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One-Shots: Russian Crossover

This little brush with chaos occurred on 10/9/00 when Ann Marie Olson unexpectedly (but delightfully) dropped in on the usual gaming crew. It does not fall into any particular scenario, so it appears here. Russian roleplaying, anyone?

Avilan is sitting beneath a giant fern, trying to decide if fate is unhappy, or simply pissed this morning. Not only was there a leak in the bathroom, but these two insane visitors were making everyone's life hell.

Avilan pulls his embroidery out of his basket and prays there aren't any invisible birds in the tree above.

Avilan wonders just why it is that he got stuck with the two Tecton representatives to entertain until Year's Turning.

Riyyh sits up, yawning and rubbing sleep out of his eyes.

Avilan: Don't tell me they slept in the bushes.

Riyyh is wearing a silk night gown, a tousled hairdo and a fern leaf (on his head).

Nick flops over in the bed, disturbed by Riyyh's movement.

Avilan puts up his embroidery and cringes.

Riyyh blinks as he takes in the scenery. It is not at all familiar.

Avilan: Is there really some reason for the chiffon?

Riyyh looks at Avilan. He likes this scenery! But er...

Riyyh: Where am I?

Avilan: At home ~~innocent~~

Nick settles back down and starts to snore softly.

Riyyh looks down at Nick. Nick is curled cozily in the other half of the fern planter.

Riyyh: How odd.

Avilan: Mine of course. I have no idea where you are from originally.

Riyyh climbs out of the planter and tries to dust himself off.

Avilan mutters something about wanting find out though.

Avilan: Would you like a hand?

Avilan: Take two, they fit better that way.

Riyyh looks rather puzzled.

Avilan blinks big blue eyes.

Riyyh is a channel of approximately 57 natal years, with long silvery hair and rather well preserved for his years.

Nick bears a strong (75%, to be exact) resemblance to Riyyh, except that his hair is shorter and brown, and he's young enough to be Riyyh's grandson.

Avilan is a Sharm Lord (Donor) in his late sixties, not that you'd guess it, with blue eyes, blond hair and about 6'1" ... and build like a jock.

Riyyh smiles.

Riyyh: You're very kind.

Riyyh thinks Avilan is very a lot of other things, but is far too well bred to mention them all, at least upon first meeting the man. Particularly as he is not sure where he is, or why he is in his nightshirt.

Avilan: I certainly wouldn't want to offend someone wearing so fetching a gown.

Avilan: To answer your earlier question, you are in Azov's conservatory, currently occupying a large fern.

Riyyh responds to the flattery, taking on an additional glow.

Nick flops again, this time over the side of the planter.

Riyyh: Oh, dear. He's quite exhausted.

Riyyh is apologetic.

Avilan eyes the lord currently occupying the ground.

Nick hits the ground and wakes abruptly.

Avilan: Does your, um, companion require some help?

Avilan: Good morning.

Nick: Riyyh?

Riyyh goes to help Nick up.

Riyyh: Are you all right?

Avilan is not so sure of this other one... he's nowhere near as fetchingly attired.

Riyyh wonders when Nick became his Companion.

Riyyh is not objecting, though!

Nick accepts Riyyh's help, looking around in a bewildered fashion.

Riyyh decides to go along with it just in case it is true.

Nick: Riyyh, where is this place?

Riyyh: We are in Azov's conservatory.

Riyyh displays a typically Narosian ability to grasp small details quickly.

Avilan: You are beneath the city of Moskva ... didn't your Tecton give you any instructions?

Riyyh: I'm afraid they did not. ~~apologetically~~

Avilan: Then let me show you around

Nick gets back to basics.

Nick: Who's Azov?

Avilan tries to insert self between prey and Gen

Avilan: Azov is the name of my Demesne.

Riyyh smiles his thanks to Avilan, then looks a bit puzzled as Avilan pushes between them.

Riyyh decides not to object, though; he would not want to offend anybody so soon in his arrival here.

Avilan: would you possibly like something to eat?

Avilan is turning back rather pointedly to Nick

Nick: Sure! And is there any tea?

Avilan looks over his shoulder.

Nick slips around to Riyyh's other side, so he can offer ~~ support ~~

Avilan: Yes, actually.

Riyyh accepts Nick's support gratefully. It is nice to know that in this bewildering state of affairs, there is someone near he can trust.

Riyyh hasn't yet figured out that he is dreaming.

Avilan adds ~~tickle~~ to Nick's attempt.

Riyyh jumps, with a small yipe.

Avilan puts hand under Riyyh's elbow and gently steers towards dining hall.

Riyyh: Oh, my!

Avilan: Is there something wrong?

Nick notes the interference, and blocks Avilan's field, frowning at him in an admonitory fashion.

Avilan takes nageric swat at Nick

Avilan: Off to my left you can see the paintings done by our most famous artist, Mikhail Otreyevich.

Riyyh prudently extracts himself from between the two Gens and moves to Nick's other side.

Riyyh wouldn't want to insult Avilan, of course, but he really would rather not be between them if there are any nager games being played.

Riyyh: How lovely!

Nick gives a sigh of relief, and concentrates on blocking Avilan's field.

Avilan frowns sadly for a moment, letting field gray.

Avilan: I'm glad you like it.

Riyyh, being a father of so many, has a well-developed sense of art appreciation. Perhaps over-developed.

Avilan: My own skills are more in the fabric arts

Riyyh: I saw your work-in-progress, earlier. It was quite beautiful.

Riyyh is pretty good at appreciating embroidery, too. In fact Riyyh is just a good appreciator in general.

Avilan: It is for a friend.

Avilan adds faintest glitter of intil over his field.

Riyyh appreciates Avilan visually from the other side of Nick. He isn't totally oblivious to the nager, either.

Avilan: She and I have been partners for over thirty years now.

Avilan: Nine children together

Riyyh: How wonderful for you! ~genuinely pleased~

Nick wonders if Avilan would be so boastful if he had any idea that Riyyh makes him look like a rank amateur at the propagation game.

Riyyh was hoping to inquire as to how he came to appear in Avilan's, or rather Azov's, conservatory. However, it is not an easy sort of question to work into a conversation gracefully.

Avilan lets his nager slither around behind Nick's interference to lightly pet Riyyh's back.

Avilan: Most of them are grown and gone now

Riyyh blinks in surprise as Avilan's nager does something very unusual, and one might almost say, physically impossible.

Avilan sighs sadly.

Riyyh reflexively looks over his other shoulder, but of course there is nobody there, least of all a 2nd Avilan.

Avilan: Our ghosts are mostly harmless.

Riyyh: They do not stay, then? ~sympathetic~

Riyyh: ... pardon me?

Riyyh: Did you say ghosts?

Avilan: You were looking over your shoulder.

Nick reaches out to put a hand on Riyyh's forearm, hoping to more thoroughly block whatever is disturbing Riyyh.

Avilan: No, when it is time for children to grow up, they leave the nest.

Riyyh moves closer to Nick in response.

Riyyh: I see. I am sorry.

Avilan looks dubiously at the sharm lord.

Avilan: It is for the best.

Avilan: If they do not leave, they never grow up straight and true.

Avilan: But I will miss the last two girls when they are gone.

Avilan keeps picking at Nick, even though he seems utterly oblivious.

Avilan enters the dining hall, a combination of cafeteria and mad house.

Riyyh: At Naros, we stay for life. But then, each culture has its own ways.

Avilan: Oh dear, I'm afraid it's shift change

Nick looks around at the strange costumes with interest.

Riyyh is glad for Nick's presence as they enter the crowded room.

Avilan: Oh, my youngest son still lives at Azov, only he is not part of my immediate household anymore

Riyyh rather wishes he wasn't wearing his night gown in front of all these people. They must find it very discomfiting.

Avilan places a nageric shield over Riyyh.

Avilan points with his nager towards a young sharm lord dishing out breakfast stark naked.

Riyyh finds these seemingly physics-defying nageric contortions confusing. In fact, this entire scene is becoming a bit surreal.

Avilan: How do you find room for all of your children to find mates?

Riyyh sees the naked man and worries that that fellow also appeared here unexpectedly.

Nick: They seem to manage that just fine.

Riyyh smiles kindly.

Riyyh: Yes, flexibility is important of course.

Riyyh: And a willingness to accommodate others.

Avilan: Would you like some breakfast as well?

Riyyh: Why yes. Thank you.

Avilan deliberately points towards the side where the meat is served.

Nick's stomach growls loudly.

Riyyh winces when he sees what it is.

Riyyh may be a good appreciator, but he draws the line at appreciating bad food... and meat.

Avilan: Our dining hall is very well ventilated.

Nick: Err, do you have anything a bit less, well, exotic?

Avilan tries to steer Riyyh towards the very best of the fresh fruit left... particularly the oranges.

Avilan: As you can see, we have plenty for all.

Nick's nager brightens at the sight of the oranges.

Avilan: Bread, fruit, cheese... I have simple tastes.

Avilan: At least in breakfast.

Nick: That sounds marvelous.

Riyyh follows them in that direction, the combination of Nick's hunger and Avilan's manipulations proving irresistible.

Avilan thinks Nick is being more than slightly difficult.

Avilan whispers in passing renGen's ear "Could you please bring clothes. Anything in, umm, old Maryam colors if you would?"

Avilan swipes large basket of fruit and bread to take off to a sheltered corner of the room.

Avilan: There are some nice, quiet seats in the corner.

Avilan waves them towards the quiet corner.

Avilan is still trying to get between Nick and Riyyh... gently of course.

Avilan: Are there any sort of special fruits or other things you would like?

Riyyh: Perhaps some native specialties?

Avilan gives a thoughtful smile.

Nick is politely but firmly refusing to let this strange Gen get between him and his channel.

Avilan: Some honey, perhaps?

Riyyh can tell, of course, that he is on the opposite side of the planet from where he would ordinarily be. He doesn't have a good explanation for why this is, though.

Avilan goes back and quickly fetches some of the rose honey he'd stashed in the back corner of a cabinet in the kitchen.

Nick settles firmly down beside Riyyh.

Avilan: You might well enjoy this.

Riyyh had actually been thinking of fruits, but will go along with the honey idea.

Avilan drizzles honey on sharp cheese... getting tiny amount on his fingers.

Avilan offers it to Riyyh

Riyyh hadn't expected Avilan to actually prepare it for him.

Riyyh: Why, thank you. [kindly]

Nick reflexively starts to inquire about all ingredients, then remembers that Riyyh doesn't have Farris allergies.

Riyyh accepts the honey-dripping cheese from Avilan's fingers, getting honey on his fingers and tentacles in the process.

Avilan: You are quite welcome.

Avilan: Can I help you there?

Avilan looks up through his lashes at Riyyh, turning his shoulder against Nick.

Riyyh notices that Avilan is quite attractive. Oh wait a minute. He'd already noticed that, hadn't he?

Avilan thinks honey on tentacles is one of the best combinations in the world.

Riyyh is a bit flustered, then remembers to take a bite of the cheese.

Riyyh: This is simply exquisite! ~surprised and delighted~

Avilan: Have you ever let anyone lick honey off your tentacles?

Avilan taps finger against lips.

Avilan: I thought you would like it.

Avilan offers to brush off the worst of the sticky with one fingertip.

Riyyh looks innocently at Avilan. He has, of course, had various substances licked off his tentacles so many times it would be impossible to count.

Avilan does not think Riyyh can be anywhere near as innocent as he's trying to zlin.

Avilan finishes reaching out towards Riyyh's still extended, and sticky, tentacles.

Nick: Usually, we use napkins.

Avilan: You can.

Avilan gives Nick disgusted look

Riyyh smiles fondly at what he thinks is a joke on Nick's part.

Riyyh is so badly outrated by Nick that he literally cannot tell when he is joking half the time.

Avilan is waiting to see if gesture is accepted, or if Riyyh's going to accept Nick's attempt to find a napkin in time.

Riyyh certainly isn't avoiding Avilan's touch. In fact, his tentacles have lightly curled around Avilan's fingers.

Avilan: Perhaps it would have been better to use a napkin.

Nick is starving, and has not so far been offered a bite by Avilan.

Avilan: We seem to have become a bit stuck.

Avilan is smiling intently at Riyyh alone.

Nick: Ah, what you require is some hot water--it does wonders for removing honey.

Avilan: I wonder where we could find some?

Avilan licks his lips very, very slightly, still looking only at Riyyh.

Nick picks up a cup of tea that someone left behind, and empties it over their stuck-together hands.

Riyyh gently extracts his hand from Avilan's, and licks the honey off his tentacles himself.

Riyyh has quite a lot of practice at that, and it shows.

Avilan: How could you do that!

Avilan tries not to drool at Riyyh's gesture.

Riyyh finds Avilan quite fascinating, and still can't figure out how Avilan could flirt so industriously while Nick is right there and he has his own partner of 30 years waiting at home.

Avilan takes clothes from rather effective renGen.

Avilan: Here, I thought you might be more comfortable in something other than your nightclothes.

Avilan: Particularly as it seems you have a drinking problem.

Avilan hands Nick very heavy, very warm robes.

Nick is quite used to Riyyh's little flirtations, and normally doesn't mind, but Avilan is male and a Gen, and so Nick is a bit paranoid as to the type of flirtation Avilan has in mind.

Avilan hands Riyyh's beautifully made breeches, shirt and tunic, all in silk and leather.

Riyyh: Why, these are very nice.

Riyyh has always enjoyed fine clothing.

Avilan: For you, Riyyh.

Nick sets the robes aside for the moment.

Avilan glares at Nick.

Riyyh: Is there somewhere I could...?

Riyyh's voice trails off as he zlins the byplay between Avilan and Nick.

Riyyh: Oh, dear. [to himself]

Avilan: Certainly.

Avilan tries to cut between Nick and Riyyh to lead the latter to one of the restrooms leading off of the commons.

Avilan: I think your friend will be needing help getting into his kador.

Nick sticks to Riyyh's side like glue.

Riyyh has by now figured out that he is dreaming, but he notices that Nick is just as difficult about baggy clothing in fantasy as he is in real life.

Avilan: You'll be far more comfortable once you are dressed, Nick.

Riyyh gets jostled as the two Gens jockey for position.

Nick: I'm afraid that those robes are too heavily insulated.

Riyyh thinks their struggles are quite flattering, but a bit exhausting for him at least.

Avilan: Then I'm afraid you'll have to stay here below.

Avilan smiles sadly at Nick.

Nick: I'll stay with my channel.

Avilan: Would you like to meet my lady and our children, Riyyh?

Avilan: You may not pass the blast doors unshielded, Nick.

Riyyh's tentacles flutter in a nervous gesture.

Avilan: Why so nervous? ~~sad~~

Riyyh: I do so hope we can all get along nicely.

Avilan: The rules about naked sharm lords are for everyone's protection.

Avilan: I don't want anyone hurt any more than either of you do.

Nick: I am quite capable of controlling my nager, even if you seem to consider that unnecessary, yourself.

Riyyh: Oh, dear.

Avilan looks Nick up and down.

Avilan makes rainbow spirals in the ambient

Nick looks 75% as cute as Riyyh, which is still a great deal more than average.

Avilan: I don't know why you seem so defensive, Nick.

Nick: Perhaps because you've been playing nager games with my channel since we met?

Avilan: Oh, certainly you may be able to control your nager, but is it really fair to torment all those poor defenseless renSimes?

Nick: Where I come from, what you have been doing to Riyyh would be considered inexcusably rude, if not criminal.

Avilan: Excuse me, ~~sweeping bow with flourish~~

Avilan: Have I harmed you in any way, Riyyh?

Nick appears marginally mollified.

Riyyh wonders why his dreams always put him in such awkward social situations.

Riyyh: Oh dear.

Riyyh: [again]

Riyyh: No, no, not at all.

Riyyh waves his hands and tentacles with an appeasing smile.

Riyyh: Everything is so unusual here. Your customs are quite different than ours, you see.

Avilan: Then I believe your fears may be simply the effects of need, my dear Nick.

Avilan: But you are in my home.

Avilan hands the kador to Nick.

Riyyh places a gentle hand on Nick's forearm.

Riyyh: Please go along with it for now, Nick. Surely it can do no harm?

Riyyh is anxious not to offend anybody, and so far there is no sign of danger around them.

Nick: I can't handle the fields through this, Riyyh. You'll be completely unprotected.

Riyyh looks uncertain at that.

Avilan: There is no necessity for you to be able to do so, Nick. No harm will come to you above.

Avilan: Only myself and a handful of other Sharm Lords are allowed to go above unveiled

Nick: If you will forgive me for saying so, I hardly find that reassuring, considering your behavior with regards to Riyyh.

Riyyh: But Nick.

Avilan holds out hand, palm up towards Riyyh.

Riyyh looks at the hand, then up at Avilan.

Avilan: ~~not 100% innocent, but close~~

Avilan smiles slightly, as if knowing something Riyyh would like to know

Nick places a possessive hand on Riyyh's shoulder, just to remind Avilan who's channel Riyyh is.

Riyyh finds himself more than a bit confused.

Riyyh is not used to being fought over by two powerful Gens.

Riyyh can't say he completely dislikes it, however.

Riyyh looks adorable when he is helpless and trying to smooth everybody's feathers.

Riyyh: Perhaps we could compromise.

Avilan: That sounds like a wonderful idea.

Riyyh: May we remain here, where Nick does not have to wear the kador?

Avilan: Of course you may, but there are so many beautiful things you would miss.

Nick thinks Riyyh's is the first sensible suggestion he's heard in quite some time, and his tension decreases correspondingly.

Avilan: I myself can't stand to stay here all winter, I would go mad

Avilan makes his nager shrink away from the stone walls.

Riyyh's skin crawls at the sensation Avilan's nager evokes.

Avilan: ~~soothing~~

Avilan: If you wish, of course I won't force you to do anything.

Avilan makes his nager even more cramped.

Riyyh is beginning to look rather distressed.

Avilan: You don't look well.

Nick guides Riyyh a step or two farther away from Avilan, and exerts himself to completely block the nageric pyrotechnics the other Gen is throwing about.

Nick: Of course he doesn't, when you torment him like that.

Riyyh presses himself into Nick's field, looking over his shoulder at Avilan.

Nick makes his nager ~~ comforting ~~

Avilan: How so? I did nothing to Riyyh.

Riyyh has never had the experience of a Donor deliberately projecting bad sensations at him before. Even Ruby at her worst only projected her own true emotions.

Avilan makes his nager nearly vanish, only a glimmer in the darkness.

Nick: Are you completely incapable of keeping your nager steady?

Avilan: I've pulled myself away from him as much as possible

Riyyh thinks his and Avilan's definition of "nothing" must be somewhat different. Another cultural dissimilarity perhaps?

Nick: Good.

Nick doesn't trust Avilan to keep doing so, however, and doesn't reduce his blocking effect.

Riyyh continues to watch Avilan in sort of helpless fascination.

Avilan freezes the ambient image of himself to utter darkness while smiling at Riyyh.

Avilan: Can you honestly say, Riyyh, that I lack control?

Avilan allows a glimmer of honey warm sun on amber to glow through the darkness.

Riyyh: I believe it is more a difference in our definitions of appropriate behavior. [admits apologetically]

Riyyh: I am sure your control is simply marvellous.

Riyyh can't really zlin what Avilan is doing from inside of Nick's best blocking, but he does tend toward flattery.

Avilan: I see no bracelets, no rings.

Avilan runs his fingers over his line of ear rings.

Avilan: Are you handfasted then?

Avilan: ~~disappointment~~

Riyyh looks down at his hands. He is wearing nothing, not even his Narosian ring.

Riyyh thinks: of course, it is a dream.

Riyyh looks at Nick.

Riyyh: Are we?

Nick, of course, has no Narosian ring.

Avilan: You have to ask!

Avilan is snorting in disbelief.

Nick: Before we can answer that, we must know what you mean by "handfasted".

Nick: It appears that many customs here are very different.

Avilan: Oh, so sorry... permanent partners, married for life.

Riyyh thinks that it would be awkward to explain to Avilan that this is all in Riyyh's dream. Of course Nick and Riyyh are not handfasted in real life; Nick would never make that serious a pledge to Riyyh except in a dream.

Avilan: I married Karola for life... not that either of us bar the others from, well, playing occasionally.

Avilan: You two don't look like matchmates, but I'm occasionally mistaken about such things.

Avilan shrugs helplessly.

Nick: We're not matchmates, but we do have an... agreement.

Avilan looks at Riyyh expectantly.

Riyyh smiles apologetically. He has no idea what his and Nick's agreement is in the dream.

Riyyh: He is my son, and my grandson. We are very close.

Nick is about 75% close genetically, and six inches geometrically. 1

Avilan gasps in horrified shock!

Nick was a bit upset about it, too, when he found out, so he can't blame Avilan too much.

Riyyh flinches at Avilan's obvious shock.

Riyyh: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have... oh, dear.

Riyyh: Please, do not be offended.

Avilan murmurs "It occasionally happens, but we don't talk about it"

Avilan: And we don't then go on to screw the person who did it!!!

Riyyh looks somewhat bewildered by that last.

Avilan glares furiously at Nick

Riyyh doesn't think, from what he's seen of the dream-Nick so far, that he's thawed any on that front.

Nick: What are you talking about?

Avilan: You sleep with your partner, don't you?

Riyyh would like to know that himself.

Riyyh looks at Nick.

Avilan is dead white and shaking, whether with anger or dismay he's not sure.

Avilan: ~~diamond~~

Nick: I'm his Companion, not one of his flirts. What did you think??

Avilan shakes head in utter confusion.

Riyyh: Nick is not interested in men. [explains, now that there has been confirmation]

Riyyh: Our relationship, aside from our family relationship of course, is purely nageric.

Avilan: Why don't we go to my office and we can talk this over like civilized human beings?

Riyyh: Of course. [soothingly]

Avilan turns a rather odd shade of green.

Avilan: It's right through here....

Avilan leads the two of them, through the back hallways, to his office.


1) Six inches geometrically... get your mind out of the gutter! [return]

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