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One-Shots: House of Intil (Part 1)

This log could be considered a sequel to the Wanna Buy some Ronaplin? one. It was played by Captain Button, Don Jaramillo and Kaas Baichtal in the spring of 1997. There is also a part 2, but not sure whether that log still exists or not.

Narrator: You see a small door with the crude carving of a goat over it.

Cpt. Button approaches nervously with the case.

Narrator: The door remains obstinately silent.

Cpt. Button examines the door.

Narrator: It is an expensive steel door set rather incongruously in the shabby brick wall back of the "House of Intil" nightclub. There is a goat chiseled rather inexpertly into the large brick directly over the door. The door has a small window currently covered with a metal shield.

Cpt. Button knocks on the door.

Narrator: The little window promptly flies open, revealing a metal grille!

A voice says, "What do you want!"

Cpt. Button: I seek the Holy grail!

Cpt. Button peers into the grille.

A voice sounds flustered. "What?!"

Narrator: You see a rather young looking Gen door guard, who jumps back in dismay as you get close.

Cpt. Button: Well, I'll settle for some... fluid.

Young Gen looks dubiously outward. "Wait a minute... are you that guy from that crazy out-Territory society?"

Cpt. Button: Yes, but, we are just... eccentric.

Young Gen hesitates, then opens the door. "You can come in. I'll have to get the Boss to talk to you."

Cpt. Button walks in, sliding around the door.

Narrator: You find yourself in a cramped cubicle about the size of a gym locker.

Young Gen says, "Come this way...."

Cpt. Button: "Charming. How... minimalist."

Cpt. Button surpresses the joke.

Narrator: after a long hallway about the width of the gym locker, the two of you are extruded into a regrettably over-decorated waiting-room.

Cpt. Button brushes himself off.

Narrator: It's all done up in fire-engine-red velvet and gold-tinted-fake-chrome-plated plastic curliques. Also there are odd looking stains on the floor and some of the chairs.

Young Gen says, "Please have a seat... I'll tell the Boss you are here."

Cpt. Button puts on sunglasses.

Cpt. Button eyes the seats dubiously.

Young Gen disappears behind a wall hanging that is an excessively detailed painting of the Founding of the Modern Tecton done on red velvet.

Cpt. Button looks to see if the tentacles are shown right.

Narrator: If this painting is to be believed, there was a lot more nakedness and kink involved between the  Founding 400 than modern history books would have you believe. The tentacles, by the way, are shown correctly in those positions that you are familiar enough to know what is right. In fact, the entire painting appears to be a giant 400-person transfer and sex orgy.

Cpt. Button trys to identify the people form the famous monument.

Narrator: You remove your sunglasses briefly in order to peer at the tiny figures more closely, but the red velvet between them blinds you and the afterimages left on your corneas prevent seeing in much detail.

Cpt. Button falls back in one of the chairs to recover.

Narrator: The curtain moves and a new person comes out, a Sime. He's butt-ugly but feels like a channel. He's carrying a bright pink vial with a faceted top like a jewel.

Cpt. Button retracts his field and relinquishes to the boss.

DaBoss sits down opposite to you, mercifully drawing your attention well away from the awful tapestry.

Cpt. Button: "Is that all of it? As agreed?"

DaBoss: "Yes. You have the $450,000 with you?"

Cpt. Button opens the combiantion lock on the case, lifts the lid and turns it towards DaBoss.

DaBoss appears very pleased. "And the Gen employee you will be trading?"

Cpt. Button hands a file folder containing an employment contract and personnel data.

DaBoss scans the information and his eyebrows shoot up. "Very impressive. Where is this fellow now?"

Cpt. Button: He is waiting at the Keon Arms. Room 513.

DaBoss smiles. "Everything appears to be set, then." He takes the case and hands you the pink vial.

Cpt. Button examines the vial closely, and opens it slightly to sniff.

Cpt. Button: "This is Farris grade, correct?"

Cpt. Button: "It smells a bit... Secondish."

DaBoss looks somewhat concerned. "My associates assure me it is of the finest quality."

DaBoss's tentacles wander around as if they are no longer receiving instructions from his brain.

Cpt. Button eyes DaBoss. Caps the vial. "Very well then. Where shall I have him report when my lab verifies this?"

DaBoss says, "Ah, time is of an essence. Perhaps it would be best if we arranged for your employee to meet with us right away."

Cpt. Button: ~~pensive~~ "Very well. do you have a selyophone I might use?"

DaBoss appears relieved. "Why sure!" he says graciously, pushing a hidden button under the edge of the coffee table. With a rusty sounding squeak, a round hole appears in the table's center and a telephone resembling a hot-pink depressionware cherub giving transfer to a buxomous mortal rotates upward like a lipstick.

Cpt. Button: ~~distaste~~

DaBoss winces and tries not to share that.

Cpt. Button gingerly picks up the cherub and holds it to his face.

Narrator: it appears to be an ordinary phone under all that glitz.

Cpt. Button studies the phone until he realizes that the tentacles are numbered.

Cpt. Button pulls out a pen and uses it to dial the tentacles.

Narrator: As the phone rings on the other end, various lights flash betweeen the two figures as if selyn is flowing.

Narrator: It's really quite disgusting.

Cpt. Button: "D'Von? Bring Leevan down here. Yes, the same place. Yes, Now!"

DaBoss twiddles his tentacles, trying not to look bored.

Cpt. Button gratefully hangs up the cherub.

Narrator: the lights flash until it appears the two have reached the climax of their transfer, then dim slowly until the phone is dead once again. Then it sinks slowly back down into its hole and the tabletop is restored.

DaBoss says, "You can see why we try to conduct most of our business in person."

Cpt. Button: "Yes, Quite."

DaBoss: "So, is he on his way?"

Cpt. Button looks around.

Narrator: You see everything you saw before, plus the addition of a roach motel in one corner, and you realize the ceiling is covered with mirrors.

Cpt. Button: "I must know who your decorator is."

Cpt. Button ~~to stay away from~~

DaBoss: "This was decorated by none other than our own Sectuib!"

Narrator: You realize that not only is the ceiling covered with mirrors, but they are the kind of mirrors that have the gold flecks imbedded.

Cpt. Button: Ah. that was householding...?

DaBoss: "Er, well, we don't have formal Householding status, of course. Sectuib Farris was born into Zeor but excommunicated at an extremely young age. Apparently he, er, didn't stand for the same values as Zeor does."

Cpt. Button looks around. "Quite."

Cpt. Button: "Well, Zeor can be so... demanding.

DaBoss: "But just between you and I, the Farris... eccentricities... can be ignored, with some effort, due to the profitability of having him around."

DaBoss's eyes darted around the room as he said "eccentricities"

Cpt. Button: "Yes, well, it is the duty of a House to see to its Sectuib's comforts."

DaBoss: "At House of Intil we seek to bring every customer to the peak of readiness for transfer, and we have found that Sectuib Farris does wonders with Gens we thought couldn't be... aroused."

Cpt. Button: "Will Leevan be staying here?"

DaBoss: "Just during his training. Then he will be sent to our brand new state-of-the-art facility in Boomtown, Norwest Territory."

Cpt. Button: "Ah. yes I've heard there were shortages there. The Tecton can't keep up with the growth."

DaBoss: "And the Tecton's loss is our profit, or so my grandmother always used to tell me."

DaBoss rubs his hands together.

Cpt. Button: "Well the tecton is rather... rigid."

DaBoss: "You know, you might consider a career change yourself. There are great opportunities for advancement, not to mention financial gain, working for House of Intil."

Cpt. Button: [two nagers are faintly zlinnable coming up to the back]

DaBoss looks up. "That's odd. Did you send one man or two?"

Cpt. Button: "Thank you but I alreadty have a... commitment."

Cpt. Button: ~~dreamy~~

DaBoss looks interested

DaBoss says, slyly, "One-on-one permanent transfer arrangement? I've heard about those."

Cpt. Button: "And my abilities are rather specific."

Cpt. Button: ~~surge of joy~~

Cpt. Button: "It cannot be understood by those not in it."

DaBoss looks jealous despite himself

Cpt. Button: [a knock is heard down the tunnel, err , hall.]

Young Gen opens the little window and peers out. "What do you want!!"

Laveen: "Uhh... I was told to come... here."

Young Gen looks Laveen up and down.

Laveen: "To see Cpt. Button."

Young Gen: "Uhmm...... I don't know....."

Laveen draws himself up. "Will you please tell him I am here? He is a busy Gen!"

Young Gen rolls his eyes.

Young Gen: "Okay, okay. Hold on a minute."

Young Gen slithers through the skinny corridor to the waiting room.

Young Gen: "Some Gen is here saying he has to see someone named 'Captain Butt'. Do we have somebody named that?"

Laveen follows.

Cpt. Button glares at YG. "Please show him in at once."

Young Gen rolls his eyes privately and mutters, "whatever."

Young Gen shows Laveen in.

DaBoss seems oblivious to Young Gen's shortcomings.

Cpt. Button: "Laveen! Good to see you again. You'll be working with this channel from now on. You have a great future ahead of you son, a great future!"

DaBoss zlins Laveen.

Cpt. Button stands a picks up the vial, wraps it in a cloth, and puts in his pocket. He closes the case and puts it on the desk.

Cpt. Button: ~~a high field, nervous and with the quantizing a little fuzzy~~

DaBoss stands up. "We are so glad to have done business with you, Cpt. Button, and we wish you the best of... er... results with your purchase."

Cpt. Button: "Thank you. I'll just be going then. Good Day."

Cpt. Button walks out down the tunnel.

Young Gen is waiting for Cpt. Button at the end.

DaBoss smiles at Laveen, in an attempt to be reassuring.

Laveen tries to mesh with DaBoss's field and gauge his state of need.

Laveen: "I'm pleased to meet you Hajene ...."

DaBoss 's smile broadens. "Just call me "The Boss"."

Narrator: Meshing fields is not hard. DaBoss' need isn't either.

Laveen: ~~ puzzlement~~ "Very Well Hajene DuBois. French, is it?"

DaBoss grits his teeth, then manages to smile once again.

DaBoss: "Yes, why sure, of course it is."

DaBoss: "Heh heh heh."

DaBoss says, "So tell me, how much do you know about what we do here at House of Intil?"

Laveen: "I was told I would have opportunities to broaden my experience."

DaBoss grins. "That you most assuredly will. Come, sit down, let's discuss your future within our House."

Laveen sits down in a chair and gets up suddenly, and feels his pants.

Laveen: ~~mild revulsion~~

Laveen examine the chair, and then sits in another after looking carefully at it.

Narrator: Deceptively velvety on its surface, the chair seems to be filled with lumps and springs.

DaBoss smiles once again. "So tell me, what has your experience been in so far?"

Laveen: ~~uncomfortable~~

Laveen shifts around.

DaBoss shifts around.

Laveen: ~~Brightens~~ "Well, I became a Donor at 17 after donating for 3 years. I graduated from the Valzor Business Academy."

Narrator: You notice the tapestry of the Founding 400.

Laveen: ~~shock~~

Laveen peers more closely.

DaBoss: "And what have you been doing for Cpt. Button's organization?"

Laveen: ~~ admixture of revulsion and guilty interest.~~

Narrator: You see a large number of Simes and Gens intertwined in highly imaginative poses. Thready traces of gold paint and glitter suggest a gaudily complex selyn movement.

DaBoss zlins Laveen. "Ah, I see. How are you rated as a Donor?"

Laveen: "Uh, I was assisting him with some transactions. You zlin, after I was expelled from ..."

Laveen: ~~embarassment~~

Laveen looks at the tapestry.

DaBoss waves his tentacles. "Say no more. We here at House of Intil are very understanding of the difficulties that can be imposed by misplaced use of authority."

Laveen: "Uh they used different grips back then, didn't they. I didn't do too well in history."

DaBoss glances at the tapstry. "Ah yes. This piece is an elaboration of a smaller image that is used in our textbook for trainees."

DaBoss smiles. "Of course, we skip most of the more tedious parts of the history. Most of our customers don't care who founded this House or that House, they just want to get raised."

Laveen: ~~defiance~~ "I didn't do anything wrong! Just because out-t has archaic laws is no reason to punsih people when they are back in-T!"

DaBoss looks surprised. "Of course you did nothing wrong! You were simply a victim of your circumstances. It can happen to anybody."

Laveen: ~~curiousity~~ "Ah. you mean the channels. They need to be High Intil, of course."

DaBoss: "RenSimes and Gens also. Everybody deserves to be at the peak of desire at the time of transfer."

DaBoss explains: "So thorough has the Tecton's brainwashing been that most people aren't even aware Gens can feel desire for transfer. And certainly most RenSimes are never allowed to reach hard enough need to truly feel powerful intil."

Laveen: ~~shocked and apalled (buried interest)~~

Laveen: "Bbut doesn't that that mean that you ... you..."

Laveen: "Surely no!"

DaBoss: "Tell me... Laveen is it? Tell me, have you ever felt... intense... desire, need almost, to give of yourself?"

Laveen: ~~embarassment~~ "Well, Once when Hajene burns was lecturing on his 26th day... and there was this girl from out- who wanted to..."

DaBoss listens politely. "Go on...."

Laveen: "She asked me too .. but she was a renSime, and Tecton regulations say no."

Laveen: ~~drifts off into longing memory~~

DaBoss asks softly, "Did you give her transfer or not?"

Laveen: "And she said that after we would..."

Laveen: ~~contracts field businesslike~~

Laveen: "Well, we have all made mistakes."

DaBoss zlins Laveen, to determine whether it's regret, or guilt, he feels.

Laveen: ~~guilty regret~~

Laveen: "They took her off to one of those... camps."

Laveen bursts into tears and bends over sobbing.

DaBoss reaches out and touches Laveen's arm reassuringly. "Laveen. All that is behind you now. Where you are going, you can make life beautiful for all sort of RenSimes just like your friend."

Laveen: "All we did ... she wasn't really... they didn't have to... it should have been me."

DaBoss knows why Cpt. Button was in such a hurry to unload this guy, now.

Laveen looks up with a tear stained face. "You mean... you..."

DaBoss: "We're going to train you to make the most of your abilities as a Gen. And I mean all your abilities, and with all kinds of people. Including RenSimes."

Laveen: ~~surpressed joy~~

Laveen: "Th-Thank you Hajene!"

Laveen: "When do I start?"

DaBoss smiles. "Why, as soon as you like. I can introduce you to our Sectuib and our extremely talented staff."

Laveen: "OK. I left my luggage in the foyer."

DaBoss: "Why don't you go get it, and I'll show you where you'll be staying."

Laveen: "Yes, Hajene."

Laveen goes out.

Narrator: You discover Young Gen going through your stuff.

Laveen: ~~anger~~ "Hey! what are you doing!"

Young Gen: "Oh... er... just checking for contraband!"

Young Gen stands back hastily.

Young Gen gives you a dirty look.

Laveen: "I bet."

Young Gen: "My dad is the Sectuib, so you better not mess with me."

Laveen bends over his bag to check for missing items.

Narrator: You seem to be missing a couple of small valuable items.

Laveen: "Clearly not your real father."

Young Gen looks offended. "Is so!"

Laveen holds out his hand. "Gimme."

Young Gen looks pouty.

Young Gen hands over most of the items after a pause.

Laveen: "All of them."

Young Gen rolls his eyes, and hands over the final item. "What fun you're going to be to have around."

Laveen: tightly: "I'm sure we'll get on splendidly."

Young Gen manages a sneer and turns his back on Laveen.

Laveen puts the items back in his bag and zips them up.

Laveen picks up his bags and struggles through the corridor, bags bumping up against the walls.

Young Gen calls after Laveen's back, "You're just jealous!"

DaBoss's face lights up as Laveen returns. "Ah, well then. Ready for the tour?"

DaBoss: "Can I carry that for you?"

Laveen: "That's all right, I can manage" ~~ left arm burning a little~~

DaBoss: "Okay, follow me!"

DaBoss holds aside the Founding 400 tapestry, and enters a somewhat wider corridor.

Narrator: The corridor is of brick and painted entirely yellow, walls, ceiling and floor.

Narrator: Blister-shaped lights spaced unevenly around its curved ceiling imply the spirochetes of some bizarre caterpillar.

Narrator: The floor undulates up and down as you traverse the 50' length.

Laveen loks up at the lights and stumbles.

DaBoss darts back to catch him just in time.

Laveen: "Thank you Hajene. I'm sorry."

Narrator: The corridor ends at a arch-topped wooden door covered with chromed, bulbous studs. Between the studs a diamond grid is etched into the wood, stained alternating red, green, blue and yellow.

Narrator: However, the door opens with a perfectly ordinary handle.

Laveen tries to remember householding heraldry.

Narrator: This doesn't look like anything any normal householding would want to be caught dead near.

Laveen: Hrumph. Stuffy old Householdings anyway.

Laveen: err Hosueholdings

Laveen: [sigh]

Narrator: On the other side is a huge lounge done up in hot pink velour, with circular, black walls. Spaced around the circle are various doors.

DaBoss: "Here's the sleeping quarters," says DaBoss. He whips open one of the doors. "Here's yours."

Laveen walks in.

Narrator: You find yourself in a heart-shaped room with silver-lame wallpaper. The ceiling was mirror tiled but some tiles are missing. The floor has 2" deep black shag carpet. The bed is bright red and heart-shaped. There is a complex, but dilapitated, control panel mounted near it. There are a couple of decrepit chairs and a small dresser there as well.

DaBoss grimaces. "Sorry about the accomodations. This building used to be used for something else before we bought it."

Laveen tries not to think about what.

DaBoss: "But don't worry, you'll be so busy you won't see this room much."

Laveen puts down his bags by the dresser.

Laveen examines the door for a lock.

Narrator: There are several.

Narrator: It would take several minutes to lock them all, unless you could augment.

Laveen: "OK. What's next?"

DaBoss explains about the locks. "Apparently they don't have locks or privacy where our Sectuib comes from, so he's a bit obsessive about them."

Laveen: "Unlike his... anyway."

DaBoss: "Well. First of all, let me get a better idea of what type of work you'd like to do. Are you more insterested in sales, administration, or... product delivery?"

Laveen: ~~heats up~~ small voice: "delivery, I think."

DaBoss chuckles indulgently. "Very  well then. Let me introduce you to our Product Delivery Specialists."

DaBoss leads you through the lounge to a door opposite the one you came in.

Laveen: ~~interest~~ "Certainly, Hajene."

Laveen locks the door at least a little behind him.

Narrator: OK.

Laveen: ~~curiousity~~

Narrator: After a completely, totally unforgettable series of rooms and hallways, which any person with eyes and/or hands to feel with could find their way back through with ease, you arrive in a cramped office with a 5'5" ceiling, royal purple painted walls, and a black ceiling and floor, filled with blinking lights and whirring equipment.

Narrator: There are several Simes and Gens working in there.

Narrator: You notice a few TV monitors which show various almost, but not quite, transfer-related activities going on, on them.

Laveen cranes to look at the monitors.

Narrator: The first one you see shows a male and a female Gen groping each other quite earnestly.

Laveen blushes.

DaBoss sees you looking. "Ah, that's Kera. She's helping our good customer Mr. Yulen raise his interest in transfer. You see, he associates transfer with sexual gratification. It's actually a quite common problem among out-Territory Gens."

Laveen tries not to interfere in the ambient.

DaBoss continues on, oblivious. "After he is suitably... readied, he will be able to go take his transfer with perfect satisfaction."

Laveen: ~~puzzlement~~ "But sex is supposed to be a part of Post syndrome."

DaBoss: "And I'm sure it will be, in his case."

DaBoss: "Because Simes only experience sexual interest after transfer, In-Territory folks often assume it must be the same for Gens. But this is not true at all!"

Laveen: ~~hot flash~~

DaBoss: Several of the technicians look over in your direction. One of them asks DaBoss, "New guy?"

DaBoss says, "Uh-huh."

Laveen: "Are you going to expect me to... to...."

DaBoss: "With the males, it shouldn't be necessary. It is best to bring the male Gen to the brink of... er...release, but then send him off to his transfer at that point. However, the female Gen is an entirely different matter. She should be brought to sexual climax several times before transfer, this will enhance both the transfer and her activities during post-syndrome."

Laveen: ~~hot flash~~ Laveen blushes.

DaBoss smiles fondly.

Laveen draws himself up.

DaBoss: "Of course, with both Simes and Gens, both men and women, there are a great deal of individual variations. You will become skilled at finding the right way to... handle... each customer you are assigned."

DaBoss: "And of course we keep files... very confidential files.. on all our valued customers."

Laveen: to the technican: "How do you do? I am Laveen."

Narrator: The technician smiles and says "Hi, I'm Rosa. Welcome to House of Intil. Are you going to pledge?"

DaBoss intervenes hastily. "It's a little soon for that. He's only been here an hour!"

Laveen: ~~uncertainty~~ "I-I think so."

Laveen: "I'm not sure yet."

Rosa looks at her monitor. "Looks like Kera is almost done. Shall I call her up here so Laveen can meet her?"

Laveen looks at the monitor again.

Rosa smiles at you. "I hope you do. We need more male Gens."

Narrator: Mr. Yulen is looking rather on the brink.

Laveen blushes and looks down.

Narrator: Mr. Yulen puts his clothes on in a hurry and rushes out the door.

Kera looks rather pleased with herself.

Laveen looks up Rosa slowly and makes eye contact.

Laveen smiles weakly.

Rosa is a full-bodied, voluptuous Gen of about 35 years, with lush pink skin and a mass of tawny curls. Her smile is sweet. Her eyes are knowledgeable.

Laveen smiles more definitely.

Laveen: "I'm looking forward to learning the ro- uh learning what we do here."

DaBoss: the door opens and Kera appears, now fully clothed.

Kera: "Oh hi, is this the new recruit?"

Laveen holds out his hand. "Laveen, Thir-- new recruit."

DaBoss smiles. "Kera, this is Laveen. We just hired him away from Specialized Exports Ltd."

Kera smiles at you. "Welcome to House of Intil, Laveen. Are you going to pledge?"

Laveen speculates about the fringe benfits.

DaBoss intervenes hastily. "He only just got here. It's a little soon for pledging."

Laveen: "Well, I just got here...."

"Oh." Kera seems a touch disappointed. "Well, we are rather short of male Gens."

Narrator: Suddenly a buzzer goes off loudly.

Narrator: There is a commotion at the other end of the room, and everybody rushes to gather around one of the monitors.

Laveen follows, peering over shoulders.

Narrator: You see a scene of mayhem in which one Gen is throttling another, while a terrified Sime tries to separate them.

Laveen: whispers: "Is she supposed to do that?"

DaBoss: "Oh no! Hajene Droge's transfer partner found out where she's been going before transfer every month! And boy is he mad!"

Narrator: The angry Gen is wearing a Tecton Sime Center uniform, a beet red face and a horrible scowl as he throttles the defenseless House of Intil Gen.

DaBoss grabs Laveen. "Come with me!"

Laveen: "Oh. Dear."

Laveen follows.

DaBoss rushes down a narrow (spiral) (rhinestone-encrusted) stairway down to a brightly lit white hallway lined with doors. One door is open, and the two of you burst in on the scene you saw in the monitor. "I'll get these two -- you handle the Sime!" DaBoss throws himself at the fighting Gens.

Laveen moves over to Droge. ~~smooth enticing field~~

Laveen: "Come over here Hajene. I can help you"

Hajene Droge seems torn between the fight and Laveen's field. "But -"

Laveen: "It will be all right. Hajene DuBois will take care of it. Come over here."

Laveen: ~~ links rhythm~~

Hajene Droge tears her eyes away from the scene and forces herself to obey Laveen's field.

Laveen: ~~focuses on HD~~

Hajene Droge seems to become less frightened and more calm.

Laveen: "Thaaat's right. Just rest on my field."

Laveen: ~~projects calm pulsing~

Hajene Droge: "It's so terrible. One moment we were just innocently enjoying ourselves, and the next, oh it's horrible! What am I going to tell my Controller?"

HajDroge rests on Laveen's field, still looking worried.

Laveen: "We will help you restore your balances. And we can give you a plausible alibi."

Narrator: You see that DaBoss and the House of Intil Gen have managed to restrain the enraged Tecton Donor.

Hajene Droge glances at the three men. "But what about Ferguz? He'll report this the instant he can!"

Laveen: ~~reassurance~~

Hajene Droge feels more reassured despite her fears.

Laveen: "Will he? But then he wouldn't get a transfer this month. He'd get underdraw."

Laveen: "That he came here shows that he cares about you."

Hajene Droge looks relieved. "Do you think so?"

Laveen: "Of course. If he didn't, he'd be annoyed, not in a jealous rage."

Hajene Droge zlins Laveen a little closer. "You zlin like a Tecton Donor!"

Laveen: ~~flare of guilt and embarassment~~ "Yes, I do, but that is just a... coincidence."

HajDroge looks doubtful, but just says "Oh... I see."

DaBoss gestures to you to come over to him.

Laveen looks at Ferguz with peripheral vision trying to tell if Ferguz has calmed down without shifting his field.

Ferguz seems to be mad, but no longer violent. Laveen walks slowly towards DaBoss, keeping engaged with Hajene Droge's nager.

DaBoss says quietly to you, "I think I can handle them for now. You go up and get Kera to come down here, OK?"

Laveen: "Yes Hajene."

Laveen: ~~slowly relinquishes ambient to DaBoss~~

Laveen backs slowly out of the room.

DaBoss takes control

Laveen moves down the white hallway at gradually increasing speed, and goes up the spiral stairs two at a time.

Laveen bursts into the monitor room. "Kera! Hajene DuBois wants you down there!"

Kera meets you on the way out, practically running into your arms.

Laveen leans over to peer at the monitor.

Kera looks you in the eyes. "I saw. You were... masterful."

Laveen blushes. "Ahh... ahh...."

Kera: She runs a hand along your jaw. "I specialize in male Gens, you know." She winks, then hurries down the stairs.

Narrator: A number of technicians who saw this interaction give you the thumbs up.

Laveen watches Kera go down the stairs and continues to watch long after she is gone from view.

Narrator: And what a view it was!

Laveen suddenly realizes he can look at the monitor. He rushes over to it.

Narrator: On the monitor, you see to your surprise that the House of Intil Gen, whose name you still don't know, has now gone back to Droge, while Kera has taken charge of Ferguz. Ferguz seems to have forgotten his anger in favor of dumbfounded lust. DaBoss edges towards the door, zlinning to make sure everything is going to go according to plan.

"Ah yes," Rosa breathes. "The Double Intil maneuver, one of my favorites."

Laveen: ~~puzzled~~ "How can she arouse his... interest when he is so high field?"

Narrator: One of the other technicians seems rather disgruntled. "Oh shen, now I'm going to have to redo the whole schedule to avoid that room for a couple of hours." He starts typing away at a terminal.

"Oh," said Rosa, "You'll learn how. With Gens, it's all psychological. There's really no reason a high-field Gen... such as yourself... can't feel powerfully aroused."

Laveen: ~~hot flash~~

Rosa smiles.

Laveen blushes.

DaBoss comes up the stairs rubbing his hands together and looking pleased with himself. "Those two are going to have the best transfer ever, and share the best Post ever!

Laveen: "I always thought that transfer and [gulp] sex were orthogonal to each other."

Rosa narrows her eyes and twitches her lips. "Such big words. It must be true." You notice her figure again. Only a Gen could achieve such fantastic curves.

DaBoss ignores the interplay. "OK, ready to go meet Sectuib Farris?"

Laveen admires Rosa's adipose tissue.

Laveen: "Hmm? Oh! Of course, Hajene DuBois."

DaBoss winces at the mangling of his name, but apparently doesn't think it's worth the effort of complaining. "This way, then!"

Laveen glances back at the monitor, and at Rosa, before following DaBoss out.

Narrator: The two of you emerge from a small black door onto the landing of a monstrously grand stairway all done in gold. Gold hardware, gold-leaf covered wood, gold rhinestones, gold paint. Well none of it is real gold of course.

Laveen wonders if this is supposed to recreate zlinning visually.

DaBoss pauses, shading his eyes. "That reminds me. You want to make sure to try really hard to hide your true feelings about the decor of this place, when we're talking to Sectuib Farris."

DaBoss: "You won't be able to fool him for an instant, of course, but he'll pretend not to notice if you are pretending to like it."

Laveen: meekly: "Yes sir."

Narrator: The two of you climb about 3 stories broad spiral staircase. At each landing is a magnificent bay window with a cloth-of-gold upholstered and fringed seat and pillows. The view is, depressingly, of the same ugly city you've lived in for months.

Laveen starts puffing a bit.

Narrator: In the center of the spiral is an enormous chandelier some 1.5 stories high, hanging from the domed ceiling. Its crystals resemble amber and it's got fake gold fruit of every kind dangling from its hundreds of arms.

Laveen: "This place didn't look so impressive from outside."

DaBoss nods. "We try not to attract attention. Also, by keeping the exterior shabby, and never letting the tax assessors in, it keeps the property taxes way down."

Narrator: At last you arrive at the top. At one end of the hallway there is what appears to be a massive ballroom. In the other direction, several doors and a smaller spiral stairway. DaBoss starts up the new stairs.

DaBoss explains, "Sectuib Farris stays in the penthouse."

Laveen sighs and follows.

Narrator: This set of stairs is mercifully short, only about 2 stories high.

Narrator: You emerge through a slot in the floor and find yourself in a huge circular room with a domed ceiling and glass walls with a 360 degree view of the same ugly city.

Narrator: The ceiling is painted with a massive, spectacularly gaudy renedition of the "founding 400" picture, this one large enough to see every detail clearly.

Narrator: The floor is littered with various objects of clothing.

Laveen turns around, looking around.

Narrator: In the center of the room is a huge round... it looks like a bed, littered with about 2 dozen bodies, mostly either asleep or lying perfectly still wearing dreamy expressions.

Laveen looks up at the ceiling, staring intently. He unthinkingly backs up towards the stairwell.

Narrator: There is another chandelier hanging directly over the bed, this one carrying hundreds of palm-sized mirrors pointing in every angle at the bed, so that someone on the bed could look at any other part of the bed without moving.

DaBoss catches Laveen before he falls down the stairs.

Narrator: The myriad of arms carrying the mirrors resemble curled tentacles.

Laveen: "Whup! Oh. Sorry Hajene."

Laveen notices the bed and his eyes bug out.

DaBoss says smoothly, "No problem. Why don't you come over here and meet our founder and Sectuib." He leads Laveen towards the bed.

Laveen tries very hard to control his field.

Narrator: Near the center of the bed something is moving, underneath the brocaded covers.

Laveen is confused by the multiplicity of nagers.

DaBoss clears his throat. "Excuse me, Sectuib? There is somebody I'd like you to meet. Our new recruit, Laveen."

Laveen: ~~attention moves around the bed, trying to figure out who is who~~

Narrator: The movement stops. After a moment, a tentacled arm gropes its way out from under the covers. A moment later another. Then an untentacled arm, then a third one with tentacles. Finally the covers roll back and several tousled heads become visible, including that of one unmistakeably Farris young man.

Narrator: You see various male and female Simes and Gens. For the most part the Simes are RenSimes.

Laveen: "I'm very pleased to meet you, Sectuib Farris."

Laveen: "I love what you have done with this place." ~~tightly controlled nager~~

Sectuib Farris appears to be very mellow. He seems pleased by your comments. "Well, you seem to be a very good addition to House of Intil. I hope that you enjoy your work here."

DaBoss says, "We're going to try him down in Product Delivery. He has indicated an interest in that area."

Laveen: "I'm sure I will Sectuib." ~~thrill in nager, damped quickly~~

Laveen: "I just hope I can measure up to standards."

Sectuib Farris looks interested, in a lazy sort of way. "Ah yes, Product Delivery. My second favorite area, after Research of course. Well, let me know if he looks like he could use Special Training, will you?" he nods to DaBoss.

DaBoss nods seriously. "Absolutely." He turns to you. "I am sure you will do very well, so long as you believe in Excellence, which of course is what House of Intil is all about. Right?" He looks at you meaningfully, as if expecting an answer.

Laveen: "Of course Hajene. Excellence in all things."

DaBoss smiles. He turns back to Sectuib Farris. "Well, of course we're interrupting your... research. We'll just go back downstairs for now. Thank you for your time."

Laveen bows to Sectuib Farris.

DaBoss bows, and then shows Laveen to the stairs.

Laveen follows, glancing up at the painting again.

DaBoss catches Laveen as he all but falls down the first few steps

Laveen: "Whup! Sorry Hajene. I did it again, didn't I?" ~~shame~~

DaBoss waves that away. "Perfectly understandable."

DaBoss adds, "You'll really have to do something about that shame reflex."

Laveen: ~~shame~~ "I'm sorry Hajene."

DaBoss: "If you get ashamed every time you see a bared tentacle, it's going to be impossible for you to work as a transfer de-inhibitizer."

Laveen: "It isn't the tentacles, it the... other things."

DaBoss: "Likewise, you are going to have to get used to handling every imaginable human body part with perfect confidence, or you'll ruin the confidence of the people you are handling!"

Laveen: "My parents were both from out-Territory, and rather strict. They were CotP growing up."

Laveen: "They were very pleased when I Established. They wnated me to go out-Territory to work in the family business."

DaBoss nods. "Ah, yes. Well fortunately, we are well equipped to get you loosened up on the subjects of sex and, of course, choice of occupation."

Laveen: "Ah. That's good."

DaBoss adds, "And remember, you won't be performing actual sexual acts, or even acts of transfer, just foreplay and raising intil. So technically you won't be breaking your parents' rules at all!"

Laveen: "I don't think they would see it that way, somehow."

DaBoss pauses. "It, ah, might be better if you don't see your parents for the next couple of years."

Laveen: "Yes, I think so. We haven't been close since I signed up for Donor training. They never really approved of channels. No offense."

Narrator: Having trooped down about 3 miles of stairs, you pass back through the control room and into another area which resembles a library on LSD. The books appear fairly normal but the walls, celing and floor are in wriggly shapes and painted psychedelic colors and covered with thousands of buttons, rhinestones, coins and other small objects.

Laveen: [Obviously a portal to L-Space is around here somewhere. :-)#]

DaBoss: "This library contains everything you'll ever need to know about raising intil in a Sime or readiness-for-transfer in a Gen. You are welcome to take the books and read them as you like."

Laveen: "Ah. Thank you. I'll do that."

DaBoss: "You'll want to pick and choose, though; some of the stuff is rather esoteric. Much of Sectuib Farris' research is beyond any situation that might be encountered in real life."

DaBoss selects 3 or 4 books from the shelves and hands them to Laveen. "For now, why don't you start with these."

Laveen: "Well, that is usually the case with Farrises, isn't it?"

Laveen: "Thank you."

Laveen looks at the spines for titles.

DaBoss chuckles, looking slightly embarassed for once. "Well, yes. But like I say, the profits exceed the cost of the eccentricities, most of the time, so...."

Narrator: You view the titles:

Narrator: "Bringing the female Gen to the peak of Desire to Give"

Narrator: "How to drive a male Gen out of his Mind"

Laveen: "Pleasing your renSime."

Narrator: "RenSimes and Sexual Arousal: Myths Debunked, with appendix of Experiments"

Narrator: "What You May Not Know About Channels and Sex"

Laveen flicks through them, glancing at illustrations.

Narrator: There are quite a few illustrations. This might take a while.

Laveen closes them with a snap. "I'll read them as fast as I can, Hajene."

DaBoss leads you back to the hot pink velour upholstered lounge area with the black circular walls in which the doors to the bedrooms are placed. "This central area is for communal gathering. People go in their rooms for privacy, but if you see someone out here it's okay to ask them to answer your questions or help you if you need practice."

Laveen: "That will be useful."

DaBoss looks startled. "Oh my, the time. I have to get back to work!"

Laveen: ~~ hunger peeking out ~~

DaBoss explains: "I'm a Second Order channel for the Tecton. This is what I do with my off hours. I'm almost late! Sorry to hire and run, but... ask anyone if you need help."

DaBoss rushes from the room.

Laveen: "Of Course. Uh which way to the cafeteria?"

Narrator: You hear a faint voice echo after the channel: "Up the green stairs, through the chain of small rooms, and to the left of the giant cylinder."

Laveen looks around. "The office was that way, the control room there, ..."

Laveen checks the door to his room to see if it is still locked.

Narrator: it is.

Laveen goes up the green stairs. He looks into each room before entering.

Narrator: Well at the top of the stairs are a chain of small rooms, like antechambers. They have really high ceilings and are painted a color slightly too pink to be salmon, with dark woodwork around the doors and sea-green hex tile floors.

Narrator: There are about 16 of them in the chain.

Narrator: Each one has two paintings in it, one on each side wall.

Narrator: The paintings all appear to be of Sectuib Farris by different artists, and are all rather flattering.

Narrator: The guy would appear to have a bit of an ego.

Laveen looks briefly at each painting on his way through.

Laveen thinks about how much all of this must have cost.

Narrator: the mind boggles.

Laveen: He looks for the "giant cylinder".

Narrator: At first it is hard to tell what he meant by "giant cylinder."

Narrator: Then you notice there is a giant parquetry mural on the floor, which might look like a 2-dimensional representation of a cylinder if you were looking at it from the balcony circling near the top of this very tall room.

Narrator: You smell something very much like food.

Laveen trys to think in solid geometry terms.

Narrator: the smell is coming from a door over to the left.

Laveen looks for what "to the left" means, and goes that way.

Narrator: You see a white tile wall with big brushed-steel double swinging doors, clearly labelled "SLIUHDIU".

Laveen's mouth waters.

Laveen goes through the steel doors carefully.

Laveen wonders what "SLIUHDIU" mean, and reminds himself to look it up.

Narrator: On the other side you find a deserted cafeteria. The walls and floor are battleship grey, while the round tables and attendant chairs are either faded lemon yellow or sherbet orange. Along one wall ranges an enormous stainless steel cafeteria counter, behind which a very grouchy looking RenSime glares at you.

Narrator: You notice that Grouchy bears a close visual resemblence to Young Gen.

Laveen: ~~brightly~~ "Hello! My name is Laveen. Hajene DuBois just hired me."

Grouchy: "Well Hoo-ray for you," snarles the RenSime. "I suppose you want something to eat too!!"

Laveen compares to two of them to Sectuib Farris.

Narrator: They seem much more uptight than the Sectuib.

Narrator: It seems hard to imagine Sectuib Farris laying with Grouchy, but now that you think of it Young Gen does seem to resemble the both of them.

Laveen: "If it is convenient.... I can come back later if you'll tell me when."

Grouchy rolls her eyes. "Then you'll just start whining and everybody else will come down on me for giving you a hard time. Why don't you just tell me what you want and get it over with?"

Laveen has a sinking feeling that he may have a powerful enemy already.

Laveen: "Whatever is ready is fine."

Laveen looks around, trying to estimate how many people could eat here at once.

Grouchy sighs. "There's a Gen for you. No imagination whatsoever." She slops something onto a plate and shoves it across the counter at you, muttering to herself, "Not that there's any shortage of imagination around here for some people, damn him anyway."

Narrator: The cafeteria looks like it could seat between 100 and 130 people, if all the tables are full.

Laveen: "I'd noticed, that, yes. Thank you very much."

Grouchy turns away from you, not before you notice her mouthing the words "thank you very much" in insulting imitation.

Laveen goes over to a table near the door.

Narrator: It is quite peaceful in the cafeteria now.

Laveen sits down and looks at what he has been given.

Narrator: Which one do you look at first?

Narrator: Oh, the food.

Narrator: It's pretty ordinary food... remarkably like the Tecton slop.

Narrator: She probably learned how to cook in a Tecton cafeteria.

Narrator: Which might explain why she is so grouchy.

Laveen reflects that some things don't change.

Narrator: You notice there is art on the cafeteria walls too. It looks like art robbed from hotel rooms. In fact, as your eyes travel around the room, you realize there are only 3 different pieces even though over 20 prints are hung.

Laveen guesses that the Sectuib probably doesn't come down here very much.

Laveen opens "Bringing the female Gen to the peak of Desire to Give" to the introduction and starts eating while reading.

Narrator: Twenty minutes later you realize your food is cold and your fork hasn't even made it to your mouth for the first time yet.

Narrator: You are still on the 3rd picture in.

Narrator: It shows a photo of a Gen and a channel taking transfer, and the Gen's face is transfixed with an expression of utter joy.

Laveen considers asking Grouchy to heat it up for him but rejects it.

Narrator: She is also stark nude. (the Gen in the photo)

Narrator: The caption underneath reads "There is no reason why a properly prepared female Gen cannot experience sexual climax during transfer."

Laveen forces himself to close the book, well maybe one more peek, and pay attention to eating.

Narrator: Loud sounds of pots and pans banging against the stove remind you to control your field.

Narrator: Somehow you manage to finish the cold meal.

Laveen chews while musing that the Tecton would consider that Gen "unprofessional".

Laveen thinks back and wonders why his compassion for a Sime - what they said was a central facet of being a Donor - was his undoing.

Laveen finishes eating and looks around for where to bus his tray.

Narrator: Well, there's always the counter.

Laveen considers if there is some way to put it there without talking to Grouchy.

Narrator: Well, it seems unlikely.

Laveen tightly controls his field and goes up to the counter.

Grouchy eyes first Laveen, and then the books he's carrying. The latter with a virulent loathing.

Narrator: her upper lip jerks towards a snarl but she doesn't say anything.

Laveen: "Uh, where should I put this? Thank you, By the way." gestures with tray.

Narrator: She takes the tray.

Narrator: "Well at least you didn't leave it on the table like the rest of these inconsiderate oafs," she mutters.

Narrator: This would seem to be her substitute for "thanks" and "your welcome".

Laveen: "When are the usual mealtimes?"

Narrator: "I'm sure nobody tells me. They just come and go whenever they feel like, without bothering to schedule it in advance. It would be so easy to simply say 'lunch is at noon' or 'dinner is at three' but no, we have to have -- " and here, her voice darkened poisonously " -- setting ourselves free to live with our bodies' natural rhythms'. Pfagh!"

Grouchy spits on the tray and stomps off into the back somewhere.

Laveen: 'Thanks again!"

Laveen gathers up the books and heads back to the pink velour room.

Narrator: The common area is as you left it.

Laveen wonders if this place zlins as kitsch as it looks.

Narrator: Well, there's only one way to find out....

Laveen loooks around for the washroom.

Narrator: Are you sure?

Laveen: Sure of what?

Narrator: Are you sure you want to see what the washroom looks like?

Laveen doesn't have any choice.

Narrator: Ok.. you soon find the room. It is an immense room with a three-level floor. There are two sunken baths, one of immense size and the other one suitable for two, or perhaps three people. The latter is a whirlpool. The walls are done up in green faux-marble fluted columns which arch together to form a vaulted ceiling. The floor and baths are of glossy black tile. There is a side room with other fixtures. The side room is of tawny marble that looks real except where it has broken off to reveal it is only 1/4" thick. The fixtures themselves are white porcelain with : gaudy, high-arching fake gold dolphin-shaped spouts.

Narrator: The whole room smells like different kinds of soap, and you notice the different soaps are different shapes of seashells, and various colors no seashell could ever be.

Narrator: There are washcloths and handtowels with the ornate crest of some hotel you never heard of.

Laveen uses the fixtures for the necessary functions.

Narrator: They seem to work fine.

Laveen washes his hands carefully. He reaches up to his right eye. He pulls out the glass eye. Pop -- out it comes.

Laveen washes it carefully before putting it back in. Splut -- in it goes.

Laveen: "I should have listened to you mother."

Narrator: A voice startles you. "Why, what did she say?" A Gen has walked in behind you. It's the guy who was getting strangled by Ferguz earlier.

Laveen: Without turning around, Laveen says "Not to run with sharp sticks."

Intil Gen laughs

Laveen turns around and bows.

Intil Gen says, "My mother told me never to go into strange buildings."

Laveen looks around. "I see you didn't listen either."

Laveen: "I didn't introduce myself when we met before. I am Laveen."

Intil Gen bows in return, then holds out his hand Out-Territory style. "I'm Jele."

Jele: "Sorry you had to see that mess on your first day. It's really not so bad usually."

Laveen shakes Jele's hand. "Are you all right?"

Jele grimaces. "Just shaken up a bit. It scared the crap out of me when that gorilla broke the door down. My life flashed before my eyes."

Jele adds, "One minute I am using my hands, body and nager what God intended them for, and the next I'm getting my head twisted off by Jealous Transfer Partner from Hell."

Laveen: "Yes, I can see that it might."

Laveen: "And you were just making things better for him too."

Jele nods. "I think he understands that a little better now that Kera explained it to him."

Jele: "So, have you gotten the big tour?"

Laveen: "Not as such, no. I went upstairs to meet the Sectuib, and down the hall for lunch."

Jele's eyebrows rise. "What did you think?"

Laveen: "It was ornate. And rather decadent, I think." [smiles] "'Exactly the kind of thing that lead to the creation of Sime-demons'".

Jele rubs his hands together just like DaBoss. "Everybody wants a spot in the R&D department, but it's not easy to break in. You have to pay your dues in one of the other departments for a few years first."

Laveen: "Everyone? Really?"

Jele: "Oh yeah! Who wouldn't want to work with the man who singlehandedly cracked the secrets not only of pre-Transfer Sime sexual arousal and Gen simultaneous physical-and-transfer-climax, but found the work-around for the channel homosexuality problem?"

Laveen: "Is it really research or is that just..."

Jele grinned. "Oh, the whole 'is it really research' question. Well, there's really no way to find out without getting on the team, is there?"

Laveen: "A way to avoid catastrophic vriamic crossfeed? How is that possible?"

Laveen: "I knew a young channel at school who, well found out the hard way."

Jele: "Well, it's relatively simple if you have a few extra people there to help out. Of course there has to be a relationship of intense trust, as the selyn will pass through five different people between the two in question."

Jele: "It might not actually be possible in anything but a controlled laboratory setting."

Laveen: "F-five!?"

Jele: "Sectuib Farris thinks big."

Laveen closes his eyes and breathes deeply.

Laveen: "So it would seem."

Jele looks concerned. "I hope we aren't... exposing.. you to too much too fast."

Laveen: "It is all a little ... disorienting. It was hard enough getting over my parents' aversion to tranfers. And now all things I replace those values with are...."

Laveen looks away.

Jele cocks his head. "Maybe what you need is some time to yourself. I shouldn't have intruded."

Laveen: "No, I'll have to get used to it."

Laveen: "What is the regular routine here? I couldn't get the cook to tell me when mealtimes are."

Jele laughs. "Oh, so you've already run afoul of Old Grouchy, eh? Don't mind her, she snaps at everybody. She's just bitter because she had a nasty breakup a year or two back."

Laveen: "Come to think of it, I don't know who I'm supposed to report to. Hajene DuBois said I should start in 'Product Delivery". Who is in charge of that?"

Jele: "Product Delivery Head is Jametang, also known as Jammy. I can introduce you if you want."

Laveen: "Romantic? Or... transfer?"

Jele: "By the way, I am so relieved to hear you are in Product Delivery. We've needed another male Gen for eons."

Laveen: "So I've heard. If you could introduce me I would be most grateful."

Jele: "Marriage, actually. Went down the tubes years ago but only became official last year sometime."

Jele: "You wouldn't believe how many customers want male Gens. I have been so overworked."

Laveen: "Well that must be rough."

Jele shrugs fatalistically. "When you are that grouchy, who'd want ya anyway?"

Jele goes over to the sink. "I just came in here to wash this gack off my hands."

Laveen: "Was she like that before?"

Jele grabs a dolphin and hoses off his hands.

Jele shrugged. "I don't know, I've only been here a year."

Laveen: "Is she related to the Sectuib?"

Jele: "Not anymore!"

Laveen: "Huh?"

Laveen holds a towel for Jele to take when he needs it.

Laveen: "I also met some young snot who claims to be the Sectuib's son."

Jele: "Oh yeah. That would be Chiz."

Jele: " 'snot' sums it up quite nicely."

Laveen looks sick.

Laveen: "I was afraid of that."


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