Sime Gen Art by Eliza

Nager Portraits by Eliza ambrov Halwyn and Sectuib Zoe Farris.

"Zoe Farris, my Channel and friend, works with me in discribing the 'feel' of the nager. That's what we attempt to achieve - to put down the way the nager feels, rather then the actual image of the person."

Have they succeeded? Take a look at the samples here and make up your own mind.

Retouched photos to ad a more "Sime~Gen feel to the experience. Not only photos of people - there are things in here that will make your hair curl! Slim pickings at the moment, but Eliza promises to ad to the collection as soon as she has time. Although with a Farris Channel like Zoe to look after - that mightn't be as soon as we would like!

Are you Gen or maybe Ancient? Wondering what you would look like as a sime? You could always contact Eliza and find out! Email her at

Sketch of a Sime~Gen transfer.
Work done by Eliza when just a young Gen still working with the Tecton. If you look closely enough you may see some early yearnings towards freedom!
Paintings and Computer generated pictures that don't fit under any other heading.
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