by Eliza ambrov Halwyn

NOTE: This was inspired by Ann Marie's story "A Rainbow of Roses"
and the Gen of the Week article about the attractiveness of nagers

"I'm so FAT!!!!" Tessa sobbed into the hem of her shirt. Evan looked on with dismay at the short and, yes, it had to be admitted, round, Gen sitting and crying on the bottom of their bed.

"But Tessa darling, you are the perfect shape for a Gen!" Even so soon after transfer Evan found the waves of self pity coming from her uncomfortable and gladly went hypo.

"A GEN!!!! Perfect shape for a GEN??!!! I'm not even much of a Gen! Not now, not after...."

Evan was totally at loss. "What do you mean, you know you are the only Gen in the world for me. You have a wonderful nager."

"Had a wonderful nager! Had! After last night I have just about NO nager at all! And I'm FAT!!!!"

Ah, so that was it. Tessa had the Post Blues. Evan went and sat next to her on the bed and put an arm around her, patting her hair with his tentacles.

"Baby, of course you are low field at the moment. You gave me the most wonderful transfer last night..."

"And this morning no one would zlin me if I were the only Gen in the room! Oh I hate myself!"

"Look, Tessa, don't be so silly. You know that already you have started to produce more selyn. It won't be long before ever Sime you walk past will be zlinning you and feeling jealous of me for having you!"

Tessa blew her nose noisily on the bottom of her shirt. "But, but, but, you don't NEED me any more!"

Evan laughted out loud. "Is that what is worrying you now? No, darling. Thanks to the wonderful transfer you gave me last night, I don't NEED you just now. But I will again very soon. And you know what?"

Tessa looked up at him from under wet eyelashes "What?"

"I want you. But maybe not in that particular shirt." And gently but urgently, Evan began to show Tessa exactly how much he wanted her out of that shirt and back into bed.

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