Atcha Tee Shirts

I'm a little fuzzy on who originally commissioned this. It was another one of those Anne Pinzow and Jacqueline Lichtenberg sending letters contrapuntally type situations. Also the two of them were having a big fight about how many, what quality, what they'd be for, etc. Anyway, the deal was a bunch of shirts were to be made in a big hurry in time for WorldCon, to be sold at cost. I knew there would be a certain amount of financial loss involved because there just aren't very many Sime~Gen fans. Also, tee shirts are expensive, and most Sime~Gen fans are either cheap, or poor, or both. However, I went ahead and did it anyway as a fun fannish activity. Call it an expensive hobby ;-) As a bonus, JL verbally (well, in email) "gave" me all tee shirt rights forever to S~G fandom in compensation for the startup costs.

The shirt was done using a five-color offset printing process, which cost an astronomical amount - upward of $1200 including the initial setup and two print runs. I probably would have made back at least some of it except that I suffered what amounted to a nervous breakdown that December, and as a result failed to cash most of the checks I received from sales of T-shirts. By the time I recovered almost a year later, the checks were "stale" and Atcha was banned from official S~G fandom making recollection of the $ from people like JL a bit problematic. I didn't bother.

OK. I get this question all the time: Are the shirts still for sale? The answer is, I guess not. Like I say, JL did give me an exclusive S~G tee shirt license forever, but "forever" seems to be a very short time for the Sime~Gen Powers that Be. JL, Jean, and Anne sent me (or rather, my lawyer) a letter saying that I better not get caught making money on the Atcha image. So much for verbal agreements, hey? That having been said, I have been known to give a shirt away occasionally, but I reserve the right to be erratic about when and to whom.

Here are the photos, modelled by my lovely fiancee, Mark Jensen.

Atcha Tee Shirt: Front view

Atcha Tee Shirt: Back View

"Atcha" and its derivatives are copyright © 1997 by Kaas Baichtal. All rights reserved.

As you may or may not have noticed, the Sime~Gen Universe is © by Jacqueline Lichtenberg.

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