Klyd Farris in Dream and Legend
An Interdisciplinary Symposium at North Nivet University
Summer 12 AU

Opening Remarks: Chancellor Runzi, North Nivet University [excerpt]

Klyd Farris in Dreams and Visions

Changeover/Establishment Dreams and Fantasies [excerpt]
Tuib Serri Morcot, Valzor Teachers College

Channel Premonitory Dreams in an out-T Child [excerpt]
Sosu Nerob ambrov Teiu, Church of Unity Out-T Missions Program

The Transfer that Heals At Last [excerpt]
Professor Del Keslic, Unity Seminary, Konawa

Disjunction Wish Fulfillment Dreams in Semijuncts [excerpt]
Hajene Syrus ambrov Noam, Capital Center for Transfer Disorders

Klyd Farris in Legend and Folklore

Sightings [excerpt]
Tuib Risko Drover, Nivet Inquirer News Syndicate

Klyd and the Gypsies: The Once and Future Tecton Controller [excerpt]
Professor Andle Veritt, Dept of Cultural Anthropology, North Nivet University

The Empty Cloak and Ring

Trin Break (Food Provided for Our Gen Participants)

Open Discussion [excerpts]

Concluding Remarks: Hilo Farris

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