An Ancient's Point of View

Have you ever wondered what would happen if one of our race was transported thousands of years into the future and found out just what happened to our race?

Sit back, relax and listen to the adventures of the Ancient who discovered the Simes.  

The Modern World Meets
Their Future

I swear to you it had to be extra terrestrial. I even, in that short flash, before I disappeared, thought I saw Elvis.

Well, you may not believe it, but let me tell you, it was certainly better than the alternative! Yes, seeing someone who is dead certainly is a better choice. What do I mean? I'll be glad to tell you.

Pull up a chair here and just sit down. Want a strawberry, I developed a taste for them while I was on my journey.

Anyway, as I was saying, there was this flash and bam bada bing I was gone, but then, well, I really wasn't. I woke up and was laying on the ground. I recognized that little mountain north of here and the land looked sorta familiar except, where there were normally buildings there was nothing but rubble. The intestates were even gone. Or, at least I think it was. And my car was nowhere to be seen.

Well, actually there were no cars to be seen. This woman came riding by. No, not a car, a horse. No, we weren't in the country, not exactly. Anyway, I asked her where was the highway.

She told me we were on the eyeway She didn't seem to understand what meant. I said no, highway not eyeway and she told me I musta been from in-territory cause I talked funny. I tried again, but she was the one who talked funny. I could barely understand her.

No, I didn't get any information from her. I finally gave up and just started wandering around. I thoguth eventually I'd find someone, or somethinig.

I found all kinds of plants I'd never seen, but not a single highrise. It was like I'd been dropped back in medieval England.

No, I wasn't dreaming. Yes, I know that doesn't sound scary, but wait. I'm getting to that part.

Anyway, I wandered for days and days trying to find where I was. I found a church that was preaching against soulless demons and darn near got burned myself when I didn't know what they were talking about. One young gentle soul took pity on me and told me I evidently was thinking about the past. It seems, I was thousands of years into the future of Earth. It evidently wasn't war that destroyed us, though they ain't sure.

No indeed, it was that man split into two species. Not male and Female. Sime and Gen. Yes, that's what I said, Sime and Gen.

Well we look like the Gens, but they say they aren't the same. They have some sort of energy they produce.

No, they aren't eel men from the black..will you stop laughing. I'm serious. Yes, the produce Hmmm, an aura is the best word I can think of. NO, I didn't see it. Only Simes can see it. How do I know that and how do I know I don't have one?

Well you see, after wandering around for weeks, I found a nice little lady who fed me strawberries and explained to me we were on the Gen side of the border. Evidently those Simes like that energy so much they kill them Gens for it.

How do they do that? Well now, there is a story. Anyway, I wasn't believing it until I saw it. But she warned me not to go looking for them. But then, I'm not one of them Gens so I figured I was safe. Sure enough, I was. I wanted to find out just what the other side of our race looked like.

Remember on Star Trek those men half black half white, well I was thinking along the lines of that. Boy was I wrong. They done been swimming in the water with squid or something. I have never been so shocked as I was to find them Simes and see them tentacles on their arms.

Yes, Tentacles.

No, they didn't look like squid tentacles.

No, they were just, that's what they reminded me of. Sneaky Simes they are. Hunters. One minute you see those little things and the next minute they're gone. They lay in sheaths along the arms, two on top two on bottom and one on each side of the arm. It's those ones on the side of the arms you gotta watch out for.

No, our race isn't doomed. At least your believing me now. Not at all. There are special Simes they called channels that take selyn from the Gens and give it to the other simes..renSimes they call them.

Yeah, channels have two systems . One system is like every other Sime, it holds the energy they need to survive each month. Yeah, they use it like we use calories. The other one, the Sime uses that one to take energy from willing Gens and give it back to Simes. How do they do that?

Well it's the darndest thing. I am not blushing. Just listen.

They take those tentacles and wrap them around the other person's arm. Then those pink little laterals slip out and then they lean forward and…they kiss em.

Except, it's not exactly like a kiss.

They just sorta touch lips. I know I know it sounds like a kiss. It's not a kiss though. It's sorta like a hand shake without hands. Yeah, that's all they do. Supposedly they are making contact points to draw energy, er um selyn from the gen. Like electricity. The laterals are contact points and the fifth point is the mouth. Then they drain this energy off.

Normally Gens would die because of fear.

Well yeah, I can see why you'd be scared if the monster from the black…but no, now wait a minute, they aren't monsters at all. They're actually quite…friendly. Though one that I insisted he eat, well, he didn't appreciate it when I fixed him a nice heaping plate of food. Ended up in their infirmary. He swore they couldn't eat all the same foods Gens did.

Strawberries? How'd you guess?

That's right. Simes can't eat strawberries. Makes them ill. Well it's like drinking a can of arsenic. Yeah I know that'd kill us, but I ain't sure anything would get to them.

Those channels I was around keep these huge Donors around them all the time. Companions, Donors, they're Gens. Yeah the funny thing is, all those Gens are bigger than the Simes. Well not necessarily taller or anything, just more muscular.

Those Simes remind me of greyhound dogs, all muscle and no fat…yeah, well they don't eat much--except for Gens. Ha ha ha ha.

Well I thought it was funny.

Anyway, it rather scared those Simes that they couldn't zlin me. Yeah, they have this way of looking at your selyn field and telling all kinds of things about you. But I didn't have one and they accused me of looking like a kid who hadn't established into a Gen or changed over into a Sime. Evidently kids are a lot like ancients. This change doesn't take place till you hit puberty.

Yeah that's right, no worry for you. You're way past that. Funny thing is, I got sent on to another house to visit. Yeah they call the places they live, Householdings. It's considered perverted to allow a Gen to live--no they are not republicans. You hush now.

They don't have a government like ours. Well I don't know about morals or not. They don't even think like us either. It's more like um clans. Except they arent' related. And their leader is Sectuib. And the townspeople hate them because they don't kill off the animals--yeah the Gens are considered cattle.

But as I was saying, I got sent off to this one household and it was in N'vet territory, near oh Midwest. And I met these people, now they are related. They all have the same last name. Farris.

Yeah, that's right, like the kid down the street. But his first name is Farris.

He what?

Blew up his mama's basement.

Oh well, no these Farrises didn’t' seem dangerous like that. Never one saw them playing around with chemicals or anything. They don't need chemicals with the power they have. No one messes with them. But the funny thing is, as powerful as they are, all one of those Gens had to do was look at them angrily and those Farrises went to collapsing on the floor.

No, I'm not kidding. Said they were strong nagerically--that means with energy fields--but couldn't handle sudden shifts and the such. They were too sensitive almost.

Yeah, come to think of it Farris is a rather sensitive little fellow ain't he. Has that same nose too. No, couldn't be. Too far into the future. We're talking thousands of years here. Thousands.

What? You're gonna go ask him if he has any octupi in his basement? Don't be ridiculous! Of all the cotton pickin---well yeah, let me know then if you find any. Um, you might want to take along a bowl of these strawberries while you're at it.

You know, he is allergic to them. And I'll just sit here and…call the six o'clock news. What? About them Simes or Gens? You have to be kidding.

Why would I want to tell them about that. I gotta tell them I saw Elvis!