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Episode Indexes for the different scenarios:

Bender Cove Township The original Sime~Gen IRC roleplaying scenario (actually started in AOL IM chat), this was set in a Sime Center in the worst neighborhood of a border city. Over its year-and-a-half lifetime the scenario's storyline went through several distinct phases as a result of player changes and other factors. Some of the Bender Cove characters have lived on in other scenarios.

Householding Naros This was the second scenario, originally started by players split off from Bender Cove before the allure of reviving BC characters out of context led to TRD (see below). Intended as a "kinder, gentler" scenario, this one ended up proving that you can't avoid scandalous disasters, just put a pretty face on them. :-)

Two Roads Diverged Two Roads Diverged followed the infamous Wise Snake's flight from Bender Cove Township, along with all of her closest... well, let's face it, they were a bunch of people who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. After months on the road and a probably too-long stopover at Householding Naros, this scenario dissolved when its characters were scattered. Some of them can be found in the later scenarios.

District Controller's Office Set in a District office at Capitol, this scenario came about when a Bender Cove character named Darrel fled to Naros in order to escape a certain Sime Center's lobby, and was turned in to the authorities by Riyyh. The District Controller himself is a character stolen from Kaas Baichtal's novel Undertow, and proved so entertaining that a scenario grew up around him. Darrel continues to pop up in play now and then as well.

Farpoint Sime Center: This spinoff from Bender Cove Township started when at least one BCT character was transferred to this Sime Center. (none posted at this time)

Householding Chanel: A scenario involving this House evolved naturally when its Sectuib began spending time at the Bender Cove Sime Center. (none posted at this time)

Genview Gen Farm: This scenario was founded in the Summer of 1998 as a sort of "Australian Pride" scenario. It is set at a Genfarm and takes place during the same time period as Bender Cove etc., at which time that part of Australia has not yet seen Unity. (none posted at this time)

Pooterville, Gen Territory This is set some unspecified number of decades before Unity, in a small town in Gen Territory.

Snake River Dam This District Controller's Office spinoff was created when several characters from that scenario were reassigned to provide selyn movement management for the construction site of a dam on the Snake Reservoir.

Borderlands Included for the sake of completeness because this scenario follows on from Snake River Dam. It is archived on a different website.

We have some oddball episodes that don't fit into any scenario too:

Wanna Buy some Ronaplin? (spring of '97) A dark alley, a quick transaction....

House of Intil, Part 1 (spring of '97) Meet the people on the cutting edge of alternative transfer research.

Russian Crossover (10/9/00) Nick, Riyyh and Avilan meet in Azov's Conservatory in this surreal dream sequence or alternate reality experience. Rated PG-13.

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