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Pooterville, Gen Territory Episodes
Episode #1: Our Church of the Eternal Light (8/15/99) Masilda wants her daughter to have the best buttons on her debut dress, but isn't clear on how sinful it would look if she bought them from someone known to deal with Simes. Lieutenant Leigh optimistically sets out to create good relations with the local civilian populace.

Episode #2: Pooterville Pass (8/17/99) Lieutenant Leigh pays a visit to Dauget, in his ongoing quest to connect with civilian authorities.

Episode #3: The Tilted Wheel (8/19/99) Jerfy is thinking of buying a necklace for a girl he would like to impress, but decides discretion is the better part of valor when Masilda turns up. Masilda is there to purchase some buttons for her daughter's debut dress, and has come armed with money, religious pamphlets, and a healthy dose of denial. After she's gone, Lieutenant Leigh pays a visit to the tavern also, as part of his mission to (try to) get chummy with local community leaders.