Escape to Sime Territory

By Warbat

The flashing lights blinded my vision. Confussed nd disorientated I steadied myself and took some deep breaths. Behind me was the gen boarder, but in front of me was the gen army! So I ran at the gen army. I might get through if I augment and zlin my way throuhg, I might make it. And on the other side, freedom. I ran through the first lot, then the 2nd lot with a bit of trouble. The 3rd lot saw me. They shot like lunatics. They almost hit me but I got away. But one was by himself. Pure fear, fear that promised forfillment. I was in need again. I needed kill and soon. I was zlining ll the way, but the fear disappeared. The selyn was still there, but the fear ws not. I didn't care, I needed a kill. When it ws over he was not dead. A Were-Gen! No, a Zeor companion. He told me I'm a channel and don't have to kill any more. He took me back to Zeor so I don't have to kill. Since that day I've worked for Zeor. Now I'm 32 years old.

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