Opening Remarks
(Chancellor Runzi, North Nivet University)

"As the towering historical figure of our time, on both sides of the border, Klyd Farris Sectuib in Zeor and Tecton Controller, is present in the minds and imaginations of us all. The architect of Unity, the channel who saved us from Zelerod's Doom, the founder of the Modern Tecton will forever hold a place in history to compare with that of his ancestor Rimon Farris, the First Channel. Historians will continue to differ for generations on how his decisions, actions and aspects of his personality have affected the lives and futures of everyone. But this symposium, which we are honored to host at NNU, is not about the historical figure or the man himself, but rather how his life and death have generated legends and his insubstantial presence in the minds of both children and adults have provided solace and hope to those in fear and despair."

Changeover/Establishment Dreams and Fantasies
(Tuib Serri Morcot, Valzor Teachers College)

"We feel it is important that when a child confides to us a dream or fantasy of the change to adulthood that we not only respect the child's individuality and imagination, but that we are careful to direct his mind away from dangerous ground. If a child dreams of taking transfer from a Gen, we remind him that only channels do so, and in the dream he is taking a channel's role. Similarly, if the child tells us of a fantasy of serving transfer to a Sime, we remind her that if she does establish, she can take Donor training and only in that way serve transfer in real life."

Channel Premonitory Dreams in an out-T Child
(Sosu Nerob ambrov Teiu, Church of Unity Out-T Missions Program)

"The child had never met a Sime, and the picture of Klyd Farris signing the First Contract was the only image she had seen of a Sime who was not portrayed as a demon or monster... In each succeeding dream, she became less afraid, and when she was finally able to reach out her hand and take Klyd's her surprise to see tentacles on her own hand was more of delight than of terror... During her changeover I was repeatedly able to reduce her anxiety and selyn consumption by asking her to recall how she had felt in her premonitory dreams when Klyd had reassured her that she would be a channel like him and all would be well..."

The Transfer that Heals At Last
(Professor Del Keslic, Unity Seminary, Konawa)

"The intensity of relief and joy these doomed semijuncts experienced in their dreams of fulfilling transfer was matched only by the intensity of despair they then awoke to..."

Disjunction Wish Fulfillment Dreams in Semijuncts
(Hajene Syrus ambrov Noam, Capital Center for Transfer Disorders)

"While Klyd Farris occupied the channel's position in the dreamed disjunction triangle, the Gen's position was usually occupied by a Donor the patient knew, a Gen friend or family member, or more darkly, a Gen who had been one of his more traumatic kills after his psychological disjunction ... It was as if the patient imagined that a channel of Klyd's legendary ability could save him from his own hopeless junctness ... it helped these patients believe in their psychological disjunction when they took transfer from Klyd in the dream, but when they failed the imagined disjunction, and killed again in the dream, they were almost inconsolable in their despair. If even Klyd couldn't lure them from the Kill, even in their own dreams, surely they were so corrupt that no Gen was safe near them."

(Tuib Risko Drover, Nivet Inquirer News Syndicate)

"With apologies to young Hilo here, it was obvious that Klyd could not have survived long after Hugh's death, even if he had managed to somehow sustain himself for a while on the kind of shunts lesser channels can use. Sightings continued to be reported from all over Nivet however, and unless Klyd could fly in high augmentation, they couldn't all be real. So I became interested in what would motivate people to report such sightings, especially those whose belief in the reality of what they'd seen zlinned absolutely sincere..."

Klyd and the Gypsies: The Once and Future Tecton Controller
(Professor Andle Veritt, Dept of Cultural Anthropology, North Nivet U)

"It's interesting to see this form of legend arise in a Sime society when it had previously been known only in Gen and Ancient cultures ... tales of saviors such as Heizu and Alphus who arose again from death have been preserved from Ancient times ... Common belief in magical or sorcerous abilities of the gypsies, a still mysterious cultural group on both sides of the border, gave rise to the idea that their hidden channels had by occult powers healed Klyd of his broken orhuen and preserved his life ... When Klyd did not reappear to again take up the challenge of guiding a nation in the throes of the most profound social revolution imaginable, the legend grew that he was somehow watching from afar, waiting for the time of our greatest Need, to again manifest and save us ... We find here echoes of the Ancient legend of Atha, as well as the Heizu mythos ... "

Open Discussion

Tuib Drover: Professor Veritt, I find your gypsy legend very interesting. There's a whole class of sightings I call "the black haired gypsy". People seem to be unaware that while most gypsies have blond or sandy hair, there's quite a bit of diversity among them. Do you think that the occurrence of dark haired gypsies could have been one of the elements contributing to the legend you describe?


Hajene Syrus a. Noam: Sosu Nerob, you are rated as a TN-3. Weren't you taking an awful risk serving an obvious channel in First Transfer?

Sosu Nerob a. Teiu: I've been trained to serve a channel who outmatches me in the safest manner possible. In this case, the child was a low QN-2 and I hadn't served a renSime for twenty-four days. She didn't exceed my capacity, I was able to match her draw speed for most of the transfer and had only minor burns. If I were to go into test again, I would probably be rated a TN-2 now.

Hajene Syrus a. Noam: But you had no way of knowing that! She could have killed you! You would have juncted her!

Sosu Nerob a. Teiu: Had I not served her, she would have had to be murdered or die in attrition. After that experience, I am even more convinced that my training is adequate, and that I could have managed an even higher rated channel. In the extreme case in which only one of us survived, the survivor would be me. Since the result in the worst case is better than that in the case where I take no action, it's apparent that I should try to serve her.

Hajene Syrus a. Noam: Do you believe that your God has ordered you to do this and will magically protect you?

Sosu Nerob a. Teiu: No, Hajene. I believe that I have the talent and training to save these lives, and that because I have this ability I have the responsibility to use it.

Hajene Syrus a. Noam: Professor Keslic, how can your Church allow these Gens to take such risks?

Prof Keslic: Sosu is an adult, Sosu has been well trained and Sosu has made a decision in a matter only he can decide. He has been very successful, saving many lives both Sime and Gen. His profession is not so different from yours, Hajene. You, too, put yourself between the Sime and the Kill.

Hajene Syrus a. Noam: But the risk!

Prof Keslic: If Nerob weren't there, the child would have certainly died, and one or more Gens might have as well. It's entirely rational to take risks when the benefits outweigh them. Nerob takes a small risk to himself in exchange for the great benefit of lives saved. This is the act of a rational, mature and moral adult, Sime or Gen. Magical belief has nothing to do with it.


Tuib Drover: Sosu Nerob, it was the Sectuib in Teiu who trained you, so you must know her well. There was a famous meeting between Sectuib Teiu, her sister Roza and Muryin Farris Sectuib in Zeor in 5 AU that resulted in the Tecton agreeing to rescind its declaration in the Year of Unity that Teiu was an extinct House. It's widely believed that Sectuib Teiu and her sister gave Muryin some information about the death of her father that caused her to direct the Tecton Council to recognize Teiu. Did Sectuib ever tell you anything about that meeting?

Sosu Nerob a. Teiu: No, we never discussed that.

Tuib Drover: Professor Keslic, you know Sectuib Teiu, has she ever spoken to you about it?

Prof Keslic: No, Tuib. Perhaps you should interview her yourself.

Tuib Drover: Oh, I did, for all the good it did me. But I'm sure those two women know something the rest of us don't. They didn't reveal it until they were in extremis -- one of our reporters was there, and he described Sectuib Zeor coming out of the meeting "with a showfield like black glass and a face like bleached bone". Quite a poet, we made him a feature writer and he handles all the fashion shows at Imil now. But Yilli came out of that meeting leaning on her sister and collapsed, coughing up blood, right there in the hallway. If there hadn't been a couple of good channels on the spot it might have been the end of Teiu then and there. And Muryin refused to listen to speculation about Klyd's death after that. Hilo, has your Ma ever told you about that meeting?

Hilo Farris: No, Tuib.

Tuib Drover: Has she talked to you at all about your grandfather's death?

Hilo Farris: She told me that I was to confine any remarks about my Granda to the contents of the speech I'm to make at the end of the conference.

Prof Veritt: Leave the lad alone, Drover. Don't you journalists have any respect?

Tuib Drover: We have respect for the truth, Professor.

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