Public Art

Roza: Skyepar was in Konawa in 3 AU and told me that the famous sculpture of a caged Sime dying in attrition had been replaced by a heroic grouping of Klyd, Hugh, Risa and Sergi. A few years later it was gone -- I guess they couldn't cut Hugh off Klyd without making the group look lopsided. It was replaced by a generic Farris channel offering transfer to a suffering but grateful renSime while some Pen Gens look on in awe and a generic Donor supports the Farris and looks sternly into the future. The Pen Gens disappeared a bit later. Last I heard the square has a nice flower bed with a small grouping of a Sime couple playing with their children. Either they gave up on the politics or they didn't have enough bronze to do a harried Tecton bureaucrat complete with bank of file cabinets, seated at a massive desk, pen poised over important documents while his Donor massages his neck and offers him a cup of trin.

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