Householding Teiu's Seed Catalog for Spring 12 AU - English Edition
The Best Cultivars from Many Territories for Your Best Garden Ever!

RED HOT TENTACLES PEPPER - A fiery delight from Heartland Gen Territory - zlin the burn! Long thin fruits are brilliant red and richly flavored as well as very hot! Excellent both fresh and dried. A bit late for short season areas. Start very early or grow in pots.   page 4 RED UNITY TRINROSE - A new development from our Trin Breeding Program, which seeks to combine the winter hardiness of northern Nivet varieties with the exceptional aromatic qualities of Householding Naros cultivars and the disease resistance of wild forms. This beautiful trinrose has scarlet flowers and dark red leaves which impart a lovely color to your trin tea. The red foliage derives from a wild trin sent to us by a Church of Unity missionary in New Washington Territory. The mild sweet and tart flavor is pleasant alone or as a colorful addition to trin blends. Will survive winter with some protection in cold areas, or can be grown as an annual.   page 6
SEC TOMATO - The biggest, heaviest, most beautiful golden tomato you've ever seen. If a tomato could have a nager, this one would zlin the SEC of all!   page 5
NIVET SKIES MORNING GLORY - This easy-to-grow annual vine will beautify any home or garden. Lovely large sky blue flowers open each morning. Seeds add a nice bite to trin tea. (Simes only, toxic to Gens and children!) Formerly sold as ZEOR BLUE.   page 10 RIOR ORANGE PUMPKIN - You won't find a brighter orange pumpkin! Prolific plants produce many small fruits, ideal for soups and pies. Very early, great for short season areas. Short strong vines are space savers, especially if trellised.   page 5
Build Your Own HOME OIL SEED PRESS.   page 11 NORTHERN LIGHTS CANOLA - From NorWest Territory, an early productive variety for cool or short season areas. Uniform ripening seed is high in oil content. A great light flavored cooking oil and an excellent non-smoking lamp oil. The oil meal will put a real shine on your horses' coats and pep up your hens' egg production!   page 9 NORTH NIVET NUDE - Try our new selection of early hull-less oats. It's nice as rice!. Trial packet free with order.
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