The Hunt

Heart pounding. Chest aching. Lungs burning.. Throat constricted. Muscles strained to their limits. Running, ducking, weaving, falling. The hunted. Thatís what Tyran was. He was the hunted.

Tyran had no idea of how long he had been running but he knew he couldnít keep this up for much longer, and he would be caught, and taken. He knew he couldnít escape, but he ran anyway. The forest was thick and lush, and was probably the only reason he hadnít been caught yet. Some of the trees were so big they provided some insulation, if only for a bare moment in time.

Tyran had tripped twice in the grass covered ground as he lost his footing in ditches and gullies, but still he ran. He even managed to clear the creek without falling in, which he considered a bonus. He managed a few moments of rest when he got to an old tunnel that had probably been built in the time of the ancients, but now stood as a well shaped cave. Tyran stayed just inside the cave, he didnít want to get trapped in there.

When he thought he could go no further he quickly glanced over his shoulder. Through the trees he could see the figure of the one who hunted him, The one who would be upon him within minutes. While he stumbled due to exhaustion, the hunter seemed to glide gracefully through the shrubs and trees. Suddenly the figure disappeared amid the sounds of breaking tree branches. Hesitating for only a second he heard the rustling of leaves as the hunter scrambled to their feet. This was incentive enough to make a new break and he ran, ran as fast as his tiering body would let him.

Life ebbing, darkness overwhelming, nerves craving. Desire, want, NEED. Mind and body the vehicle for the instinct to survive. Driving to capture life itself. Heedless of the obstacles and distractions. The hunter. Thatís what Melarh was. She was the hunter.

Melarh had given her quarry a twenty minute head start before beginning the hunt. She started by following at a steady pace, enjoying the feel of the trees and grass against her skin as she made her way through the forest. Slowly she picked up her pace as she let herself slip into that sense that allowed her to know exactly where her prey was. Her prey was surprisingly a fair distance away, too far away for comfort. No worries, she could close that distance easily by using what energy she had left to augment her strength and speed. She would enjoy the catch more for it after all.

Darting around large trees and through gullies and ditches she sensed the prey ahead, closer with each step. Then suddenly it was gone. Nothing. Panic. Need. She stopped and strained her senses for the signs of life that would be hers. Running toward where she last sensed it she came to the top of a steep rise covered in large rocks. As she cleared the rocks she once again sensed her prey. With the fear and panic of loosing it she quickened her pace and tore headlong through the forest towards the fleeing life.

She covered the distance between them in a matter of minutes. She was so close she could almost touch it when without warning the fallen tree she stepped on gave way and broke under her weight. In a tangle of branches and body she tumble into the creek a few yards further down the slope. It only took seconds to free herself and in that time she sensed that her prey had slowed. She would have him soon. She sensed his urgency as she once again closed the gap between them. He would be hers.

As she got closer to the life energy it stopped. Without hesitation she flung herself toward it, arms outstretched and tentacles reaching.

Tyran knew that his strength was all but spent. He was running on the last vestiges of adrenaline, and that was about gone. He felt he had had a good run at least, and he got further than he expected, but now he could go no more. Stopping in a small grass covered clearing he turned to face the hunter. Heart still pounding in his ears and lungs still burning with strain he calmly waited as the figure bore down on him.

As the hunter loomed in front of him he slowly stepped back as he raised his arms in final resignation. Knowing he would not be heard he whispered; "I give up" as she leaped on him, grabbing his arms. Tentacles lashing about his arms he fell backwards under the shear weight of her momentum. Even before they hit the ground their lips met and his energy was being wrenched from his body.

Melarh knew she would not be denied what she needed, she never was. As she reached her prey she bound his arms in her tentacles and closed her lips over his, drawing the life that would keep her alive for another month. The bright, golden light that forced the darkness from her cells and replaced them with exquisite relief and bliss. It seemed to go on for ever, filling her with the love and warmth that she craved, until she thought she would surly burst. Slowly the flow eased, then stopped. She opened her eyes to find herself laying on top of the man she had hunted. She looked at his face for a few seconds before he too opened his eyes, and smiled.

Tracing a tentacle across his face she smiled down on him. "Thank you." She rolled to lay beside him and rested her head on his chest. Now instead of sensing the life energy within him she only felt the firmness of his body, and the smoothness of his skin.

Heart still pounding he reached to wipe the wild hair from around her face. "You know itís good to let your instinct take over now and then." Placing two fingers under her chin her tilted her head so he could see into her eyes. "You look so much healthier for it too." With that he lent over and kissed her on the forehead as he ran his hand down her back. She inturn began undoing his shirt buttons as tentacles caressed his chest and shoulder. Rolling onto his side Tyran embraced Melarh tightly and kissed her passionately. Melarh responded in kind, and there in the deep forest, together, they shared their post reaction. Channel and Companion.

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