A Visual Representation of Field Effects

This is the way that one person has visually displayed
her understanding of Nager effects.
You are in no way forced to agree, or even view, these interpretations.

Image 1 - RenSime and Gen A RenSime and a non donating Gen. In this image the RenSime is approaching need, but isn't yet in hard need. This is the stage when a RenSime is usually encouraged by the Tecton to head for the nearest Sime Centre.
Image 2 - A flare of fear The Gen recognizes a Sime in a need state, and flares fear, which isn't very smart of her.
Image 3 - Midfield Channel and Companion A mid-field Channel and Companion
Image 4 - Companion in working mode In working mode, a Companions Nager reacts to the presence of the Channel without interfering in any way.
Image 5 - Companion takes over If the Companion is higher field then the Channel, the Companion can affect the Channels field. In this picture, the Companion initiates trautholo.
Image 6 - Tight focus This image demonstrates the Companions ability to "protect" the Channel from outside influences when necessary by developing a tight focus. Much concentration is needed to sustain this.
Image 7 - After Transfer After transfer the Channels field is considerably higher. The Gen continues to quietly produce selyn.
Image 8 - SLAM! A deliberate slam which could seriously harm a Sime. A Channel, if given warning, could probably prepare and guard against it. The effect of the slam depends on the strength of the Gen's field compared to the Simes, the amount of experience the Gen had in field control and exactly how annoyed the Gen is.
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