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Quotable Quotes

These are quotes and classic one-liners from the episodes. Some of them are funny even knowing nothing about the game,
while others require a certain knowledge of the characters or scenario to truly appreciate.

Briael: You ever been around a Farris channel before?

Briael: [studying Snake]

Wise Snake:Yes, actually.

From BCT #3... before it was public knowledge that Snake is a Farris herself

Tramila: You're young, Wise. And you have a lot of potential.

Wise Snake: There's that "potential" word again. It goes right into my danger book alongside "therapy".

From BCT #3

Briael: No wonder she wasn't too upset about Veraik. morals. Their motto should be share and share alike.

In BCT #3, about Tramila, upon learning that Tramila had slept with the World Controller, shortly after learning Veraik had slept with the World Controller's wife.

Sid follows Snake, secure in the illusion that a responsible adult is in charge.

From BCT #23

Snotboy smiles a slow, wide smile that starts in the middle and creeps to both ends like a caterpillar waking up in the morning.

From BCT #23

JonDrake, being Gen, is now sore in places he never realized he had. JonDrake is sore in places the Tecton doesn't even recognize that he has...

From BCT #26

You should eat bland fook for the first three months.

From BCT #26: Original misspelled, and rather unappetizing sounding, version of Veraik's advice to the pregnant Alea.

Linn starts to shake like a Chardonnay cluster on the sorting table.

From BCT #29, after Tarsh stalked her in hunting mode.

Wise Snake: Shen, nobody belongs there. It's the Center of the Tecton's misfits.

From BCT #29, in reference to the Sime Center.

Linn looks at Snake, wondering how she can trigger Linn's hurt-puppy instincts while simultaneously scaring her into unintelligibility.

From BCT #29

"...locking the barn after the Sime has run off, like my father always used to say"

From BCT #33: Miz Jergen, displaying her Gen Territory origins.

Veraik zlins Veraik.

From BCT #34; command structure mishap

Alea starts up the stairs to find Veraik, hoping to beat him before he gets out of the shower.

From BCT #34. This just didn't come out quite the way it was intended.

Mackey: Bad enough I have to pay every penny to you thieves without you all trying to eke it out of me beforehand as well!!

From BCT #34: (This was a renSime cab driver who'd just been stiffed by a Tecton channel.)

Jon Drake: No need to burn yourself out if you don't have to.

From BCT #36: Eye-popping (mis-) use of Simelan by one new to the language.

Tarsh mutters "did he partially pledge?"

From BCT #41: Regarding JonDrake, who had not yet pledged to the Tecton but had delivered a partial transfer to Briel.

Veraik thinks that Alea, Briel, Zilla and himself in bed would be sensorship overload.

From BCT #47; unclear whether this would be classified as a pun or a malapropism.

Garon: What's in it for me?

Alea: How about the good of knowing you helped someone?

Garon considers the concept for its novelty value.

From BCT #48

Linn: I hurt in places I didn't know I had.

Wise Snake zlins Linn again just to find out what places she hadn't known she had.

From BCT #48

Gnome: Never judge a channel until you've walked a mile in his tentacles.

From BCT #48

Wise Snake: [in Spanish] A family member called upon a Pimp to arrange an appointment with me. I must do my duty.

From BCT #48: One of a series of regrettably worded sentences uttered by the channel while learning to speak the language.

Linn: Besides, I'm less still when I keep moving.

From BCT #51: Mis-typed; actually meant "stiff"

Helper upends the couch and zlins it and the door to decide if it will fit.

Wagoneer waves the couch through. "Just augment...."

From BCT #51

Tramila: Let me give you like cab fare.

From BCT #54: Coming from a highly unlikely mouth, this bit of Valley-speak was corrected almost immediately afterward.

Lanyi walks into the back door.

From BCT #137: Yet another demonstration of Sime agility and grace.

Lanyi finishes dressing after her shower in Tecton uniform.

From BCT #138.

Eliza sees that Alea is tiring.

From BCT #148

Turrie: It will be very relaxing after some of the assignments I have had lately.

From BCT #149: Spoken rather naïvely by one who had only just been assigned to the Bender Cove Sime Center.

Alea jerks her head up and looks at Turrie.

Alea looks at Snake and then back at Turrie.

Turrie looks at Snake and back at Alea

Nick looks at Snake, then at the door.

Wise Snake looks at Alea, then at Nick, then agrees the door looks pretty good

From BCT #151

Callin: So do all the couches here like this?

From BCT #154: This was a typo. Callin was actually more interested in the couches' similarities than their desires.

Bloogy: Can I have a tentacle in a jar for my report? [artful innocence]

From BCT #154: Asked by a 9 year old boy from Gen Territory.

Briel reaches for Jon

Briel jerks on Jon, pulling him closer

Jon Drake responds.

From BCT #155: It was probably only his arm she grabbed, since they were in the lobby with clients at the time.

Turrie wonders if anyone would believe a broken neck could occur from a fall off the couch.

From BCT #158: A moment of frustration when dealing with a particularly annoying renSime.

Katryn moves over and sits down, eager to talk with a coherent Farris.

From BCT #160.

Nexus moans and starts to come too.

From BCT #161: A misspelling of "to".

Staffan checks Tamlen for worms.

From BCT #175: Tentacles, that is!

Briel thinks there are a lot of things in life that don't make sense, and explaining this to a ten year old is beginning to look like one of them.

From BCT #175.

Tarsh: A Sime Center runs on paper. Selyn is just a byproduct.

From BCT #178.

Wise Snake: I just wish I spent more time being a channel and playing God, and less time dealing with nitpicky stuff like windows falling out of buildings and people trying to sell me orange bathroom tiles.

From BCT #179. Don't we all!

Narcy sits back on the couch, as relaxed as an ironing board with the iron left on and face down for 2 hours.

From BCT #193: (donor anxiety)

Tamlen: Yes, well, some things are eternal. Like Death and Taxes.

Prestt: They tax death now?

From BCT #204.

Mytag: The Gen was fearful when he first entered, from what I can pierce together.

From BCT #204: Ouch! (Typo corrected in posted version)

Warren: Well, okay, but NO tongue.

From BCT #230: A suspicious new donor, upon learning lip contact is required.

Firday is a renSime about 3 years after transfer.

From BCT #233. That's gotta hurt!

Muryin: Even Gens deserve a fair chance in life.

From BCT #235: Hmmm.

Mytag: Ah yes, no room to swing a cat. But we don't have a cat anymore, so it doesn't matter.

From BCT #239.

Veraik adjusts the Jon.

From BCT #239: This was hastily adjusted to read "ambient".

Veraik waits in his office for Patrice to arrive. [eyebrows farrowing and tentacles twitching in agitation]

From BCT #240: His eyebrows are farrowing? No wonder he's agitated.

Alea waits to hear what the tall, long haired channel has to say. She notes how very neat he is, how very in control, how very together and doesn't seem the least bit ready to break into a million pieces. This encourages her greatly after her last assignment.

From DCO #66

Nick: Did the in-Territory families know what they were sending their Gen children to?

Nick: Or did they just not care?

Riyyh: Garlen was not perfectly explicit in the retails of the religion, no.

From HHN #146. A fairly Freudian typo considering Garlen was selling the Gens in question. ("details" was the intended word)

Darrel turns into a trendy little bistro.

From DCO #77.

Riyyh looks at the book, sighs, and then goes to one of the packhorses to find somewhere to insert it.

From HHN #170.

Mary Lou Mendum: I literally just walked in the door after spending all day at the centrifuge.

Kaas Baichtal: You should have waited until you weren't dizzy anymore before you started trying to walk around.

From chat before game, 4/13/00.

Sayward tries to clam Cris by thinking quiet and calm thoughts.

From SRD #28. When you want a Sime to shut up....

Mr. Birch reams employees out verbally and even with his fists when necessary

From SRD #28. This was revised almost immediately.

Nick: Likewise, I'm sure. What exactly does a financial advisor due?

From SRD #73: Uncaught punnish and possibly freudian typo.

Storm: Who are you?

Grenade: They call me the Grenade.

Storm: Don't tell me, you lost the pin somewhere, didn't you?

From SRD #92

Storm: Well, trust me on this, Nikki. I was in a lot of pain until your daddy fixed it. But even he can't fix broken ribs like this [snaps fingers] so I need some time to heal up.

From SRD #92. Oh dear. And now he must wait for his fingers to heal as well.

Nick: Although Riyyh wouldn't do anyone hard, at least not intentionally.

Oh yes he would! Typogiggly from SRD #102.

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