Stories and Articles writen by Eliza Leahy

The road to DamascusCan he be converted on the road to Damascus
Beauty is Only Zlin DeepWhat is beauty, after all?
Dupe the Doner Story of a Pen Gen
ObsessionA change of focus is good for you.
Holy Shen!Report on a Sime Ballet, with images.
SnapshotsQuick snaps of life, witha poem by Kaas
TypicalA very short story about what REALLY happens after transfer.
Little Red Riding Hood and the Free Band RaiderA re-write of the old favourite.
RoseOne possibility of how the Sime~Gen mutation might be handled in a small religious community.
Someone up there .... An article for the Mooloolah Valley News
Flooded! What happens when a city sime gets flooded in on a country property
Thereby hangs a tailCleaning out old sheds can be hazardous