Little Red Riding Hood
and the Free Band Raider

by Eliza

Once upon a time Little Red Riding Hood was walking through the forest with a gift for her Grandmother. The gift was a gen from the government pens. Little Red Riding Hoods grandmother was too old and frail to go to the pens herself to get her own gen (that she was entitled to each month on her old age pension), so it was Little Red Riding Hoods job to collect the gen and take it to her grandmother.

As Little Red Riding Hood walked through the forest with the gen obediently in tow, a Free Band Raider stepped out from behind a tree.

"Hello little girl, where are you taking that fine high field gen?" He said.

"I'm taking it to my grandmother who lives on the other side of the forest. She is too frail to go to the government pens herself to collect her gen, so it's my job to take it to her. But I'm not allowed to talk to strangers, and you look very strange, so I'm not going to talk to you." Little Red Riding Hood replied.

With that the Free Band Raider augmented away into the forest, heading towards Grandmothers house.

When he got to Grandmothers house, the Free Band Raider knocked on the door.

"Is that you Little Red Riding Hood, with my gen for the month?" cried out Grandmother.

"Yes, Grandmother." Replied the Free Band Raider, making his voice go all high and squeaky.

"Your voice sounds very different dear." said Grandmother.

"I've had a cold." Said the Free Band Raider, thinking quickly.

"Come in dear." said Grandmother.

The Free Band Raider opened the door and went inside.

"You aren't my grand daughter! For one thing, you are a bloke!" cried out Grandmother.

"That's right, and I'm going to kill your pen gen, but first, I'm going to kill you!"

Little Red Riding Hoods Grandmother screamed very loudly and ran and locked herself in the bathroom.

Just then, the Free Band Raider zlinned the pen gen that Little Red Riding Hood was bringing, and quickly jumped into bed and pulled the covers up to his nose.

Little Red Riding Hood knocked on the door of her Grandmothers cottage, oblivious to the danger inside.

"Is that you, Little Red Riding Hood?" called out the Free Band Raider, making his voice high and squeaky again.

"Yes Grandmother, it's me. Your voice sounds funny." Red Riding Hood replied.

"I'm almost in attrition dear, please come in with my nice, high field government pen gen." replied the Free Band Raider.

Red Riding Hood opened the door and led the pen gen inside. She looked at the shape on the bed.

"But, you aren't my Grandmother!" she cried.

The Free Band Raider jumped out of the bed and grabbed the gen.

"No! I'm not!" and he quickly killed the gen, and ran out of the cottage, laughing madly.

"Oh no!" cried Little Red Riding Hood. "That nasty man has killed my Grandmothers pen gen! Grandmother, Grandmother! Where are you?"

Little Red Riding Hoods Grandmother cautiously opened the bathroom door.

"Is he gone?" she asked.

"Yes," said Little Red Riding Hood. "But I'm afraid he has killed your pen gen! Now you will die horribly of attrition!"

"Oh no I won't," said Little Red Riding Hoods Grandmother. "You see, you have established since I saw you last....."

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