Archives of SIMEGEN-L (Virtual Selyn)
A Sime~Gen Email List
These are the monthly archive files created by the servers running the Simegen-L mailing list from 1996 through February 2001. If anybody wishes to contribute logs or collections of individual emails from simegen-l after February 2001, please contact the Secret Pens editor. Thank you!

Click on the appropriate link to view or download the Simegen-L logs as textfiles or zipfiles. If you want to download everything we have in one go, use this link: (11.6 Meg)

1996: Textfile: Zipfile:
August 1996 sgl-199608.txt (119K) (32K)
September 1996 sgl-199609.txt (878K) (261K)
October 1996 sgl-199610.txt (1031K) (307K)
November 1996 sgl-199611.txt (852K) (249K)
December 1996 sgl-199612.txt (432K) (133K)

1997: Textfile: Zipfile:
January 1997 sgl-199701.txt (679K) (208K)
February 1997 sgl-199702.txt (1049K) (322K)
March 1997 sgl-199703.txt (688K) (213K)
April 1997 sgl-199704.txt (819K) (241K)
May 1997 sgl-199705.txt (714K) (217K)
June 1997 sgl-199706.txt (880K) (271K)
July 1997 sgl-199707.txt (883K) (263K)
August 1997 sgl-199708.txt (1152K) (328K)
September 1997 sgl-199709.txt (810K) (235K)
October 1997 sgl-199710.txt (1266K) (373K)
November 1997 sgl-199711.txt (693K) (196K)
December 1997 sgl-199712.txt (1043K) (292K)

1998: Textfile: Zipfile:
January 1998 sgl-199801.txt (1316K) (386K)
February 1998 sgl-199802.txt (1201K) (333K)
March 1998 sgl-199803.txt (794K) (234K)
April 1998 sgl-199804.txt (1025K) (298K)
May 1998 sgl-199805.txt (420K) (123K)
June 1998 sgl-199806.txt (944K) (272K)
July 1998 sgl-199807 (1283K) (363K)
August 1998 † sgl-199808s.txt (814K)
sgl-199808z.txt (28K) (220K) (9K)
September 1998 † sgl-199809s.txt (73K)
sgl-199809z.txt (1024K)
sgl-199809c.txt (425K) (24K) (264K) (119K)
October 1998 † sgl-199810s.txt (21K)
sgl-199810z.txt (3K)
sgl-199810c.txt (704K) (7K) (2K) (204K)
November 1998 † sgl-199811s.txt (12K)
sgl-199811z.txt (2K)
sgl-199811c.txt (103K)
sgl-199811k.txt (704K) (5K) (1K) (32K) (183K)
December 1998 † sgl-199812s.txt (2K)
sgl-199812k.txt (1050K) (1K) (269K)

1999: Textfile: Zipfile:
January 1999 sgl-199901.txt (74K) (21K)
February 1999 sgl-199902.txt (791K) (177K)
March 1999 sgl-199903.txt (543K) (128K)
April 1999 sgl-199904.txt (1070K) (255K)
May 1999 sgl-199905.txt (822K) (241K)
June 1999 sgl-199906.txt (382K) (96K)
July 1999 sgl-199907.txt (540K) (136K)
August 1999 sgl-199908.txt (861K) (234K)
September 1999 sgl-199909.txt (406K) (107K)
October 1999 sgl-199910.txt (172K) (48K)
November 1999 sgl-199911.txt (118K) (30K)
December 1999 sgl-199912.txt (325K) (79K)

2000: Textfile: Zipfile:
January 2000 sgl-200001.txt (230K) (57K)
February 2000 sgl-200002.txt (510K) (130K)
March 2000 sgl-200003.txt (240K) (58K)
April 2000 sgl-200004.txt (682K) (164K)
May 2000 sgl-200005.txt (616K) (161K)
June 2000 sgl-200006.txt (135K) (35K)
July 2000 sgl-200007.txt (183K) (48K)
August 2000 sgl-200008.txt (329K) (71K)
September 2000 sgl-200009.txt (746K) (406K)
October 2000 sgl-200010.txt (323K) (76K)
November 2000 sgl-200011.txt (206K) (51K)
December 2000 sgl-200012.txt (1599K) (425K)

2001: Textfile: Zipfile:
January 2001 †† sgl-200101sl.txt (1030K)
sgl-200101mm.txt (285K) (221K) (72K)
February 2001 sgl-200102.txt (1780K) (534K)

At one point, multiple instances of the Virtual Selyn list were running on various different servers. Every effort was made to save the logs from all servers. A letter has been appended to each filename to identify the server a given archive was retrieved from. All files with no letter appended can be assumed to be from (Prior to August 1998) or (after December 1998).

k, aka

†† In mid-January 2001 the server ceased running Listserv and began to use Mailman instead. The two logs listed are chronologically consecutive without overlap.