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One-Shots: Psssst... Wanna Buy Some Ronaplin?

This log could be considered a prequel to the House of Intil one. It was played by Captain Button and Kaas Baichtal in the spring of 1997. There is also a cameo by Don Jaramillo.

Shady Character: Pssstt... wanna buy some ronaplin? It's really cheap.

Cpt. Button: Is this Farris-grade ronaplin?

Shady Character: Errrrr... [checking facial expression to make sure it is good enough to fool a Gen] Yeah! Yeah it is.

Cpt. Button: Excellent! Our supplies are depleted after last... anyway, how much?

Shady Character: $300,000 a vial. Two vials available.

Shady Character opens her vest to display the two vials in an inner pocket.

Shady Character: This ronaplin has been carefully harvested by Intil 'R' Us using only the latest and safest techniques and is guaranteed to be 100% active and ready-to-use!

Cpt. Button: OK. But I can't pay more than $300,000 for both, sorry.

Shady Character: What! Do you have any idea how difficult it is to raise intil in a Farris and make off with his ronaplin undetected? I can't possibly sell them for less than $500,000 the both.

Cpt. Button: But I have to ship it across 4 territory borders, Customs paperwork, Insulation and Security. If I pay more than $400,000, I'll lose money.

Shady Character: Hmmm... OK, I'll tell you what. I'll get these consolidated into one vial, that will cut your costs somewhat. But it cost me $475,000 to get this stuff, I can't sell below cost.

Cpt. Button: Well, If I hire a Third Order Donor to escort it, I suppose I could go to $450,000....

Shady Character: Eh... well.... Trade me one of your Gen employees on top of the 450K and it's a deal.

Cpt. Button: Well, you have a good benefits plan, right?

Cpt. Button: Work only 1 week a month, hassle- and paperwork- free donations taken by yours truly, and of course the best wardrobe company money can buy.

Cpt. Button: OK. Deal.

Cpt. Button: Is it "Well, that's that then." or "Well, thats that then."?

Shady Character: That's, I think....

Shady Character: Wait a minute... I think I zlin somebody coming!

Cpt. Button: I'll drop by the bank for some bearer bonds. Where shall I pick up the package?

Shady Character: Do you know where the "House of Intil" tavern is? Go around to the back, there's a little door with the Sign of the Goat above it. Knock 3 times.

Cpt. Button: Near the selyn power station for the East side?

Shady Character: Yeah, right underneath the high voltage lines.

Shady Character: We'll have everything all prepared for you.

Shady Character: Whoop gotta run!

Shady Character slips out the back way.

Ddraig looks askance at the shady character....

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