Love in the Wild

by Garth ambrov Halwyn

Chapter One

The snap of a twig under my foot sent a shiver of fear through my body. With difficult I put it to the back of my mind. Feeling fear was the best way, other then pain, to bring a sime to attack. If I had any chance at all to stay alive, it was to stay calm and keep heading straight towards gen territory.

First I had to find food, water and some way to make my field go down. I knew that if I was hurt badly it would put it down, but I would then be in pain and also be slowed down. Pain was also the best way to become dead in sime terratory and I needed all the speed I could get.

Getting water was not difficult as I was in the middle of a rain forest. Food was harder. I looked at the dark cloudy sky. I needed to find somewhere to sleep. I needed sleep! I had not had any sleep for two days. Simes could go with little sleep but a gen like me needed to rest. I saw a clump of bushes acting like a canape. It looked dry and warm. I stumbled towards it.

"Oh shen!" I groaned. I had kicked my toe. I think I must have broken it. That was the last thing I needed. The only thing that could happen now to make it worse was if a sime should turn up. Or for it to rain any heavier. I needed to get to the shelter of the bushes before I got too wet. Dispite my hunger, my sore toe and the damp, I feel asleep almost as son as I crawled inside.

When I awoke I was cold and felt horrible. I stood up and took a step. "Shen" I groaned. I'd forgotten about my toe. Now I was really hungry, and could not even walllk properly. I wondered if maybe my sore toe was enough to make my field low enough to be uninteresting to a sime.

Suddenly someone spoke!

"Hi in there!" I didn't know what to do. Cautiously I poked my head out. There, not far from my sheltered bush, stood a young girl.

She was a sime!

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