Sime Gen Art by Eliza

Nager Portraits - Sectuib Zoe Farris

A picture of Zoe Farris, Sectuib in Halwyn.

Eliza says:

"I'm not really happy with this one... probilby because the description of her field came via two friends - Wade, a Second Order Channel, and Pauli, a Ren-Sime. I'm so use to working from Zoe's discription that I found it difficult to come to terms with not having her input."

"I feel there is a difference in the way they zlin things also. Wade spoke more in field gradients, while Pauli was more graphic in his discription of colour."

"Talking about colour, for those of you who have never seen the effect before, Wade informs me that the bluish tinge through her system shows her junctness. I'll have to take his word for it - Zoe ain't talking!"

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