Letters from East and South

Northeast Regional
Channels Residential Facility
Shallow Lake, East Nivet

23 days after autumn equinox, 12 AU

Dear Janush,

Skyepar hasn't been able to stop talking about you ever since he got back from Capital. From what he's been saying, I'm very glad my sister has found you and vice versa. She requires someone who can make her take care of herself, and take care of her when she doesn't, and it sounds like you required someone to rescue you from the Tecton and help you become the strong, independent wer-Gen you can be.

You'll have discovered by now, especially if you've met some of the Teiu Gens, that Yilli has rather heretical views on what Gens can be and do, and just how much they don't require coddling, protection or being treated like children. I'm proud to take credit for some of that attitude, but most of it is due to our father and to our experiences out-T around the time of Unity.

Skyepar says that you take great pleasure in supporting a channel, and by now you'll have discovered just how much Yilli will try to frustrate you that way. He said he gave you some advice on how to manage her when she's stubborn, and I'll be glad to further your training in that aspect of channel-wrangling when you get here. I know that she can't corrupt you or spoil your technique with her I'm-so-tough act, because Skyepar can't stop raving about your natural talent and your effortless smoothness in field transitions. Yilli has very good discernment, and I know she can perceive the quality of your skill, but she won't complain about rough field management, she'll bend herself to cope with it. So I would be very cautious about letting her train a First to work with Skyepar if he weren't so sure of you.

You'll enjoy working with Skyepar. He'll appreciate your support in ways that Yilli can't or won't, and his ability to teach and develop a Gen's skills are remarkable. He did a lot to develop mine, and I enjoyed every bit of it. It's good that I'm not a jealous person, because he can't conceal an absolute lust to take transfer from you. I hope you can match him soon, so you'll know what a delight he is. Not that Yilli isn't a terrific transfer partner -- the two of them are quite different, but each is splendid.

Still, there's more to life than slilbliss. Working with these two channels is a real joy for me and I think it will be for you too. I'm looking forward to meeting you. I think we can form the perfect Distect quadruple, the ideal set in gender and larity and transfer compatibility, and completely within Tecton regulations, too. I just have to snicker when I think about it.

Roza, First Companion in Teiu

Northeast Regional
Channels Residential Facility
Shallow Lake, East Nivet

23 days after autumn equinox, 12 AU

Dear Yilli,

While I'm delighted that you're continuing the House's tradition of fishing jewels out of manure piles, I really wonder at the way you and Skyepar can think with your laterals sometimes, and rationalize and justify it so thoroughly. Skyepar said he zlinned a deep compatibility between the two of you that could develop into "something spectacular" as he keeps saying. Then he tries to jolly me: "Don't you want your sister to have what we have, Roza? Don't you think she deserves it?"

Really, what are the two of you thinking of? He's almost a child, and you want him to work here, at the Tecton's disposal unit for what came out of the grinder? He's the new generation. He's what all the suffering in secret, as much as we hate it, was for, and now you'll rub his innocent face in it all.

I can tell without even hearing from you that he's holding off the nightmares because I'm not getting those long chatty letters you write when you're afraid to go back to sleep. You know they'll be back after turnover -- even I can't hold them off indefinitely. Don't you dare assume he can. I don't care how besotted the two of you have gotten him, if he has to wake up next to you during one of the bad ones, he's going to be over the border or back to the biggest, most impersonal Sime Center he can find in a flash, Tecton oath or no. Sleep during the day, with him to guard your sleep. Use the syrup when that fails -- it won't harm you if it's for only a a week or so per month. Or just stop sleeping for a few days. I don't suggest the obvious, sleep alone, because I don't think he'll go along with it. A Gen like that is as helpless to look out for himself with a channel like you suffering in front of him as I am, but even worse, because he's naive and idealistic and doesn't have the sense I got the hard way.

Well, there isn't much to do about it now, and from this distance, but if we can grow him up as fast as the two of you are going to pump up his selyn system, and we don't destroy him forcing the horrors of the past on him, there's a chance that things could work out very well for all four of us. You know that Skyepar and I want you to have good transfers when I can't serve you, and I want to know he has someone good when I can't serve him, although he's a lot tougher than you that way. If we can be sure he's making a mature, adult decision, I'd like you to pledge Janush to Teiu, so you can have a Companion who matches you with you most of the time. Skyepar says that Janush is far more suited to Householding life than a Tecton career, but I can't expect him to be objective, now can I?

While I'm at it, I think you should pledge Janush before you get here. You know the Tecton isn't going to be pleased at loosening its grip on what could be a high First, so the less obvious you make it the better. At this point, all the Tecton knows is that Skyepar recruited a Second to work at the CRF, and seconded him to you to train. Obviously, there was something planned, or why would he bother, but when the Gen shows up here ready to serve a high First, Skyepar is not going to be able to pretend he didn't know what was going on. It's the sort of thing the son of the Sectuib in Sat'htine can get away with as long as it doesn't happen too often, but let's take the rap for him. Everyone knows you're that wer-Sime who can live on shunts, who routinely does things that make most channels cringe -- they're going to assume it was a partial when he serves you. Get the pledge on record as soon as you can. Teiu is in such deep shit in the Tecton's books that the little increment we'll take for grabbing this lad won't make much difference. But it's up to you, Sectuib. I'll be glad to call him naztehr when I first meet him, and not just for Skyepar's sake. Besides, you always take a temporary pledge first. He can still run later.

One more point. I'm going to try to get pregnant again this winter, after the expected flu epidemic fades. I'm not getting any younger. Skyepar's cousin Rimona Farris says there's nothing obviously wrong with either of us, just low basic fertility in members of the old channeling families. Well, that may explain him, but not me. She says we just have to keep trying. She also said that his mother is softening considerably on the issue of bringing new lines into the House. As if I'd give my child to Sat'htine! Skyepar's sister's kids, whose fathers' identity is a bit of a secret, are looking good, and his mother has mellowed a lot, figuring one of her grandchildren could succeed her. They both may turn out to be Farrises. One of them better be a real good channel, or Sectuib may blow a gasket. Some people don't know when they've got it good. Two healthy Farris Gens and a high-order channel, and she's disappointed in her children. What if they had all been renSimes? It's too bad that I wasn't able to get pregnant right away after Skyepar finally decided to stand up to her on the issue of 'wasting his heritage' on 'breeding more gutter rats', but so it goes. At least they won't be Farris gutter rats, and we've got no intention of taking advantage of the 'marriage' between the Sectuib lines of mighty Sat'htine and despicable little Teiu.

Anyhow, Yilli, take care, not just for the House, but for the sake of your new Gen. If I can get pregnant, I'll be very relieved to know that you and Skyepar will have someone good when I can't serve either of you. I'm looking forward to meeting him, and helping him develop into a proper wer-Gen. So don't drive him off or use him up first, okay?

your sister and former Sosectu,

Northeast Regional
Channels Residential Facility
Shallow Lake, East Nivet

24 days after autumn equinox, 12 AU

Dear Yilli,

I got your note and the four from Janush this morning, and I'm glad to hear all is going well. Didn't I tell you it would?

Roza has been giving me a hard time about how I'm 'raving', as she says, over Janush's nager and potential. At first she said I sounded like a junct at the invitational viewing before the Iburan Choice Auction, but then she softened it to sounding like Klyd once he got his tentacles on Hugh but before he burned him. Now she just smirks and says she can't wait until my mother finds out I've recruited another gutter rat as a transfer partner, and not even a Householding one. But you know how Roza is. She's actually very happy for you, for me, and for all four of us.

She is a bit concerned about bringing Janush here, and what he'll hear from the patients, but he's strong -- both of us can zlin it. He's young, but he has depth, and great capacity for compassion, the true mark of a Companion.

Roza thinks you should get him pledged to Teiu, if that's what you two intend, before I zlin him again. I can see her point, so do it and send me the forms. I'll just exert my bureaucratic powers to get it all in his file, then to my great surprise, I'll find him ready to qualify. Amazing what the Sectuib in Teiu can do to upgrade a Gen.

Do you think he might be ready to serve me by next month? I have to admit that I'm really looking forward to it. But even if he tops out as a good match for you, and I have to take a shunt to qualify him, I'll be glad for him and you both.

Roza has written to you that she wants to try to get pregnant again. I hope that if it doesn't work out this time, the two of you will seriously consider finding someone else to father the next Sectuib in Teiu. Really, no matter what Rimona says, my track record is terrible and Roza isn't getting any younger. Teiu requires a few Sectuibs-apparent. With a Gen as mother, you really require as many as you can get. Please, Yilli, think about it and talk to Roza. There are plenty of good candidates out there, and it's not like you have to have anything to do with them once you've gotten what you want.

Take care of our young man, and let him take care of you.

Skyepar ambrov Sat'htine

Northeast Regional
Channels Residential Facility
Shallow Lake, East Nivet

24 days after autumn equinox, 12 AU

Dear Janush,

I got your four letters and one from Yilli this morning. It sounds like things are going well, you are learning and developing your talents, and taking good care of Yilli at the same time.

As I warned you, not everything Yilli does is according to Tecton standard, but I've come to trust her judgment when she varies from it. She is always willing to explain her reasons for doing so, as you've already seen.

I'm glad to hear you've started a sexual relationship. It will be good for both of you. I'll advise you if I can, but as you know by now, Yilli is a very good teacher, and I think you can trust your intuition in sexual matters as much as you can in nageric ones.

I'm looking forward to seeing, and especially zlinning, you again in a month or so. It's a joy to hear how your potential is unfolding, and it will be a further joy to contribute to your development as a First.

Roza is also looking forward to meeting you. Yilli is right that a Gen -- or a Sime for that matter -- can learn almost as much by careful observation as a Sime can by zlinning, and Roza can teach you a lot about this, as she has taught me.

I'm surprised and pleased at your ability to express yourself so well in writing. It's uncommon in a person your age. It's a talent that will help you as you progress in your Tecton career, but also one that is of value in your personal life. I enjoyed your letters, and look forward to reading the next ones.

Skyepar ambrov Sat'htine, QN-1
Facility Controller

Unity Seminary
Konawa, East Nivet

16 days after autumn equinox, 12 AU

Dear Sectuib,

As you know I qualified last month and have been continuing my studies at the Seminary and working as many shifts as I can get scheduled at the changeover wards. I just worked a night shift at the Konawa East Sime Center, and about halfway through a child came in who is now a QN-3. The shift manager said I was the best match and handed management of the changeover to me, under the supervision of the ward channels. The child was well trained and everything went smoothly, but faster than with a renSime, of course. Not long after dawn she achieved breakout and I had the joy of serving her First Need.

Sectuib, I can't thank you enough for making it possible for me to have the most profound experience of my life. I truly understand now why channels all want to work in the changeover ward. The gratitude of the parents and the child herself were nothing compared to the feeling of giving life to a new Sime, meeting her desperation with a flood of selyn and my own intense desire to serve her need.

The shift manager and some of the other channels witnessed the transfer and they all congratulated me, saying that I'd provided the young Sime with an extraordinarily good First Transfer, which she will treasure throughout her career.

I'm still so moved by the experience that I can't sleep, so I thought I'd write to you. I feel more than ever that I've chosen the life's work I was born for, and you've made it possible for me to do so. I look forward eagerly to the next phase of my training and hope that by this time next year, I'll have served some far more desperate children out-T.

Yorn (Carpenter) ambrov Teiu

Teiu Service Area Sime Center
Konawa District
Konawa, East Nivet

16 days after autumn equinox, 12 AU

Dear Yilli,

This morning we had that mysterious visit from the Assistant District Controller, and I'm sorry to say that it didn't go well. I'd been up all night with a renSime primipara and refused to see the ADC until the delivery was complete and I was sure the baby was stable and the postpartum hemorrhage under control. Like too many of the renSimes we see here, the young woman was malnourished and not trained for childbirth, and her fear and pain were very exhausting to zlin, despite the excellent support of Spadina, Yenava and Norbom. I wish we could convince more of these women to take the training we offer before they show up here in labor and drive themselves halfway into attrition. I hope that after this experience she will take our advice on nutrition so we don't see her here in a few months with a baby dying of diarrhea because she's 'supplementing' her milk. If only we could make these mothers bring their infants with them when they come in for transfer so we can at least keep an eye on their health before things get critical. But you've heard this from me too many times already. I don't think this mother is going to listen to advice from a Gen, so I'll try to get a couple of our renSime moms to bring their healthy babies over to show her, and maybe they can get through to her, but you remember the first time we tried that -- the woman looked at this well-nourished breast-fed infant with his well-nourished renSime mother and said "Oh, he's so fat. You're going to make him into a Gen!"

One of the Thirds on rotation out here, a young man named Osko, was assisting me, and I sent him out to tell the Controller what was happening. I was beginning to worry that he wasn't going to be back in time to give the mother transfer, but he was. He said that the ADC had brought some clerks and wanted them to look at our files. I sent Norbom out to tell him it was all right and to tell our clerks to assist him however he liked, and I'd be out as soon as I could.

I washed up and put on a clean uniform and went out. Now, Yilli, you know I don't look or zlin all that beautiful at my best, and after being up all night with all that fear and pain, and not too far from need, and getting a bit old for a disjunct, I was not at my best. Still, the ADC certainly didn't have to look at me like I'm some kind of Freeband Raider and the touch of my field would contaminate him. I know you tell me to stand up to these bureaucrats, but I just don't seem to have it in me. I constantly admire your ability to get them to either lay off or do what we want by that inimitable combination of groveling and maneuvering, but I can't seem to do more than the groveling part. You've got to admit that I do that well. So I groveled, and had no difficulty at all zlinning pitiful and dedicated to my work, and that seemed to mollify him a bit. Yenava told me later I still had a streak of blood on my forehead. I didn't plan it, but it probably helped.

Anyhow, I gave him the tour of the Sime Center and had Spadina take him and his Donor on a tour of the Householding, with a stop in the garden for trin and a light snack. Fortunately it was a nice warm day, and of course, she has that beautiful nageric texture, which doesn't hurt in charming a Controller, for all that she's a Third and he's a First. Norbom and I cleared up the backlog in the collectorium while Osko and Yenava did the same in the dispensary, with me serving the few disjuncts on the schedule. Osko is a willing worker, but unfortunately he has a long recovery time.

At any rate, the ADC came back from the tour, where he'd had a little private chat with the other Tecton QN-3 we've got this month, had a little private chat with Osko, declined the offer of trin and food for his entourage, told me that the records looked satisfactory, gathered up his Donor and said entourage and departed. Osko, Norbom and I handed the Center over to the second shift and went back to the Householding. Osko asked if he could speak with me privately, so the three of us went up to my quarters.

He told us that the ADC hadn't specifically told him not to say anything, and he thought I'd want to know what the ADC was interested in. Osko is a bit impressed by my obstetrics skills, and he also realized recently that I was the channel at Konawa West who kept his mother alive long enough for his sister to establish and finish raising him to adulthood.

Apparently, the District Office does not trust our assurance that I have voluntarily agreed not to serve nonjuncts in transfer at the Sime Center, except in documented emergencies, so they decided to spend a pleasant fall day raiding our records for evidence to the contrary. It's a good thing that Osko is only a Third, without a career to sink, because I get the impression that he defended my honesty, integrity and skill rather vehemently, which probably weakened rather than strengthened the case. The ADC wanted to know if Osko had ever seen any evidence of my raising intil while working with a Gen in labor, or any other fear-and-pain situation, and had the nerve to ask whether I was still serving nonjuncts within the House.

Yilli, you and I agreed that I'd voluntarily stop serving nonjuncts at the Sime Center just to head off this kind of thing, and it's very depressing that it seems to have provoked rather than prevented suspicion. The last time I served a nonjunct outside the House was when that drunken lorsh with the dislocated shoulder came staggering in here last spring and tried to attack Yenava. I suppose I could have just stood there and let her serve him, but then we'd be called Distect sympathizers I suppose. We did prepare a full Incident Report, and for all I know that's what triggered this little social call.

Times have changed and people like you and I who were heroes ten years ago are tainted scum to the new generation. Can you imagine Fazz ambrov Noam pulling a stunt like this when she was our DC? It's true that she probably wouldn't have gone so far out of her way to help us if her Rialite schoolmate Muryin hadn't told her to, but she had sense and perspective. Well I'm sure those things are more required at the Territorial level than in our dusty little District.

Otherwise things are going well. Everyone is fine except for Spadina's boy who broke his toe doing something he should have had more sense than to try, everyone is glad that the hayfever season is over, no births but Korina will likely pop any day now. I really doubt the child is a channel, so there should be no trouble. The three 'exchange students' from Heartland have settled in well and their Simelan is getting to be quite fluent, especially in 'shen' words. Their Sime relatives are doing a good job of keeping them out of trouble. The older girl looks like she may establish before spring. She's been saying that she wants to stay here with her brother whatever happens, and we have to keep reminding her that she is a citizen of Heartland, and unless she changes over she will not be able to make that decision until she is sixteen. Mavis got the bright idea of telling her that she can go back to Heartland for a few years as an 'ambassador', to let people know what life is really like in Nivet, and learn some skill that she can bring in-T with her when she returns. This seems to have made her feel better. I think the real problem is that she feels resentful that her parents sent her here, as much as she understands why they did it.

The missionary students I've been working with are doing very well, as you'll see from the attached report. Tomas, the out-T man who will be joining you at the seed farm, is a true gem. His dedication to his vocation, and the quality of his response to projected need are beautiful to zlin. If a man with his background can be like this, surely there's hope for the future of Unity out-T.

Tapiu, Second Channel in Teiu
Center Controller

16 days past autumn equinox, 12 AU

Dear Sectuib,

I'm sorry it didn't work out that I could serve your last transfer, but you know I never doubt your judgment in these matters. Well, almost never.

I talked to Tapiu before I went into Konawa, and he said that he could probably juggle things around to get me back in phase with you by the time you get back even if I have to wait for a good match. I told him that if he can include a transfer with him, I'd be delighted. You know how much good it does him to have a transfer partner who overmatches him occasionally and how reluctant he is to schedule me for himself, even though he knows how much I like to give him transfer. He thinks it's just gratitude for what you two did to help Nalko and the other pact parents, and all of us kids from Konawa, but the slilbliss is real and his nageric touch is so gentle and hesitant leading in to the draw that it evokes an overwhelming need-to-give in me. He's a wonderful man and I love him like a father.

I guess I'm gushing. I had a good transfer and am feeling pretty post.

I was in Konawa for almost a week, and yes, I did stay at the Sime Center, no problem. They matched me with a high Second and I worked with her for a few days before transfer. She'd been having some problems since her last posting a few months ago. She was at a Donor training camp to do a qualification, and the Donor trainee panicked at the peak, just as the slilbliss would have really cut in, and she had to shen herself. Her last few transfers have been difficult and unsatisfactory, so the Controller was glad to have a spare low First to match her with, figuring it would help her to have someone she couldn't possibly hurt.

The morning before the transfer we went and sat in the main square for a while, and I told her about how I got thrown out of the family mansion when I established, and came and sat here and tried to figure out what to do. Of course the old statues of the Farris channel, the desperate renSime and the stern and noble Companion have gone the way of the dopey Pen Gens in bronze yawals, but I told her how I sat there and looked at the statues and tried to understand what it meant to be Gen, and finally decided that I felt more like the Companion than like the Pen Gens, and I could be like that too. Then, of course, Matti found me and took me home, and I was able to help Nalko, and everything proceeded from there.

The transfer that evening went really well, and afterwards she hugged me and crying and laughing she said 'definitely more like a Farris Companion than a Pen Gen!' and we both laughed so hard we almost fell off the transfer lounge. I told her she should try to get rotated out to our Sime Center, or even just come visit us some time if she can. She's a really nice woman, in or out of need, and I enjoyed working with her and serving her.

Anyhow, everything is going well at the tree nursery, and the books look good for the summer quarter. I've attached a summary. Matti has been breathing down my neck about how big the surplus is going to be because he has some ideas of areas to expand into on a small scale so we will be sure to have plenty of work for the kids to do when they grow up in eight or ten years. He's got some kind of scheme for building a big cotton ginning plant in town where we can process the cotton for the farmers on shares and get into spinning and weaving, plus pressing lamp oil from the seed and using the oil meal to fertilize the vegetable gardens and the hulls as mulch for the nursery stock. You know Matti -- every plan has something for everybody. I'll let him be the one to explain how the next generation at Teiu is going to give Zeor a run for its money in the textile business.

Please take care, Sectuib. We are all looking forward to when you will come back to us.

Mavis, Second Companion in Teiu

Dear Sektub,

We wan to thank you for teching Yorn ambrv Tayoo to giv transfr to channels. Owr girl changd over yestadi and she is third ordr. Sosu Yorn servd her and it was wunderful to zlin. We never thot she cud be a channel till it happend. She is my dead sisters baby but we razed her as owr own. We ar so glad Sosu Yorn was ther to help her.

May Tayoo flurrish and giv the wurld mor wunderful Gens like Sosu Yorn.

Ersi Weever and Aild Shumaker Parrants of Reesateeg Weever QN-3

Clear Springs University Press
Clear Springs, New Washington

Dr. Hajene Teiu
Konawa West S.C.
Konawa, East Nivet
Dear  Dr. Teiu:

We are very pleased to send you the annual catalog of books published at Clear Springs University Press. You will note that we have expanded our line of Theology books considerably, and we have several excellent new contributions in the field of Medical Arts and Sciences as well as Agriculture and Engineering.

Please enjoy perusing our catalog. We hope you will find something of interest and use to you and your organization. An order form is enclosed for your convenience.

Sincerely yours,

(illegible Genlan squiggle)

Clear Springs University Press

Pure Mind Pure Body Press
463 Walnut Avenue
New Washington, New Washington

Dear  Miz Sectuibinteiu:

We obtained your name recently from a list of decent people with good minds, people who read and want to learn about the world and God's actions in it. Now, more than ever, it is important for every decent human being to understand the new Sime threat. Now that our Army has stopped them from raiding across our borders, they have a new way of getting their Choice Kills. They seduce the venal and weak-minded to cross the border themselves, with promises of money for nothing, that they won't ever have to work again.

Have you lost a friend or relative this way? Did this happen to a friend or relative of someone you know? How long did it take until the human being lost to Demon Land stopped answering pleas to return home to where God can protect him? Do you think that Child of God is still alive? Did he foolishly walk into the tentacles of the Demon Sime under his own power?

We think you will want to read our new book FROM GOD'S GRACE INTO THE DEMON TENTACLES. Our investigators interviewed many Godly people who have lost loved ones who trusted the demons' promises and went willingly to death and damnation, never heard from again. You will be moved to outrage and pity by these stories of faith and despair, filial duty betrayed and families broken by the deceit and lust to kill of the Demon Sime.

Our first printing is almost sold out, so order soon to be sure to get your copy promptly. An order form is enclosed for your convenience.

J. Purity Herg
Marketing Manager

Calico Cat Book Shop
New, Used and Rare
347 Main Street
River City, Heartland

Dear Sectuib Yilli,

I'm writing because I have some books that may interest you. I recently received a shipment from a bankruptcy clearance house that includes several books in Simelan, unfortunately in rather poor condition. Three of them are printed, one rather crudely, and the other is handwritten. The handwritten one is illustrated with drawings of plants. As you know, I unfortunately don't read Simelan, so I can't even tell if it's a book of herbal recipes or of nature poetry.

Since you are such a good customer, I am willing to add these Simelan books to your next order free of charge. If you want to keep them, they are a gift. If you don't want them, and manage to sell them, I'd appreciate it if you would send me some of the proceeds.

Thank you for telling me about the little printing press you got from a company down here. My son, the schoolteacher, was very interested and has convinced his management to buy one, arguing that it will pay for itself by doing small jobs for businesses like mine. So now I can send out newsletters, like the one enclosed, listing books that have come in recently. There are a few on agriculture and mechanics that may be of use to you.

Please tell the person who illustrated those recipe sheets you sent me that he or she has a real gift. I can't read the recipes, but the pictures of the children learning to cook are hilarious in any language, and my little granddaughter just loves them.

I'm sorry that your young man Matti wasn't able visit the shop on his way back from the government tree nursery last year, but any of your Gen members are very welcome at any time.

Sincerely yours,
Dan Whelan, Bookseller

House of Trin Oren
Clearwater District
Rose Creek Township, East Nivet

Yilli, Sectuib ambrov Teiu
House of Teiu
Konawa District
Konawa, East Nivet

Greetings and respect Sectuib Yilli,

We have been hearing of the marvelous work your House has been doing and find it nothing short of amazing. Our House would like to help. Your work with the Church of Unity missionaries is known to us. We find your outreach program admirable and a positive step toward the Unity we all desire. I fear that we are not in a position to aid with that work. However your work with new seed varieties is something that we may be able to help along. Your seed catalog was passed on to us by one of our cousins who lives out-T. I found it fun to read.

As you probably know our specialty is fiber producing plants and while they are not the only thing we grow they are our little niche in the farming community. So imagine our dilemma when we found a very different crop growing among our flax. It seems to be a very cold hardy form of rye. It has come to us, by a circuitous route, from the Northeast. The cold-hardiness by itself would not be remarkable; however, this strain seems to tolerate drought very well and to thrive in very poor soil. Given your efforts to reclaim the often barren land in the West we felt this strain of rye might prove instrumental.

There are several other plants in our seed stores that you may find of interest. We would be more than happy to have you see them for yourself. Our First Channel has suggested that you might like to visit us at Rose Creek. I would like to think that Presten is correct. Please feel welcome to visit if you are up here in our neck of the woods. We are not a very ostentatious House, so while our accommodations may lack splendor we will do our best to make up for it in hospitality.

The rebirth of your House from its own roots is, in our opinion, remarkable. The fact that you have not only reestablished your House but also provided the community with so many valuable services is most praiseworthy and we feel that anything we may do to assist is what we are obligated to do for a fellow House that has also seen destruction and rebirth. It is a pity that the Tecton seems less than fond of your programs. It is an equal pity that they haven't managed to come up with anything half so effective. Well, we can only hope that they will come to see the true value of your vision in time.

If you find that you will not be passing this way in your travels we can arrange to send you a quantity of seed that you may plant in test plots to judge their value for yourself.

I remain respectfully yours,

Elyn Erria Makepeace-Edrian, Sosectu ambrov Trin Oren

(N.B. This letter written by Jocelyn Stewart)
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