A Gen's Point of View

Have you ever wondered what Gens out-Territory think about Simes?
Sit back, relax and take a gander below of one woman's story.

Gens Beware

Hi. So, you're new here in Gen Territory. You came from where? Ahhh...one of those Ancients, the ones the explorers found and brought back to life--the ones don't belong in this time. You know why. The Ancients are no more, having mutated into two species, the Simes andGens.  

You don't know what that is? Well, have a seat. Have some strawberries too. Yeah, I keep these around hoping to ward off the raiding Simes. Does it work? Hmmm, well, I don't know. The only one I ever encountered wasn't raiding.  

So, you want to know what a Sime is? You want to know if you've seen one? Well, let me tell you, if you'd seen one, you wouldn't forget it. They have these skin-colored ropes, four of them, that they call tentacles that come out at their wrists. They use them like extra fingers or hands since they aren't any longer than the tips of their fingers.  

No, that's not interesting. Why? Because if you're close enough to see those, you're close enough to be killed. No, no, not murdered but killed.  

Yes, there is a difference. You see, to them killing is something that they have to do once a month to survive. What? You don't understand. Well, you being an Ancient and all...  

Let me explain. You see, there are the normal people like us, er well, me, a Gen(There are no Ancients like you--Well, yes, you have made a point. There is you, isn't there). Anyway, we're called Gens. Then there are those others, the killers. They're called Simes. They have this need inside them that must be satisfied each month. They say we produce something called, selyn an energy that they use much like we use calories to survive. Every month they run low and have to find a Gen to kill--take the energy from us--to replinish their system. Unfortunately that ends in our deaths.  

No, no. That's where the tentacles come in. You see, they wrap them around your arms and then they touch their lips to yours. Then these small things called laterals which are very sensitive nerves come out at their wrists on the inside of their arms and touch you. I'm not sure how it works. I just know it does. And it leaves the Gen very much dead.  

You don't think you need to worry since you were alive before the mutation thousands of years ago? Well, I wouldn't bet my life on it if I were you. How do you think our cities ended up destroyed and we have none of the technology that supposedly was around during your time? Yeah, blame it on those Simes. They're the ones who caused all of this trouble. No, they think they are superior to us. Are they? Hmmm, well...Gens can't see this life energy, this selyn that flows in us, but the Simes can. They call it zlinning--to look with their other senses and "see" the fields(selyn fields) moving. And some of them can spot these fields miles away. Once they spot you, it's too late. They can run faster than Gens and see better than Gens, well, zlin at least. We can't do that.  

Yes, I live close to the border, hence, the strawberries. I keep them everywhere. You sure you don't want some? They're delicious. No? Oh, you want to know how I know so much about Simes when I'm not a Sime?  

Well...You see, I have had one encounter with a Sime. He was injured. He called himself a Channel. What? No, there are only two types of people: Simes and Gens. Yes, I said Channel but a Channel is simply a special kind of Sime that can draw selyn from a Gen and not kill them. No, not all Simes are Channels. No, they're not much help. From what the Channel told me they aren't widely accepted on the Sime side of the border either. They have to live in special places called Householdings where both Gens and Simes live safely from the kill.  

Well, yes, I did say they were dangerous and they are. But Channels are different. No, they don't randomly grab Gens, according to this Channel. They have special Gens called Companions....No there are only Two types of people. Companions are special Gens that work with the Channel. They serve the Channel when the Channel is in need. Then the Channel draws selyn from other Gens and uses that(in what he calls a secondary system)to give out to Simes in need. It's supposedly a way to save Gens from being killed.  

What? I don't sound like I believe it...well...It might happen occasionally, but I can't see how you could trust one of them.  

What do you mean I have this far off look in my eyes? Have I served one of them? Don't be ... well...since there is no one else around, I suppose I can confess that the Channel that stumbled into Gen Territory here was from one of those Householdings, V'lar, as a matter of fact. He was a very nice, um...man, despite his tentacles. He never lifted a finger, or tentacle to hurt me.  

I'm getting to that part...Yes, he was in need. Desperate need. He was dying, but kept mumbling about some code of a Channel, refusing to hurt a Gen. He said he'd commit suicide before that. I couldn't just let him die. Someone might find the body before I could bury it. So, well, I can't explain it but I just knew I had to help him. He said I was a natural and invited me to V'lar.  

Yes, they said it was safe, safer than worrying about the children around here hitting puberty and turning into a Sime instead of a Gen. But I just don't trust them.  

You want to go? I dunno if I should give you directions.  

Hmmm....Well, if you insist.  

Are you sure you don't want some strawberries? Just directions, huh.  

 Well, then, here is a paper with directions to several households and other interesting spots you might want to visit. But if I were you, I wouldn't count on a low seyln production as protection from a Sime in need. Anything can set one of them Simes off. I'd be careful when I go.