episode #125: A Few Bricks Shy of a Road (3/5/99) Riyyh and Darrel try to come to an agreement about when and under what circumstances Darrel will leave Naros. Riyyh is nervous about harboring a fugitive, but Darrel has figured out that pleading goes a long way with Riyyh. Just as things were going in Darrel's favor, Rapol enters and Darrel panics at the zlin of him. When Darrel admits he is uncontrollably terrified of First Order Donors, Riyyh realizes he has a real problem on his hands.

Episode #126: Lucky Lackey (3/8/99) (District Controller's Office #1) Sosu Mulla arrives at Naros, sent by the District Controller's Office to find out what Naros knows about Darrel. She is astonished to discover that Darrel is actually there. She is also pleasantly surprised at how cooperative Naros' Sectuib seems to be.

Episode #127: Got Honey? (3/9/99) (District Controller's Office #2) Morning finds Sosu Mulla and Riyyh discussing Darrel... in bed. They are interrupted, however, when Veschapo and Turros barge in and continue a blistering argument on the subject of who's in charge on the farm.

Episode #128: The Straggler (3/10/99) Styain, a would-be Narosian immigrant, arrives weeks late due to heavy snowfalls on his travel route. Riyyh attempts to speak to Nubby about helping Turros and Veschapo get along better. Wolfa breaks the bad news about the new cultivator.

Episode #129: Pep Rally (3/11/99) Turros bursts into Riyyh's office, angry at rumors that Riyyh has been influencing the other members to treat him differently. However, he becomes much more subdued when he learns the replacement cultivator will not be arriving in time for planting.

Episode #130: Tiarala (3/12/99) (District Controller's Office #4) Coadly, Mulla's supervisor, has a brief meeting with Arat. Meanwhile, Tiarala ambrov Imil has arrived at Naros, ahead of a channel collection team coming to pick up Darrel. Tiarala knows exactly how to handle Riyyh, although even she can't get him to sign certain forms.

Episode #131: Form Follows Fashion? (3/14/99) (District Controller's Office #5) An impoverished farmer travels to nearby Naros in order to beg the use of a team of horses. Tiarala still hasn't managed to get Riyyh to give her a selyn usage report for Naros, but she does find another use for him.

Episode #132: Bribery, Bartery, Beggary (3/23/99) Some days after Tiarala has left, Naros receives a curious letter from the District Controller's Office.

Episode #133: The Message Trap (3/30/99) (District Controller's Office #13) Sosu Beni arrives in Naros, determined to get a selyn usage form properly filled out by Riyyh.

Episode #134: The Craft (4/3/99) Riyyh is baffled when a Dr. Roosle arrives and attempts to interview him on the subect of... well, he never is quite sure what they were talking about.

Episode #135: Doctor, Schmoctor (4/6/99) After a parade of Narosians come to him complaining of Dr. Roosle's peskiness, Riyyh decides it will be necessary to take matters into his own hands.

Episode #136: Record-Diver (4/9/99) Anmyn investigates the possibility that Dr. Roosle was sent by Arat to perform agricultural espionage.

Episode #137: Cinder-Reckage at the Ball (5/28/99) (District Controller's Office #30) Riyyh hears that Nick will be at a public social function in Capitol, and arranges to run into him there.

Episode #138: The International Language of Being Scared Silly (5/31/99) (District Controller's Office #31) Darrel tells Riyyh how the Tecton has been treating him lately, as they dine in a Capital cafe. Nick arrives unexpectedly and has a chat with Riyyh, making Darrel very nervous. Then Arat arrives looking for Nick, and Darrel becomes very nervous indeed.

Episode #139: The Nick Effect (6/18/99) Saig from the urban farming program in Capital comes to Naros to appeal to his Sectuib for help in dealing with public officials, but Riyyh hesitates to go against Nick's wishes.

Episode #140: How to Win Friends (6/21/99) Prunida arrives at Naros, upset because the Tecton refused to hand over Nick's paychecks without Nick's consent. Riyyh doesn't want go along with her scheme to breed yet a 3rd generation Donor, but he does suggest a novel new approach to the Nick problem.

Episode #141: Remedial Education (6/24/99) Prunida receives her first lesson on how to be somebody's friend. It's not easy to teach an old dog new tricks!

Episode #142: Educational Harvest (7/26/99) (District Controller's Office #55) Riyyh and Superintendent Jaffy overrule Racknie's grand scheme to turn the new elementary school into a working hydroponics farm. Riyyh is driven to recover from the stress by having lunch with Darrel and Pylor.

Episode #143: Sectuibly Advice (7/30/99) (District Controller's Office #56) Stranded in Capital once more, Riyyh counsels Linn on her career options and Prunida on her continuing campaign to win Nick's friendship and paycheck, not necessarily in that order.

Episode #144: Relentless (8/3/99) Prunida, still eager to befriend Nick (and more importantly, Nick's paycheck) convinces Riyyh to speak to him again.

Episode #145: Familial Quirks (8/7/99) Nick arrives at Naros, on his way from New Othwol to Capital. His conversation with Riyyh begins with an inquiry about Rapol, and then progresses to Garlenists and the Audnes.

Episode #146: Familial Serious Deviations (8/8/99) In a continuation of the previous episode, Nick and Riyyh further discuss the relationship between the Audnes, the Garlenists and the Tecton. Then the subject turns to Nick's relationship to the Tecton and his grandmother Prunida, and -- more to the point -- his grandmother Prunida's ideas about those relationships.

Episode #147: Fancy Footwork (8/9/99) In the conclusion of a three-part episode, Nick avoids the subject of Prunida while Riyyh avoids the subject of Tecton paperwork.

Episode #148: Pusher (8/17/99) Tiarala makes a visit to Naros with clear intent to sell, learn, and/or obtain.

Episode #149: For Want of Talent (8/23/99) Riyyh is back in Capitol again, due to a small legal difficulty involving the Coalition for Progressive Land-Use. While riding home from the courtroom he encounters Rydiero, a struggling artist. Fortunately this doesn't completely prevent him from enjoying lunch with Nick afterward. Unfortunately, Nick has problems of his own.

Episode #150: A Little Father/Grandfather/Son/Grandson Chat (8/28/99) In this second half of a two part episode, Nick relates his channel woes, including Wise Snake's emotional distance and Arat's apparent social avoidance of him. Riyyh reveals that he is considering leaving Naros in Anmyn's hands and spending some time on the road working with Naros' outreach programs. Nick takes the news surprisingly well -- once he's made sure it doesn't mean Prunida will be hanging around Capitol more.

Episode #151: Househunting (8/29/99) Riyyh attempts to find cheap, classy housing in Capitol.

Episode #152: Bat with Pig meets Rabbit with Horse (8/30/99) Having given up on searching for rentals, Riyyh resorts to trying to charm his way into an empty bed in a rich neighborhood. Along the way he meets Gladia and Max.

Episode #153: Dawn of Pigs (9/1/99) Riyyh wakes up amidst the aftermath of what looks to have been quite a party.

Episode #154: Loaded Gens (9/3/99) (District Controller's Office #67) Linn runs into Riyyh and updates him on her progress as a new Donor Trainee.

Episode #155: Trolling (9/5/99) (District Controller's Office #69) Sosu Beni runs into Sectuib Riyyh on the street, and they discuss Mayor Osca and the difficulties with the Coalition for Progressive Land Use. The conversation then turns to Nick, and to Beni's channellessness... and Riyyh's Donorlessness.

Episode #156: The Mayor's Pet Rabbit (9/14/99) Prunida catches Riyyh hiding out in Capitol's Mayor's mansion. Instead of doing what she'd really like to do to him, she demands that he get her a dinner date with Nick Reckage.

Episode #157: Donor for Dinner (9/17/99) (District Controller's office #74) Riyyh sneaks into the Sime Center to meet with Nick. To his surprise, Nick has a very interesting proposal for him.

Episode #158: Cheap (9/18/99) (District Controller's Office #75) Nick, Riyyh and Prunida dine out. It remains to be seen whether they will be welcome in that restaurant again.

Episode #159: Just Ain't Natural (9/20/99) (District Controller's Office #77) The next day, Darrel and Hero have lunch with Riyyh. Hero proceeds to embarrass them all terribly at the restaurant, while Darrel and Riyyh quietly discuss Hero's training and Arat's adjustments to it.

Episode #160: Pansy Raid (9/22/99) (District Controller's Office #78) Riyyh pays a visit to the Coalition for Progressive Land Use headquarters, where he and Saig discuss the problem of Racknie's obsessive enthusiasm. Meanwhile, Racknie unwisely approaches first Alea, and then Arat, about donating a building to the Coalition. He manages to escape with his life, but no building.

Episode #161: Smashed (10/2/99) (District Controller's Office #84) After, or rather during, a terrible day at the office, Pylor escapes to a public bar where he accidentally runs into Riyyh. Luckily for him, Riyyh can be very good for the ego, particularly when in need and Genless.

Episode #162: The Cat that Got the Comment (10/5/99) A reporter who ambushes Riyyh gets more than she bargained for.

Episode #163: Call of the Nager (10/8/99) (District Controller's Office #88) Tiarala, acting on orders coming indirectly from Seruffin, locates Riyyh and deep zlins him.

Episode #164: Fishing for an Angle (10/11/99) Morca, who is a bit more formidable than the last reporter who nabbed Riyyh, corners him and proceeds to ask him a number of bewildering questions.

Episode #165: Fishing for an Angle II (10/13/99) In a continuation of the previous episode, Morca tries to get Riyyh to cough up evidence of a conspiracy between Naros, Zeor, and family Audnes.

Episode #166: I Was Just Leaving? (10/15/99) Nick pays a visit to Riyyh, and learns to his surprise that he's scheduled to leave Capitol with him. Riyyh's hotel's manager demands payment for the week, but Riyyh doesn't have it on hand. Nick manages to negotiate a temporary truce before any injuries occur.

Episode #167: Rhonda's Rose (10/16/99) Nick meets his new horse.

Episode #168: On the Rose Again (10/17/99) Riyyh and Nick travel away from Capitol.

Episode #169: Skittish Farris Saddlebred (10/19/99) Nick gets a belated riding lesson.

Episode #170: Centerfold (10/27/99) Nick and Riyyh encounter Dr. Roosle doing a book signing in a small town. To Riyyh's dismay, Dr. Roosle wants to give him an autographed copy. To Nick's dismay, the book contains a very compromising photo of Nick.

Episode #171: Oddball Roost (10/31/99) At an Inn along the roadside, Riyyh meets Cassandra, a 20 year old child. Later, he serves transfer to a fellow who....

Episode #172: Premature Publication (11/4/99) A certain photograph of Nick continues to cause a great deal of trouble.

Episode #173: The Audience is Zlinning (11/8/99) Riyyh and Nick have stopped in a small town and Nick goes to a shiltpron parlor. There he meets a couple, Ched and Kyreth. They are entertained by Lalique, a travelling shiltpron player and singer. Buggfa Lube is there, on vacation again and trying to enjoy himself incognito. Ched is a TBT fan and gets very worked up when he realizes Buggfa is there. After the performance(s), Riyyh arrives and he, Nick, Kyreth, and Lalique have a chat.

Episode #174: Underutilized (11/11/99) Dr. Roosle is on the run after Prunida takes offense at something in his new book. His attempts to find shelter are somewhat impeded by his belief in his own theories. Nick runs into Buggfa and then Kyreth in a small cafe. Nick probes Buggfa regarding his transfer injury and any subsequent treatment. Kyreth does some drawing.

Episode #175: Hairy Scene (11/13/99) Riyyh suggests that Buggfa Lube might make a good guest speaker at Naros' outreach program for alcoholism. Nick suggests that Riyyh might be able to help Buggfa in return.

Episode #176: That's Not My Department (11/14/99) Riyyh is approached by a private investigator on the trail of Ambrose. Lalique encounters Buggfa Lube hiding from Nick, and warns him about the dangers of tempting renSimes.

Episode #177: Sidetrack Attraction (11/15/99) Lalique, Riyyh and Nick decide to take matters into their own hands regarding Buggfa's treatment. Buggfa discovers that resistance is futile.

Episode #178: If a Gen Falls in the Woods (11/16/99) Our heroes take a break while travelling. Lalique leads Buggfa away from the others, and imparts some musical wisdom to him. It's difficult to tell whether any sinks in.

Episode #179: Channel-Handler (11/20/99) Nick and Riyyh discuss Buggfa's condition and progress.

Episode #180: The Singing Pawn (11/21/99) Lalique, Nick and Buggfa have breakfast at an inn. They talk about the origins of the band Torn by Tentacles as well as Buggfa's current therapy.

Episode #181: Daughter Faucet (11/22/99) In the town of Rocky Gulch, Lalique goes out to eat with Riyyh. Just as she is working her way up to asking him if she can pledge to Naros, they are interrupted by the surprise appearance of Ruby. Ruby is still bitter about the circumstances of her leaving Naros (or, more accurately, the circumstances of her conception) and after a scene that leaves Riyyh in tears, Ruby storms out. Lalique takes Riyyh back to the hotel.

Episode #182: One Hundred Bottles of Rain on the Wall (11/29/99) At another rest stop along the road, Lalique tries to teach a dubious Buggfa some nageric techniques.

Episode #183: Freak Out (11/30/99) Riyyh attempts to speak to Lalique about taking her field down. She responds with a passionate expression of her preference for a real transfer.

Episode #184: A New Leaf (12/6/99) Lalique shows Buggfa a song she has been working on. It is her first experiment in writing a song without nageric components. Nick and Riyyh try to prevent the local Narosian outreach program from printing an inflammatory brochure, but they are too late. Lalique visits a songwriter, Wilard, to gain some additional new materials.

Episode #185: No Problem at All (12/8/99) An innkeeper's maintenance person comes to repair the bath tub. While Riyyh is having a bath.

Episode #186: Ruby Tears (12/10/99) Riyyh learns that Ruby is stationed at the local Sime Center, and pays her a surprise visit. It does not go well.

Episode #187: Handle with Kid Gloves (12/13/99) Later that morning, Ruby's assigned channel Merlia tries to figure out what's made Ruby so unhappy.

Episode #188: Sime Lover (12/13/99) Nick and Buggfa watch one of Lalique's performances. Wilard catches the first part of it, but ends up leaving in disgust. Back at their lodgings, Nick serves Riyyh in transfer but fails to comprehend that Riyyh would be interested in taking it further. Riyyh might have succeeded in enlightening him, except that they are interrupted by Lalique and Wilard. Nick uses Lalique's presence as an excuse to escape, leaving Lalique and Riyyh alone together.

Episode #189: Deluxe (12/14/99) Lalique and Riyyh share breakfast in bed. Lalique asks about the nature of the relationship between Nick and Riyyh.

Episode #190: Rescue-Abduction (12/19/99) (District Controller's Office #118) Arat's collection team, headed by Tiarala, catches up with Riyyh's group of travellers. Although they are there to inspect Buggfa Lube, Tiarala finds Lalique quite interesting as well. When Buggfa refuses to be examined, Tiarala rounds up the entire group for a trip back to Capitol.

Episode #191: Some Help You Are (12/26/99) (District Controller's Office #122) Lalique takes advantage of their guards' distraction and has a private conversation with Riyyh. She confesses her past to him, and he is shocked. He says he will try to protect her, but can't promise much.

Episode #192: Rogue Motel (1/2/00) (District Controller's Office #127) Tiarala returns to Capitol with Buggfa, Lalique, Nick and Riyyh in tow. Nick is horrified to learn of Arat's injury. Arat is very glad to see him. Neptude examines Buggfa but is more interested in Lalique and her past. Not surprisingly, Lalique isn't keen to discuss it with him. After a brief talk with Riyyh, Neptude insists that all of them remain at the Sime Center overnight.

Episode #193: Wandered (1/3/00) (District Controller's Office #128) Wise Snake breaks Lalique free from her dorm room prison.

Episode #194: Musical Chair (1/6/00) (District Controller's Office #129) Controller Neptude and Lortuen Records' lawyer, Dorsh, wrangle over Buggfa's right to refuse a lateral examination. When a brief visit by Arat renders the topic moot, the argument turns to whether the Tecton has the right to detain Buggfa any longer. Dorsh says that Lortuen is open to a treatment plan of some kind, so long as it doesn't prevent Buggfa from leaving. Riyyh and Mantia are there for the meeting as well, Riyyh as moral support for Buggfa, and Mantia mainly attempting to keep her foot from straying into either her mouth or her gunsights.

Episode #195: Mysterious Offering (1/8/00) (District Controller's Office #131) Neptude sends Pylor to Riyyh as a substitute for Nick. Pylor is devastated when he learns Riyyh already had other plans.

Episode #196: The Sorceror's Apprentice (1/11/00) Back in Naros, Riyyh Qualifies a young Donor as a First. Ali, who had Established while Riyyh was gone before, is excited at the prospect of going on the road with Riyyh. He is even more excited by the prospect of learning from a man Dr. Roosle had assured him is a true Master of the Art.

Episode #197: Arrangement of Mutual Benefit (1/25/00) Cherik and Dorsh, Lortuen Records' lawyers, make a personal visit to Naros to talk Riyyh into staying on as Buggfa Lube's case manager. They hope to get Buggfa released for touring by showing they can arrange for his proper rehabilitation on their own.

Episode #198: No Autographs (1/30/00) (District Controller's Office #144) Nick, Riyyh and Ali meet at a restaurant. They discuss Nick's relationship with Arat, and his fears about being transferred by the Tecton. Riyyh suggests Nick take matters into his own hands. Speaking of Nick's own hands, Ali unwisely brings up the subject of Dr. Roosle's book.

Episode #199: On the Ward (2/3/00) (District Controller's Office #147) Hajene Darrel meets Riyyh while shopping, and they go to lunch together. There, Darrel tells Riyyh of what it's been like to work in the burn ward lately.

Episode #200: Beauty's Bridle (2/14/00) On the road again, Riyyh and Ali stop at the Hyacinth Inn. Ali is smitten with the Hyacinth's stable girl, Tica. Unfortunately, she only has eyes for Vanity. Ali attempts to interest her in Narosian - and Rooslean - pastimes, with rather the opposite effect than intended.

Episode #201: Shower Included (2/27/00) As a blizzard commences, Riyyh and Ali stop to investigate a crude travel shelter. They are surprised to discover Dr. Roosle hiding there. His career is in a shambles and he is being pursued by Prunida who wants revenge for his publishing a certain photo of Nick. The simple acts of preparing camp are complicated by Ali's youthful overconfidence and Dr. Roosle's complete disregard for reality.

Episode #202: Dark Transformation (2/28/00) Some time later, Prunida catches up to Dr. Roosle. However, when she spots Ali, she is far more interested in him. Things nearly turn ugly... well, let's face it, they do turn ugly. However, Riyyh is finally able to distract her. (Warning: adult themes).