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Snake River Dam Episodes
Episode #1: Still, it Could be Worse (5/15/00) Scarabald makes a special delivery to a makeshift tavern in the woods. He discusses recent rumors with its owner, Mardith, as its bouncer, Carbonne, listens in.

Episode #2: Pit Stop (5/22/00) Yubim, a Gen fisherwoman, stops at the Sime Center in Palisades to have her field taken down. The channel, Klyzer, insists that she be cleaned up first. As they prepare, Yubim tells him she has four passengers in her boat, who intend to get jobs at the Snake River Dam construction project.

Episode #3: Swab the Decks (5/23/00) Vatya and Levya, sisters, make their way from Yubim's boat to Klyzer's Sime Center. By the time they have been scrubbed clean and had their fields taken down, Klyzer is exhausted.

Episode #4: Lake Monsters and Rogue Farrises (5/29/00) Edgar, a junker, goes to Mardith's outdoor tavern. He and Mardith do some bartering while trading gossip about other locals and the latest Tecton activities.

Episode #5: I Care Not for your Squat (6/5/00) Sayward, a Gen crew boss, is inspecting the work camp when she is approached by Starlin, a renSime. Starlin has been sent by SWAT to represent the renSime workers of the Dam project. Despite Nick's help with translation, he and Sayward do not hit it off.

Episode #6: Interterritorial Relations (6/11/00) Sayward meets Cris, an interpreter assigned to her by the Diplomatic Corps. To their surprise, they turn out to be cousins.

Episode #7: As Stupid as Stupid Gets (6/12/00) Sayward and Cris attempt to direct Sayward's new work crew, who certainly aren't the brightest bunch.

Episode #8: Transfer Math (6/18/00) Osfric, Mr. Birch, Sayward, Starlin and Nick attempt to discuss the shortages plaguing the construction site. Although they aren't all bilingual, they manage to communicate well enough to figure out they'll be up Snake River without a paddle if they don't work together.

Episode #9: Balk (6/24/00) On the train en route to the Snake River Dam construction site, Beni tries to get Arat to talk about his nightmares.

Episode #10: Let's Eat (6/25/00) Sayward, Starlin and Nick investigate a section of woods where several Gens are hiding out in miserable living conditions. Starlin, who is posing as a Gen, gets a scare when he almost gets injured. The Gens are reluctant to have their fields taken down, but a financial incentive combined with the surprise of discovering a Sime in their midst is more than enough to change their minds.

Episode #11: Damn and Blast (6/26/00) Mr. Birch, Osfric and Sayward discuss the food and selyn shortages, and how to employ all the rabble camped in the mountains around the construction site so as to keep them out of trouble.

Episode #12: Which Part of No (7/1/00) En route to the Snake River Dam project, Arat is accosted by Lorza, a revolutionary type loyal to his parents.

Episode #13: Renning Wild (7/2/00) In this first part of a two-part episode, Mr. Birch, Sayward and Nick Reckage go to Salmonton to try to talk their way into the job of repairing an orphanage roof. They hope to bring in renSimes for the task, thereby raising the public's opinion of renSimes and willingness to donate. Representing the city are its mayor, Custor, and its police chief, Kennis. Ms. Afred, the orphanage's director, looks on.

Episode #14: Funny Business (7/3/00) In a continuation of the previous episode, Mr. Birch, Sayward and Nick manage to convince the Mayor of Salmonton to allow a Sime repair crew to work on the orphanage, provided they wear visually obvious 'construction retainers'. Meanwhile, Jeniard arrives at the train station in Kyrril Gulch and is picked up by Coriel, the local innkeeper's daughter. When Scarabald attempts to divert him to the construction site early, Jeniard resists on account of not liking how Scarabald zlins. Edgar, who is waiting for his son Emmit, is disappointed when he fails to arrive on the incoming train.

Episode #15: Supermen (7/6/00) Beni helps Arat with his entran and then they talk. Topics covered include Arat's worries about their new assignment, and Beni's theories about the Ancients.

Episode #16: Bad Forecast (7/9/00) Arat and Nick arrive at the train station in Kyrril Gulch, along with Emmet, a Donor assigned to Jeniard. Emmet's father Edgar is waiting to embarr... er... greet him thoroughly. Mr. Birch, as well as Nia and a train of mules and horses, are waiting to pick them up. Mr. Birch and Arat briefly discuss the selyn situation on the construction site, and discover that their numbers are completely different.

Episode #17: Selyn Belt (7/17/00) Upon their much-delayed arrival at the construction site, Emmet, Arat and Beni need their transfer partners, and Mr. Birch needs a drink.

Episode #18: Mischief (7/20/00) Nick sits with Arat as the channel sleeps out his usual post-transfer collapse. They are visited by Wise Snake, who displays a keen if perhaps not entirely wholesome interest in her father's condition. Later, Nick and Arat discuss the selyn shortage and Nick's role in its publicity, as Nick tries to help Arat adjust to their new home.

Episode #19: Slumming It (7/22/00) Nick and Arat set off to make a rough population estimate. Nick expresses his concern about Arat's relationship with Snake. Arat expresses his lack of comprehension.

Episode #20: Them's the Rules (7/23/00) At a SWAT union meeting, Arat relays the details of the agreement Fragga signed in Capitol. The members have a mixed reaction to the news. After the meeting, union leader Starlin is visited by Coras about a possible position as SWAT's credit union's accountant. They are interrupted by Jeniard, who has been sent by Arat to investigate Coras, after the Controller spotted him in the crowd at the union meeting and pegged him as a rogue 3rd order channel.

Episode #21: Lugubrious Maximus (7/24/00) That night finds Coras, still feeling very sorry for himself, locked in the slammer with various drunks and brawlers including Carbonne and Kriller. Emmet is sent to talk him into trying to work as a channel again. It isn't easy, and in the end it isn't certain whether Coras will really try or not.

Episode #22: Unclean (8/3/00) Arat is approached by a Sosu McSeruf, who is desperately attempting to end his assignment to Klyzer in Palisades. Then a Lieutenant Lirt arrives to offer Arat the services of the army division that has been protecting the roads and access to the Dam site. He is followed by Dramming, a supporter of Arat's parents who hopes that he will be able to convince Arat where Lorza could not. When he meets with stiff resistance, he tries approaching Snake instead. Beni learns to his horror that Snake has addicted Arat to a rare drug in order to 'even the playing field'.

Episode #23: Tea with Snake II (8/4/00) Nick, Beni and Arat struggle to come to grips with what Snake has done, as Snake presents them with her concept of the new chain of command.

Episode #24: Caught with Pants Down (8/5/00) Arat moves to prevent Wise Snake from using the Audnes-supporters against him.

Episode #25: A Monkey Could Do It (8/6/00) Sayward, Starlin, Cris watch a Sgt. Edka of the Gen Army's Demolitions Corps as he works on a cliff face. They discuss the training of SWAT renSimes to do explosives work. Starlin is embarrassed when he overreacts to a fear that the Sergeant will fall.

Episode #26: Boom-Boom Chorus (8/7/00) At a construction meeting, Mr. Birch, Sayward, Starlin and Arat discuss hastening the schedule through judicious use of explosives, and the attendant issues of safety, labor relations, and selyn availability. Also present are dam architect Tscheilgx Nabagattaranagan, Sgt. Edka, Nick, and Cris.

Episode #27: Just So (8/13/00) Lemuse and Roliver stop in Palisades to talk to Klyzer and check out the Sime Center there. They are amazed when the rumors of Klyzer's clean fetish prove anything but an exaggeration. Roliver zlins Klyzer serving transfer to Carbonne and is appalled by his treatment of the renSime. All heck breaks loose when Carbonne's post syndrome allows him to relive his horror at Coras' missing tentacles, and Klyzer discovers his Center has a new resident: Smitty the Cockroach.

Episode #28: Snot and Polish (8/14/00) Concerned about Arat's unhealthy and -- perhaps more importantly -- less than Gen-macho appearance, Mr. Birch and Sayward go to confront him about it. Cris tries ineffectually to stop them. Mr. Birch implies that Arat will not be allowed to operate freely as Controller if his appearance does not meet the approval of the Gen military. Perhaps luckily for Mr. Birch, Jeniard interrupts before Arat recovers from his surprise enough to become truly angry.

Episode #29: Mule Corps Blues (8/20/00) Franses, a Tecton 'mule', arrives with a load of selyn and an assignment to remain at the Snake River Dam project for several months. Lucky guy.

Episode #30: Unnatural Habits (8/24/00) Sgt. Edka approaches Starlin at the SWAT headquarters, wanting to discuss worker injuries. He believes the injuries are caused by renSime overprotectiveness, while Starlin believes they are caused by Gen recklessness. Lemuse arrives at the SWAT headquarters, wanting to hang a poster advertising the Tecton's relocation incentives. Ferr sees the poster and is outraged, believing Starlin has sold out. A renSime named Jeriarty bursts in, bearing news of a terrible accident which has injured three Gens. Elsewhere, McSeruf brings a sadly over-washed Klyzer to an emergency room where Wise Snake examines them both.

Episode #31: The Tecton Will Provide (8/26/00) Lonely after losing Wise Snake as a friend, Nick approaches Arat as a possible replacement.

Episode #32: Sheer (8/27/00) Sgt. Edka and Corporal Clifford begin the laborious task of training two renSimes to rappel down a cliff.

Episode #33: The Proverbial Haystack (8/31/00) Sgt. Edka, suspecting foul play in the accident where three Gens died, brings his concerns to Mr. Birch. They agree that security should be heightened around the cliffs when the Gens are working there, but don't want to hire SWAT renSimes to do it. They explain their difficulty to Arat, who reluctantly allows them to use the Tecton's security personnel on a temporary basis. He also agrees to attempt a discreet investigation into the identity of the saboteur.

Episode #34: Tiger by the Tail (9/1/00) Arat calls Starlin to his office to discuss the accident investigation and other issues. Starlin, overwhelmed by the problems SWAT is facing and teetering on the brink of being ousted by the SWAT membership, surprises Arat by first becoming angry and defensive, and then fleeing.

Episode #35: Punch Drunk (9/3/00) Rifan and Franses are due to begin their workday, but there is a delay: Franses is hung over. Beni dresses down Franses while Rifan tries to pretend he isn't there. It is not immediately clear whether Beni's admonition has had any effect.

Episode #36: Put your Left Foot Out (9/8/00) Mr. Birch gives a grand tour of the construction site to Elte, a renowned journalist and public relations expert. Sgt. Edka is rather alarmed to see Elte, having had some previous experience with him. Arat agrees to let Elte observe a Tecton channel and Donor at work, but becomes offended when Mr. Birch brings up the idea of Elte coaching Arat on his personal image. This doesn't faze Elte at all.

Episode #37: Impulse Hi (9/11/00) Sgt. Edka and Hajene Jeniard have a small spontaneous chat. Edka comes out of it somewhat relieved on more than one score.

Episode #38: The Kingdom of the Dam (9/14/00) Elte Andover meets Roliver and Lemuse, a channel-Donor pair he will be observing in his capacity as a journalist. After a landslide nearly crushes them all on the way to the dispensary, Elte has the opportunity to take photos of the team at work rescuing a renSime named Hurglen.

Episode #39: Bad Boy (9/16/00) Controller Arat and the chief of the Palisades police, Hatj, discuss how to quietly and legally dispose of the man most people don't realize is the '3 Gens' saboteur.

Episode #40: Go Hom (9/17/00) Police chief Hatj takes a little walk through the construction site, trying to find out how much trouble has been occurring between locals and newcomers. He questions Fexette, a renSime worker.

Episode #41: The Itchy Finger (9/18/00) Lieutenant Lirt attempts to talk Arat into officially pre-approving the use of military force in case of emergency.

Episode #42: Birthday Party (9/21/00) Sayward and Nick are caught by surprise when their friends and coworkers throw them a birthday/Establishment party. Once the party is in progress, Mr. Birch takes Sayward, Nick and Arat into his back office for a nip of the good stuff.

Episode #43: The Money-for-Pain Business (9/23/00) Warlin, the benefits manager for Mr. Birch's company, and Glady from the OT insurer Employee Medical Underwriting, come to Arat's office for a dispute resolution. It seems that the efficiency of channel's healing has thrown some kinks into the injury benefits system, and both parties are eager to turn that to their advantage.

Episode #44: Tea with Snake III (9/24/00) Nick goes to pick up more Xylexion for Arat.

Episode #45: Stranger Things Have Happened (9/25/00) In a continuation of the previous episode, Wise Snake and Nick finish their short conversation on the subject of Snake's future and Arat's past. No more at peace with what Snake has done than before, Nick returns to Arat's office. They discuss rumors of a new Narosian outreach program at the Dam. Sargeant Edka stops Jeniard and asks if he can borrow some cotton swabs.

Episode #46: In Through the Outdoors (9/28/00) In this first half of a two part episode, Elte finally manages to corner Arat by sneaking into his house via a back window. Arat reluctantly agrees to answer his questions, as he can't have him thrown out without angering Mr. Birch.

Episode #47: There'll be Elte Pay (9/29/00) In a continuation of the previous episode, Elte probes Arat in an attempt to figure out what qualities make Arat a natural leader among Simes, and what might be done to make him appear more so to OT Gens. Arat attempts to field questions about the Capitol riots without incriminating himself.

Episode #48: Why Me? (10/2/00) Nick is ambushed by a clerk trying to go over Jeniard's head in a matter of office politics.

Episode #49: Power, Power, Power (10/5/00) Having been newly elected to SWAT leadership, Duart comes onto the construction site to inspect his new domain. He meets Sayward and then Arat. Elte asks Jeniard a few questions, still working on his solution to the problem of Arat's public image with regards to Gens.

Episode #50: On the Stoop (10/6/00) Elte and Nick discuss Arat, as well as Nick's past and his motivations as a Donor. Then Wise Snake happens by and introduces herself. Despite Nick's obvious wariness of his ex-channel, Elte finds her interesting.

Episode #51: Preferences (10/8/00) Hoping to get Arat started on a hobby, Nick probes him for his interests. One of the body guards, Taskent, tries not to eavesdrop.

Episode #52: Fluff (10/9/00) Sgt. Edka returns the borrowed cotton-balls.

Episode #53: Mud Bath (10/12/00) Seventeen Narosians including Riyyh and Ali arrive at the Dam construction site, ready to lend a helping hand to the unemployed and unfortunate. Nick is caught by surprise when Riyyh and Ali come to visit him, but handles introductions to Elte and Sayward gracefully. Sayward offers to give Elte a tour of the tunnels. She must not know Elte very well!

Episode #54: New Tea (10/14/00) Nick informs Arat of the other Narosians' arrival on the Dam site, and of Riyyh's being with them. Jeniard seems to be rather flustered by the news, for some reason. Taskent drowns his lack of enthusiasm for his job as Arat's bodyguard in dreams of early retirement.

Episode #55: Infestation (10/19/00) Mr. Birch, with Sayward in tow, approaches Sgt. Edka about taking action to clear the area of Gens who have crossed the border illegally before winter makes that impossible. When Sgt. Edka refuses to get involved, Mr. Birch and Sayward try to think of other ways to get rid of the border-crossers. Sayward hits upon the idea of using Nick's altruistic Narosian relatives for the task.

Episode #56: Winter is Always Early (10/22/00) Nick and Arat discuss Mr. Birch, Riyyh, and a couple thousand illegal Gens.

Episode #57: Pressing Business Elsewhere (10/23/00) Sayward attempts to interest Nick and Arat in food and Riyyh and Racknie in helping thousands of homeless Gens. Well, three out of four ain't bad.

Episode #58: So Shoot Me (10/26/00) Elte arrives for a photo session showing Arat in his new, Elte-designed robes. He is disappointed when Nick informs him that the outfit has not gone over well with in-T personnel. However, the photo shoot goes on as planned, with Mr. Birch and Sayward brought in as scenic elements.

Episode #59: Must Have Been Quite a Party (10/28/00) A member of the Alderberry Women's Commune, Meana, and her lawyer attempt to serve Riyyh with the papers for a lawsuit. It seems Riyyh is responsible for the conception of some twenty children in a single night. Six year old Nikki is brought along as evidence.

Episode #60: Strayed from the Tree (10/29/00) Nick and Riyyh discuss Riyyh's idea for solving the problem of the illegal Gens. Fortunately, Nick is too young to realize how much the idea sounds like an old-time Pen. Before they finish, they encounter Nikki who has sneaked away from her mother to see Riyyh again. She tries to talk Riyyh into letting her live with him.

Episode #61: Fairy Hunt (10/30/00) Nikki escapes from her mother once again. In the course of exploring the construction site she discovers her brother Nick. Arat is not pleased when Nikki accompanies him and Nick back to their house. Jeniard intervenes by offering to take Nikki back to her mother's tent. Nikki is disappointed.

Episode #62: The Scream (11/2/00) Deep in the dead of night, Racknie ambrov Naros has the brilliant idea of starting up the Narosian bath house's new boiler, which has not been pressure tested yet. Edka and his men, Elte and his boy, and half the rest of the camps descend upon the beleagured Narosians to find out what is making that awful noise. The following day, Arat grills Dramming to find out how the Audnes supporters have been faring in their attempts to infiltrate SWAT.

Episode #63: The Echo (11/3/00) Elte interviews Riyyh as a follow up to the bath house boiler incident. He ends up learning about a number of other things that are verrrry interesting.

Episode #64: Gun Gen Pen (11/4/00) Nick is on his way back to Arat's office when he encounters Riyyh bound in the same direction. He learns of Riyyh's close encounter with Sgt. Edka's combat-ready team. Together they present the situation to Arat, who probably didn't need that on top of his other worries.

Episode #65: Edka's Reprise (11/5/00) Having suffered increased paranoia from others since the boiler incident, Sgt. Edka and HT go to the Narosian camp to try to reassure Riyyh that there is nothing to be concerned about. In the ensuing conversation, a very curious fact comes to light.

Episode #66: With Rest Like This, Who Needs Excitement? (11/6/00) Meana and Howe arrive at Riyyh's tent, determined to succeed in serving the lawsuit papers this time. The plan goes awry when Nick shows up with Nikki, and the sight of her daughter's affection for Riyyh drives Meana wild. In the end, Riyyh has no papers, Meana has no child, and nobody has any tea.

Episode #67: Ghost Army (11/9/00) Thurgude in tow, Elte arrives to interview Arat and Nick about their reactions to the growing furor over Sgt. Edka's guns.

Episode #68: Bunny Huddle (11/11/00) Nikki listens in as Riyyh asks Nick to approach Arat regarding private funding for the proposed Gen internment camp.

Episode #69: Pigeon (11/12/00) Nick tries to convince Arat to contribute his personal fortune to fund the Gen internment camp project. For some reason Arat is less than enthusiastic about this idea. A man who claims to be a government agent approaches Taskent, offering him a large sum of money to inform on his client.

Episode #70: Contact Sports (11/13/00) Mr. Birch discusses the Narosian proposal with first Nick, then Riyyh.

Episode #71: No Foot Rub Required (11/16/00) Nick tries to tell Nikki about Naros, and she mistakenly believes he is telling her Riyyh wants to send her back to her mother's commune. She freaks out and Nick is unable to reassure her. She rushes back to Riyyh's tent, where Mr. Birch is attempting to discuss possible avenues of private funding for the proposed Gen internment camp.

Episode #72: Tout Squeak (11/18/00) Borgmann, head of the Immigration and Donor Assimilation Service in the Snake River Dam Area, comes to Riyyh to put in his two cents about the Gen camp project. He is more than willing to accept responsibility for running and administrating the camp. However, he does not feel that it would be legal to prevent Gens who have not yet had their IDAS hearings from entering and leaving the camp as they wish.

Episode #73: Flush (11/19/00) Wie, a financial consultant associated with Howe, trolls the Tecton mess tent for high order Donors who require her... services.

Episode #74: In the Name of Research (11/20/00) Elte corners Arat coming out of the shower and probes him for the details of his financial involvement with the Gen internment camp project. Arat is not pleased.

Episode #75: In the Name of Research, Part II (11/23/00) In a continuation of the previous episode, Elte presses Arat for the details of his sexual habits.

Episode #76: The Masked Whittler (11/25/00) Sayward brings a new surprise for Arat, and asks him why he reacted so badly to her first one.

Episode #77: Prickly Plum (11/26/00) Mr. Birch, Riyyh, Arat, Ms. Afred of the orphanage in Salmonton and a minister from the Church of Purity discuss the concept of the CoP providing funding for the Gen internment camp.

Episode #78: Dat Wascally Wabbit (11/30/00) Borgmann comes to Arat trying to find out what is going on with the internment camp project. He claims that Riyyh has been intentionally leaving him out of the loop.

Episode #79: Barking Up the Wrong Riyyh (12/2/00) Concerned about rumors that the illegal Gens present in the camps might be a secret invasion force, Beni suggests that Riyyh try to probe Edka for the truth. For some reason Riyyh isn't terribly enthusiastic about the idea. Racknie has dreams of populating the new Narosian bath house with lush tropical plants.

Episode #80: Ripe for the Picking (12/3/00) Sayward leads Minister Plum on a tour of the proposed site of the internment camp for illegal border-crossing Gens. Plum has a nasty surprise when he learns that Borgmann, the local head of IDAS, is someone he knew as a child now transformed into a Sime. As if that weren't traumatic enough, he also meets Wise Snake Farris, who is her usual devilish self.

Episode #81: Dirty Look (12/4/00) Minister Plum confronts the Demon Controller in his den. They discuss the conditions the Church of the Purity wishes to place on its donation of funds to the Gen internment camp project.

Episode #82: The Green Marauder (12/9/00) Rackie is quite pleased with himself at having obtained live plants for the decoration of the Narosian bath house, and in midwinter no less. There is a problem however.

Episode #83: Demonic Chorus (12/10/00) Minister Plum attempts to cross the border back into Gen Territory and encounters some unexpected difficulties. Their names are Lorizan and Chub and they are Sime Border Patrol officers.

Episode #84: An Opening for Closure (12/11/00) Borgmann of IDAS is surprised to find his old friend Minister Plum in the detainment facility. He is even more surprised to discover Plum low-field, but in complete denial that a donation occurred. None of these little surprises, however, prepare Borgmann for what Plum has hidden in his boot....

Episode #85: Yo-Yo Has Some Nerve (12/12/00) Roliver and his new Donor, Pomma, are sent to discover Elte's whereabouts and follow up on his missed donation. They discover him in the midst of a rather emotional interview with Grenade, a belligerent Gen worker. Roliver decides it is time for Grenade's field to be taken down as well. Isn't Roliver's job fun?

Episode #86: Moose Sandwich and Crow Hors d'Oeuvres (12/14/00) Nick slips off to the Narosian camp to warn Riyyh that the open shower invitation is officially ended. A Gen Army courier, Storm, arrives carrying letters and news for Edka and his men. It turns out he has not donated and has no border papers. Elte Andover is glad to show him to the Collectorium, where his donation is taken by Wise Snake.

Episode #87: Glass Houses (12/16/00) Nick cautions Arat against telling Mr. Birch's OT historian about his parents' association with the Garlenists.

Episode #88: Plum Loco (12/17/00) In a gesture of Narosian goodwill, Riyyh attempts to give the imprisoned Minister Plum a care package. However, Plum panics at the sight of Riyyh's tentacles. Edka and HT, come to IDAS in the hope of obtaining a visa extension, investigate the ruckus and discover Plum and his cell neighbor Grenade. Plum begs Edka to rescue him from jail and Sime Territory, with no luck. Arat questions Plum about the circumstances of his 'donation' and attempts to reimburse him for the items Wise Snake stole from him, but Plum refuses the money.

Episode #89: Chomp, Squeak, Kill (12/18/00) Edka drops Storm off at the IDAS office to get a visa. Duart and Hurl of SWAT go to the IDAS office to check on some rumors. So does Devore, their Gen counterpart. All of the union types arrive at the IDAS headquarters just as Storm is leaving. Duart starts to give Storm a hard time, but Devore defends him. Just as it appears that matters have been sorted out, Storm's mule Moose attempts to enter the building. Utter havoc ensues.

Episode #90: Mothers, Mice and Moose (12/21/00) Confined to his sickbed, Storm writes the obligatory letter home.

Episode #91: The New Washington What? (12/24/00) Elte and Nikki visit Storm in the infirmary. Storm experiences angst about his and his mother's citizenship status as Elte grills him about his personal business. Devore, head of the Gen labor union on the Dam site, arrives to see how Storm is doing. Elte questions Devore about the Moose incident at IDAS.

Episode #92: Boxers and Fisticuffs (12/25/00) Storm is still sick in bed. Nikki comes to say hello to him. Grenade comes by to propose a little business deal, but Storm is definitely not interested. Klyzer comes to check on Storm's health, and it immediately becomes apparent that he is none too confident in his work. This alarms Storm greatly, and he asks Nikki to run for help. She locates Klyzer's Donor, Remme, who manages to get Klyzer calmed down and Storm bandaged up again -- but not before Klyzer manages to have Nikki removed by Security.

Episode #93: Unlikely Champion (12/31/00) Hajene Klyzer is about to get his performance review when who should walk in but Ms. Afred of Salmonton. Afred has been approached by the Church of the Purity Synod, who want to know what has become of Minister Plum. They felt that Afred, who has had previous contact with Simes, would be able to find out more. Arat is not able to tell her much, but Glif Borgmann can. The more Ms. Afred hears about Plum's situation, the more upset she becomes.

Episode #94: The Devouring of Plum (1/1/01) Borgmann takes Ms. Afred to visit the imprisoned Mr. Plum. She is horrified by his condition. Afred, Plum and Borgmann are horrified by Wise Snake's gleeful admission that she stole Plum's wallet and paperwork, and her implication that she stole his selyn. Now firmly on his side, Afred vows to get Plum's message to the Synod.

Episode #95: No Access (1/4/01) Nick, Nikki and Riyyh have a relaxing, steamy conversation about Nikki requiring adult supervision to visit the infirmary again. Borgmann asks Arat to examine Plum for evidence of which channel might have stolen the minister's selyn, but the examination is not successful.

Episode #96: Post Launch (1/6/01) Meana has her field taken down by Leapin and Elan. It is not a pretty sight, either before or after.

Episode #97: Sharp Objects (1/6/01) A desperate Jeniard turns to Nick for assistance, and they narrowly manage to stop Arat from doing the unthinkable.

Episode #98: Do Not Pass Go (1/7/01) Nick asks Arat what's been eating him lately, and Arat reveals that he had requested a transfer away from the Dam project and been refused.

Episode #99: Mutations of Meaning (1/8/01) Borgmann challenges Plum's interpretation of scripture with regards to Simes.

Episode #100: Misery Hates Company (1/8/01) Riyyh attempts to be nice to Meana, and quickly realizes it was a mistake.

Episode #101: A Fine Kettle of... Oh Dear (1/11/01) Sayward brings some soup by Nick's quarters and asks if he could read over some forms she has filled out in Simelan. She and Nick are profoundly embarrassed by certain mistakes in Sayward's official Simelan. Riyyh comes by and quite naturally misunderstands the exact nature of their mutual embarrassment.

Episode #102: Kettle's Reprise (1/13/01) Nick goes to return Sayward's kettle to her, and learns that a number of rumors have spread about himself and Sayward, and the contents of certain Tecton forms filled out in Simelan.

Episode #103: Stuck (1/14/01) Nick asks Arat for more details regarding his plan to survive life at the Dam project.

Episode #104: Soul Food (1/14/01) Sayward visits Plum in his cell, and they discuss Simes, Gens, and the nature of the soul. The pitter patter of little feet are heard.

Episode #105: The Cultivation of Duty (1/15/01) In a continuation of episode #103, Nick questions Arat about his family, his upbringing, and the Garlenists.

Episode #106: Nice... Towel (1/18/01) Du Wie finally manages to track Nick down... in the bath. She proceeds to attempt to sell him her services as a financial advisor. Nick is terrified by her advances, as he had previously observed what he thought was husband-hunting behavior on her part and believes this to be more of the same. She chases him all the way to Arat's office. The three of them end up parting ways with quite an assortment of erroneous impressions about one another.

Episode #107: Unpopular View (1/18/01) After inadvertently giving Elte a twisted ankle, Riyyh graciously agrees to heal it. Elte uses the opportunity to ask Riyyh about channel's healing, Gen fear of Simes, and Plum.

Episode #108: His Plaintive Squeak (1/21/01) Borgmann asks Arat's advice regarding the handling of Plum.

Episode #109: Jangle (1/22/01) Nick relates the Du Wie incident to Riyyh, in the hopes that Riyyh will do something to protect his... assets... from further predation. Riyyh isn't really too much of a help, but he is terribly nice about it. Borgmann asks Riyyh's advice also, hoping to find an easy way to tell Plum he will have to donate again. Nikki practices hospitality and shiltpron playing. The latter doesn't go quite as planned.

Episode #110: Cash Crunch (1/25/01) Edka arrives at Arat's office with HT and Storm in tow. It seems that Storm was caught at the scene of an illegal still made by Frances the Mule, though he denies any actual involvement with the operation. Edka asks for Arat's help in convincing IDAS to give the soldiers food meant for itinerant Gens without forcing them to move into the internment camp. Arat is more interested in how Edka's men ran out of resources in the first place.

Episode #111: Hard Sell (1/27/01) After weeks of inconvenience, Nick is appalled to learn that Jeniard has kept sharp grooming implements hidden around the house, rather than removing them entirely as he'd claimed. However, he is prevented from fully expressing his opinion about the deception by the arrival of Du Wie, who is determined once and for all to become Nick's financial advisor. Despite her best attempts, Nick remains convinced that she is after his babies, not his money.

Episode #112: Fools (1/28/01) Arat examines Plum to determine whether he is sane and fit to stand trial for his crime. He also attempts to get Plum to sign a document declaring his intention to take his own life, but Plum's new lawyer, Lewis Battel, arrives in time to prevent him from doing so. After discussions with both Plum and Borgmann, Battel comes to the unpleasant realization that this isn't the sort of case he'd have taken on if he'd known a bit more about it beforehand. However, he is determined to help his client if possible.

Episode #113: Yesterday's Gin (1/29/01) Suffering a hangover after a night of experiencing the lives of the locals, Elte arrives at the Narosian bathhouse for a long hot soak. Riyyh is all too happy to help him with his hangover -- and his bath.

Episode #114: Moola (2/1/01) Racknie demands instruments for an orchestra and Kella insists she needs a blackboard. Riyyh manages to wriggle out of supplying either of these requests. Kella consoles herself by roping Racknie into teaching a class for her. It is clear she has no idea what a mistake this could be. Dramming and Arat meet to discuss the Audnes supporters' request for additional funding. Arat is angered by Dramming's admission that the money he'd already given them was lost in a poorly-thought-out semi legal business venture.

Episode #115: Eve in Camouflage (2/3/01) Sgt. Edka is ambushed by Wise Snake Farris, who has a very interesting idea regarding smuggling, the food price racket, and Edka's troops. Unfortunately for Edka, he doesn't know Snake very well.

Episode #116: Fear Talks (2/4/01) Wise Snake pays a visit to a bewildered Borgmann, advising him to pay more attention to Edka from now on. She then proceeds to her real purpose for going to IDAS - to scare the willies out of Plum.

Episode #117: Customs Agents My Eye (2/5/01) Edka and his troops stop a smuggler in the woods. Nick meanwhile is wondering just where Edka and his troops -- and their explosives stores -- have gone. He asks Riyyh, but the Narosian has not heard.

Episode #118: Peon Problems (2/8/01) Arat is approached by Rayal Gaz, a member of a family long associated with the Audnes. Rayal has undertaken the perilous midwinter journey to the Dam in order to tell Arat of the havoc wreaked by his request to have the supplies for the Gen internment camp shipped to the Dam on short notice.

Episode #119: Bait and Switch (2/11/01) Curious about the stories of travellers being accosted by a mysterious band of "tax collectors", Elte dons a disguise and allows himself to be caught by Edka's troops. Edka is thoroughly disgusted when he realizes who he's captured, and what Elte is likely to do with the information he's so gleefully gathering.

Episode #120: Whacko (2/12/01) Elte questions Snake about the food and selyn shortages, Edka, and Plum.

Episode #121: Meat (2/12/01) Nick arrives at Sayward's for dinner as per her invitation. Much to Sayward's surprise, he has brought Nikki with him -- and that's not the only surprise in store.

Episode #122: Butt Load of Bang (2/15/01) HT goes to the mess tent to tell Storm he is relieved of KP duty, and ends up making potato soup with him instead.

Episode #123: A Simple Solution (2/15/01) The good news is, Snake is willing to accommodate Nick's sore eyes by working in the dark all day. And there's more good news: he's going to get as many chances as he wants to use the latrine.

Episode #124: Choice Gig (2/17/01) Arat smells something nasty as he reads through reports of mysterious injuries in outlying areas. Could it be Nick?

Episode #125: How To Rip Bodices Without Hurting Your Back (2/18/01) In an attempt at kindness, Borgmann provides Plum with some reading material. He then tries to convince Plum to donate without a struggle, but Plum declares he will fight it to the end.

Episode #126: Of Dubious Artistic Value (2/18/01) Sayward buttonholes Jeniard to get some more advice on Simelan. She discovers to her delight that he, too, has a carving hobby.

Episode #127: Smuggler's Lament (2/19/01) Learning of Nick's investigation into mysterious beatings occurring near the border, Grenade arrives at the Sime Shack to report having been ambushed by Sgt. Edka and his troops.

Episode #128: Balded Him in His Den (2/22/01) Borgmann asks Arat which parts of Sime Territory could most use the selyn of incoming new Gen citizens. However, Wise Snake later suggests to Borgmann that if he encourages Gens to leave the Dam area, she will be most displeased.

Episode #129: Eco-Raiders (2/24/01) Nikki catches Racknie sneaking into the Tecton infirmary and naturally wants to know what he is up to. Wouldn't you know it, it has something to do with plants.

Episode #130: Three Warnings (2/25/01) Nick catches Riyyh and Ali on break at the Narosian bath house's new tea room. He has brought an... item... for return to Racknie, and asks if Riyyh could please keep Racknie and Nikki on leash. He also asks Riyyh to carry out his channelling duties at the Tecton compound, not at the bath house. Ali, who resents Nick's tendency to glom nagerically, is glad when the conversation is over.

Episode #131: Bite Me (2/26/01) The day of Plum's donation arrives, and he refuses Borgmann's offer of sedation. However, when he puts up a fight Rifan and Berlynna are forced to sedate him anyway.

Episode #132: What's Eating You? (3/1/01) While on break, Sylma asks Rifan about what happened with Plum. Afterward, she offers to train him in self defense techniques, but Rifan declines.

Episode #133: The Stain of the Rogue (3/3/01) Nick expresses his worry about others' opinions of him, recently fanned by his overhearing a chance comment in the bath house. He also relays Borgmann's complaints about Snake's little visit and wonders what her motives were. Arat's suggested explanation is none too reassuring.

Episode #134: Assault and Flattery (3/4/01) Elte Andover interviews Glif Borgmann about his past, his work, Gen rights, and Minister Plum. They are interrupted when Rifan's wife Etta bursts in on them unexpectedly.

Episode #135: Mountain Air (3/5/01) Sylma decides to see just what sort of a person Etta Rifan is. Etta is not thrilled about letting her into her house, but does so anyway. As a bonus, Sylma gets to meet Etta's neighbor Odessa too.

Episode #136: Beware of Elk (3/8/01) Elk don't come into heat in March. They don't come into heavily human populated areas. They do not desire to mate with Controller Farris. Really!

Episode #137: Porta-Doilies (3/10/01) A pathetically worried Borgmann comes to Riyyh for advice on what small crafts industries the internment camp Gens might take up to earn money above and beyond their donation payments. Riyyh is bewildered as to why.

Episode #138: Pulp Scripture (3/11/01) Borgmann, annoyed by Plum's attack upon Rifan, attempts to argue theology with the minister. The conversation does nothing to change Plum's beliefs or Borgmann's disgust.

Episode #139: Suitable for Branding (3/12/01) Siblings Sylma and Sedel ambrov Dar take it upon themselves to ask Plum a few questions. By the end of the conversation Plum still thinks he's nobly defending his soul by refusing to donate, Sylma thinks she's thought of a plan for how to handle his next donation, and Sedel thinks that whatever Sylma is thinking of, it's going to get them into trouble.

Episode #140: Over the Top (3/18/01) Elte Andover discovers Sylma and Sedel's secret workout spot and is taken by Sylma's grace and athleticism. He is also impressed by Sedel's moves, and asks them to teach him some of Dar's art.

Episode #141: Tentacleless (3/19/01) When Sylma comes to collect the selyn from the internment camp, Coras dreads her reaction to his deformity. Yet when she fails to say anything, he feels compelled to bring it up himself. He is surprised to find that her attitude about it raises no defenses in him.

Episode #142: GN1 Controls QN2? (3/20/01) Elte Andover is late to donate once again, and Hajene Roliver must track him down. He finally locates Elte in the construction tunnels being shown around by Sayward, and arrives just as Elte sets off a photographic flash. As if being temporarily blinded isn't bad enough, when he goes to take Elte's donation something even more unexpected occurs.

Episode #143: Maneuver (3/25/01) Nick confronts Arat when he realizes the channel has not left the safety of the Tecton compound since the "Elk Incident"... even to go home. Sylma asks Riyyh's advice about handling Minister Plum.

Episode #144: Donation From Hell (3/26/01) Sylma and Sedel carry out their idea for handling Plum's donation. Unfortunately, things do not go according to plan. At all.

Episode #145: Albert's Cookies (3/27/01) As his body lies in a catatonic state, Plum's mind wanders in a gray limbo populated by surprising people and things.

Episode #146: Water Hazard (3/29/01) Adrift in an ever-changing dreamland, Plum discovers that he still has a soul.

Episode #147: Displeased Doesn't Cover It (4/2/01) Arat dresses down Sedel and Sylma for their actions regarding Plum's donation. Nick does his best to keep things from progressing from ranting to throttling.

Episode #148: Refuge for Refuse (4/3/01) Albert leads Plum to the knowledge that all children have souls, before coming to adulthood.

Episode #149: To Whom Your Prayer Is Addressed (4/5/01) Sylma goes to the Narosian tea house to calm her nerves before asking her brother for help with her entran. She tells Riyyh of her problems and he is, of course, kind and sympathetic. Meanwhile, wandering in a brilliant land, Plum learns that one of his children would have changed over.

Episode #150: No Nikki No Ali (4/7/01) Nick asks Riyyh for some reassurance that the Narosians will behave themselves after their Sectuib has left the Dam site.

Episode #151: On Vocation (4/8/01) Plum awakens from his coma at last, and Nick asks him about his version of what happened. He is quite surprised to discover that Plum's beliefs have changed.

Episode #152: Chopping for Answers (4/14/01) Sedel's disenchantment with the Tecton system and a Donor's place in it unnerves Sylma, who is feeling the pinch of entran.

Episode #153: Limey (4/16/01) Birch and Devore discuss the state of employee scheduling in the wake of an accident that left Sayward disabled. It seems things aren't going quite as smoothly as they had before.

Episode #154: They Turn on Their Masters (4/16/01) Sylma confronts Arat about his treatment of Sedel. She accuses him of damaging Sedel's opinion of the Tecton by his actions, and challenges him to prevent Sedel from leaving by treating him better.

Episode #155: Spills (4/19/01) Sedel finds himself injured with only Controller Arat available to help him. After a brief conversation, he decides that Arat is not all bad.

Episode #156: Ixnay on the Assbray Andbay (4/22/01) An anxious Mr. Birch and a somewhat more laid back Riyyh go to the docks at the Old Dam to greet an important visitor. He is Alain Ro, the distinguished OT professor who lent funding for the Gen internment camp. He has arrived to claim their half of the bargain: Arat Farris' cooperation in his research efforts.

Episode #157: Distinguished Inquisitor (4/22/01) Much to Arat's distress and Birch's boredom, Alain Ro begins to interview the Controller. Jeniard is on hand to provide moral support.

Episode #158: Birch Repellant (4/23/01) In a continuation of the previous episode, Alain Ro questions Arat about his family's history.

Episode #159: As One Cog to Another (4/26/01) Sedel expresses his regret for what happened to Plum, and asks to work as a Donor again. Arat suggests he talk to other Donors about the feelings that have been troubling him.

Episode #160: Empire Builder (4/29/01) Alain Ro probes Arat regarding the power and influence of family Audnes, and how it was developed. Arat answers most of his questions, but balks when asked his opinion of how the Tecton has handled the New Othwol area.

Episode #161: The Happiest Donor (5/5/01) Sedel asks Lemuse some questions about her experiences as a Donor, and in doing so discovers that he wants to change the Tecton.

Episode #162: Blood and Selyn (5/6/01) Alain Ro asks Arat about the Garlenists and the Audnes experiments with transfer. Once again, he is frustrated when Arat refuses to answer questions about his current opinions.

Episode #163: Strawberry Blush (5/7/01) Alain Ro meets Riyyh in the Narosian teahouse for some tea and treats. Ro takes the opportunity to ask him about Arat, Tecton politics, and the nature of leadership in Sime Territory.

Episode #164: Three-Wheeler (5/10/01) A bed-ridden Sayward presents Jeniard with a gift of carving tools.

Episode #165: Nikki, Needy and Nosy (5/14/01) Nikki interrupts Alain Ro's latest interview with Arat before it's even started. Ro still manages to get some remarkably good information out of Arat.

Note: there may have been more episodes played between 5/15/2001 and 5/23/2001. If you have a log from this time period that is not already posted, or if you know what date episode #166 was played on, please email the editor. Thank you.

Episode #166: The Unscratchable Itch (5/??/01) Sedel manages to track down Nick in the Narosian bath house, and they have a nice Donor-to-Donor talk. Sedel wonders if it is possible to change the Tecton for the better, or if he should simply go away to Gen Territory and forget being a Donor. He is surprised to learn that Nick was once a rogue.

Episode #167: Academic Arrogance (5/20/01) Nick confronts Alain Ro about how upset the interviews are leaving Arat. Ro, however, is convinced that his work is of such importance that it outweighs any inconvenience his interviewee - or that interviewee's Donor - may suffer.

Episode #168: Duty is as Duty Does (5/24/01) Nick Reckage buttonholes Jeniard and they discuss ways to make Ro's interviews less stressful for Arat. Ever since his talk with Sedel, Nick has been wondering whether his being a First makes it his duty to work for change in the Tecton. Jeniard offers some advice about that, for both Nick and Sedel.

Episode #169: The Wicked Witch of the Woods (5/26/01) Springtime has allowed road travel and so Riyyh and some of the Narosians travel away from the Dam project. A broken wagon wheel gives Nikki time to explore, but when she goes on ahead she encounters none other than Prunida. Upon realizing that Nikki is related to Nick, Prunida immediately attempts to figure out how Nikki can be used to gain access to her grandson. Riyyh comes looking for Nikki and immediately smells trouble. When Prunida is unable to get what she wants, she resorts to the good old standby: kidnaping. She hadn't bargained for wrestling with someone who's half Meana however.

Episode #170: A Rogue by Any Other Name (5/27/01) Nick Reckage seeks out Alain Ro in the Narosian teahouse. He intends to put some limits on Ro's questioning of Arat, but ends up answering a whole lot of Ro's questions himself, instead.

Episode #171: Donors is Donors (5/28/01) Sylma tries to cheer up Sedel, who is depressed about the options for his future. Conversation turns to Snake and Arat Farris, and they both report having noticed Snake has some kind of sinister hold over Arat. However, this only worries them temporarily; they are soon back to joking around and sparring.

Episode #172: Losing Battle (5/29/01) Against his better judgment, Plum's lawyer returns to attempt to help his client. However, Plum says he requires no help, having reached a peaceful state of enlightenment.

Episode #173: Unreliable (5/31/01) Alain Ro meets Wise Snake Farris.

Episode #174: Exposed for Discussion (6/2/01) Sylma attempts to ask Arat about his relations with the Narosians and with Snake. However, he is not very forthcoming. Meanwhile, Sedel goes to the bath house and has a nice gossip session with Methylda regarding Snake.

Episode #175: Earful (6/3/01) In a continuation of the previous episode, Sedel enjoys a massage by Methylda as he tries to figure out if she knows anything important about Arat and Snake. She gives him quite a lot to think about, and not just about them.

Episode #176: No Way to Run a Show (6/3/01) Alain Ro questions Borgmann about the financial situation of the Gen internment camp. He then probes Borgmann for details on Snake's activities, Arat and Snake's relationship, and Minister Plum's impending trial.

Episode #177: Drug-Dealing, Snake-Loving Bastard (6/4/01) Having been made paranoid by Ro's questions, Borgmann goes to Arat with his worries over the Plum affair. Meanwhile, in hot pursuit of information on the exact relationship between Arat and Snake, Sylma questions Jeniard about some of the 'clues' Sedel picked up at the bath house.

Episode #178: Ka-ching! (6/7/01) Prunida finally arrives at the Dam site, somewhat the worse for the wear. She immediately sets about trying to find Nick, and her first stop is Mardith's bar. Just as Prunida's good manners are starting to wear off revealing her true colors, Mardith's investor Du Wie shows up. The two of them gleefully position themselves to take advantage of Prunida's need for a place to stay.

Episode #179: The Happy Bucket (6/10/01) Plum confides to Borgmann that he is concerned that the Synod will not be representing his personal and religious best interests in the upcoming trial.

Episode #180: I'm All Toes (6/11/01) Du Wie approaches Alain Ro in the hopes of doing business. He listens politely while she proposes that he allow her to represent him financially with regards to the Gen internment camp project. So great is their individual poise and refinement that they manage to conclude their conversation gracefully despite the fact that each of them becomes personally and intimately acquainted with Smitty the rhyming cockroach during it.

Episode #181: Carci-what? (6/14/01) Having received a letter from his mother warning of Prunida's possible visit, Nick ponders the moral dilemma of whether he should give in to his grandmother's demands for money. Arat reveals to Nick his plans for a new house and servants. Nick announces that he does not intend to go to the conference in Capitol he was invited to.